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    Jennifer Summerfeldt

    I am aiming to create a vision quest or great adventure.

    Transformational experience = Better birthing experiences = healthier and happier mother = stronger family unit

    I learned a great deal from this unit. Mostly I discovered where I went wrong.

    Bits of these no-no’s rang true for me:

    3. They think bigger, longer, more expensive and larger commitment is better.
    4. They skip the “Walk in the Park” relationship building phase and go straight for the sale of a Day Trek or Vision Quest. Taking a Walk in the Park is foundational in the relationship building process. Once we have a strong foundation, we can support our ultimate customer to do anything.

    The others rang true too, but I have moved through them and learned from those mistakes. My biggest challenge has been describing the map, the journey, and the transformation/result they will experience. Offering TOO much info has also been a challenge. I have found it challenging to break down my knowledge into bite-size pieces that can be integrated.


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    From Information to Transformation is the name of the game.

    How can you guide a process, rather than just give them a bunch of information?

    How can you deliver the necessary info in digestible chunks?

    What mediums MOST inspire you to use as yoru teaching tools (audio, video, animations, etc…)?

    As for the VisionQuest/eCourse Adventure…

    The reason we encourage folks to do a smaller course in the beginning is because you want to make sure your audience wants what you’re offering AND how we build courses takes  a bit more time than the average course, so this will give you the chance to take all the steps and apply them in a micro course FIRST before creating your bigger journey, which takes quite a lot of time (especially if doing it solo).


    Jennifer Summerfeldt

    Heya again,

    The reason why I am choosing the more ambitious vision quest is because I have created many smaller courses and even piloted one with a group of mothers online. Currently, I created an online course that is way too ambitious with a team. I am in this program to build something meaningful, transformative, and financially viable. That said, I am hearing the need to do something micro. What I have been thinking about doing is a 5 part video series/webinar called: The 3 unexpected childbirth myths… that might be preventing you from experiencing your best birth.

    I have also had a handful of pregnant mothers ask me when my online course is going to be ready, and having worked with mothers 1-1 to help prepare for their next birth, and work through their grief from their previous birth, I know that something like this will be far more transformative because they will get more time and a more guided process with me. Make sense?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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