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    Lisa R

    I’m trying to get a handle on all of the bits and pieces I need to buy or add to create a platform using Social Learner on Sensei.

    I already have WordPress up and running. So far, I know I need:

    Sensei – $125 per year
    Social Learner – $179 per year
    Something to do badges (Badge OS for Sensei?) – $19 per year
    Some sort of membership plugin? Does Memberium go here?
    I’m guessing I also need the Media Attachments plugin for Sensei but I think that’s free.

    Then there’s the email stuff. Do I need Active Campaign? And how does Memberium sit with this?

    Is there anything else big I’m missing¬†@andyfreist and @bradleytmorris? It’s hard to add up all the cost of all the bits when you don’t know what you don’t know, if you see what I mean! Any chance of a little list of what you use for GEA?

    Also, do I really have to pay those fees every year, or is that only if I want support? I’ve still got the licence outright once I’ve paid once, right?



    Dr.Wayne Buckhanan

    Yes, the direction you’re going, you need Sensei and SocialLearner. Those two should cover most of the membershippy things you might want to do within the context of a course. Plus, you’ll have the free plugins for buddypress if you want the social part of social learner and bbpress if you want the forums. Oh, and you’ll have WooCommerce (free) in there to take payments and tie product purchases into a Sensei course. You may find yourself wanting more than the default payment processing gateways for WooCommerce, so that’ll likely add additional cost.

    It sounds like Memberium (currently free) may¬†let you do some significant portion of what the Sensei BadgeOS plugin does plus it ties into ActiveCampaign. And if you want the bajillion equivalent currency, you want myCred (free). There is a paid plugin for myCred and Sensei that I haven’t tested yet.

    And for all¬†of those you are paying annually for support and also updates (probably more important than the direct support). You’ll have the latest version of all the plugins that was in place when your subscription ends. At that point, everything will still work as long as none of the other plugins that integrate have changes that break with the old version. (And you want to keep your plugins up to date for security!)


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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