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    Bobbie Jo Van Den Plas

    My Greatest eCourse Adventure eCourse I’m looking to make adventurously great is a Vision Quest.

    At least that is what I was thinking, until I started thinking… (Holy seashells?!?)

    SO my questions are: Do we need ONE of EACH type of course?

    For the ‘Walk in the Park’ does it need to be a webinar? Do weekly videos and a free meditation and/or eBook count? (Previously I’ve had free books. Now I do weekly videos and offer a free meditation. Just wondering if it needs to be something more like your awesome webinar? Should I be planning a ‘Walk on the Beach’ with more elements all in one???)

    I currently have two Day Trek eCourse offerings, but am deciding if I want to keep them.

    I’ve let go of my Vision Quest eCourse (an in-depth training and certification in my bodywork modality).

    So I’m just trying to sea where I’m at with this new sand castle. Start with a fresh pail of sand from the base, or pat the base down a bit and grab my shovel to start scooping up some more sand?

    Things that make you go hmmm…..

    Sounds like it’s time to meditate on this mountain side and sea where the trail shall lead.



    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Great question. There are no rules whatsover on this mountain.

    We actually created that webinar through trial and error.

    Before the webinar we:

    1. Gave away the first three checkpoints for free and had a paid option to join the rest.

    2. Gave checkpont #5 away for free (on flushing out your course).

    3. Gave three separate video lessons away from the GEA journey to give people a taste of the vibe.

    4. Then we did an ordinary powerpoint webinar

    5. Then we used a powerpoint webinar with cooler slides and five video clips from the adventure to give a taste.

    6. Then we did a poorly pieced together version of the green screen presentation, trying to give it the appearance of being live.

    7. Then we did an improved version of that.

    8. You know what they say, 8th’s times a try… because THEN we created the Outer Space webinar adventure.

    It may take you experimenting with your free offering. Try different things. Perhaps make up a mini experience/adventure/walk on the beach, using this new approach.

    Perhaps turn your eBooks into a mini course by adding some video components.

    Perhaps use those weekly videos and turn them into a series that creates a specific outcome so that your course would be the obvious next step if your mini course vibed with them.

    The thing is, you want to provide a SPECIFIC result. That’s why people will give you their email address. Help them transform, even just a little bit. Then they will trust you and some will want more.

    A webinar was just the best way for us to do that. And once we knew what we wanted, we asked ourselves how we could get extremely creative with it.

    Hope that helps with your meditating…


    Bobbie Jo Van Den Plas

    This is a huge help, Bradley! Thank you so much for sharing!!!!

    Often times we see the amazing end result people have and don’t realize what they all did to get there. I greatly appreciate your words of wisdom, insights and openness!


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Awesome, so glad it added some inspiration to your cup of awesome! Let me know if you have any questions or ideas that come up.

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