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    sharon Lock

    Here’s my Ultimate customer letter…
    I honestly don’t know where it came from, just that it flowed, as if it flowed through me not from me. I don’t know whether it will be used for anything specific, it might be a bit wooly, but it did come from the heart though. It was a great exercise for that purpose, feeling the difference in energy writing something that comes from the heart rather than something that is a task, and felt easy to write it. I’m off to do the next bit, writing my connection letter. : )


    Dear Ultimate customer,
    Have you ever thought, there has got to be more to life?
    I have on many occasion….
    It sounds cliche but I have spent my whole life on the journey to this point in time. I’ve made many mistakes on that journey, I’ve missed opportunities, played small and looked back thinking I wish I’d started sooner. I’ve battled confidence issues, stuff around self-esteem, argued with the negative self-talk demon and just given in to fear on more than one occasion.

    However, I have also, stepped way outside of my comfort zone, felt the fear done it anyway, I’ve faked confidence till I’ve felt confident. I’ve jumped at opportunities where others have seen the greatness that I haven’t, and have grown in to those big shoes till it felt normal to walk in them and not a great big stretch. I have grown in confidence, ability and respect for myself.

    Which viewpoint and perception do I focus on… Both! I focus on both because both aspects are part of me. Both are part of my life experience and both inform my way ahead and the decisions that I make. However, If you asked me what is the difference in the current me and the younger version of myself, I’d say, I am no longer ruled by all those negative experiences, those doubts and fears and those challenging experiences in life. I use those experiences to remind me that I have conquered a lot in my time here on Earth. I am a survivor, and my life is richer for those experiences, I am a far stronger person. Not to mention I wouldn’t be supporting others the way that I do without my own journey, experiences and challenges.

    So why am I hear asking you the question..
    Have you ever thought, there has got to be more to life?

    Well… It’s because there is more to life, there is always more to life. But, we have to decide what it is we want from our life in order to have a destination to travel towards. It so easy to be directed through life via our experiences, negative or positive and be buffered in the direction that life takes. A bit like the way a river evolves, cutting new paths through the river bank and taking shape and form through the elements.

    I’m here to support you to take time out and to reflect on what it is YOU want and at the same time the things that hold you back from achieving that life.

    I’m not hear to tell you that your life has no worth or to make you feel that you should aim for someone else’s ideal, something outlined by another marketing campaign – in order to sell you a product. I’m here to help you really tap into your heart and to question what brings you joy and makes your heart sing. If you’re completely happy with how your life is right now, I’m here to celebrate with you and congratulate you on being part of the small percentage of people who really own their life and live and love their life to the full.

    I want you to be in true alignment with who you are and to be the best expression of yourself you can be. After all when we do that we allows others to do the same. I already see the greatness in you as others did in me and I want you to see it too, until it is your normal to always see the greatness within, even when things are tough.

    So come join me on this journey and lets all find the greatness within each other.

    Sharon xx


    Sharyn Warren

    Beautiful, Sharon. Beautifully stated. Your clients will be blessed.



    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Love this @Sharon! I can tell it was from the heart. Beautifully written.

    What’s wonderful about this is you’ve now tapped into the essence of how you want to sell and share your offering/opportunity with your people. Allow this energy to be spoken through your copy, sales emails, sales pages, etc which you’ll be crafting later. Really great job!!


    Dr.Wayne Buckhanan

    Great transparency, Sharon!

    I’m looking forward to hearing more.


    Deb Robson

    Nice work, @sharon. Thanks for sharing!


    sharon Lock

    Thanks everyone… It’s easy to feel quite exposed writing this stuff.
    However the exercise really helped.

    Sharon xx


    Penny Claringbull

    That was lovely Sharon, especially the last two paragraphs. They stood out for me because they are a bridge between you and your vision for others.


    sharon Lock

    Thanks so much Penny, that really helps. Xx


    Deanna Gibbons

    Great letter Sharon! I can really feel that you are passionate about helping people.  Thank you for sharing your letter as I am about to get started on mine!

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