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    Laura Woodmansee

    Here’s my transformation journal entry 🙂

    1) What is the final destination or transformation you are leading your customers to?
    Write down what your “Launch Summit” looks like. What skill will they have at the end? What will change for them?

    Students will be able to create what they want – printable stuff with an outer space theme. They will be able to make whatever they need for their kids, etc to encourage them to take an interest in the things they love. Students will have confidence and knowhow. They’ll also have peace of mind that they will be able to finally geek out with their kids.

    2) What is your customer ACTUALLY paying for?

    To learn how to create things that support their family’s space lifestyle. A system that will help them create things that will help them geek out with their kids!

    3) What tools, techniques, exercises or processes do you KNOW you will need to include to take them from where they are, to the end transformation?

    Some video, PDFs, and emails to lead them along the way. Tools: some free graphics software that they can use easily. A journal – maybe Evernote. Processes – my step-by-step process …

    4) Make a list of the tangible benefits they’ll receive from going through your eCourse. How will this course idea benefit or improve their lives (mention the subtle AND obvious shifts that will take place).

    This course will improve their lives by helping them to feel confident that they can make things that will help their family to be more spacey.
    They’ll be able to create that last minute card or gift tag for a party, etc.
    They’ll be able to customize their life! … in a cosmic way …
    The things they make will encourage others to take an interest and/or geek out with space exploration, sci-fi, and visions of the future.

    5) Describe what their life will look like after going through your course. What has changed or improved?
    Write it as a short story about the student’s transformation OR as a testimonial they send you.

    Stella is a 39-year-old mom of two; a 9-year-old and a 5-year old.
    She loves sci-fi and the idea of space exploration.
    Stella doesn’t have a science background, but she loves science and technology, sci-fi, and ideas about the future …. She loves both the fun aspects and the serious aspects of it all.
    She deeply wants her kids to love all of these things too.
    She loves technology, but doesn’t know how to create cool space printables for her family. She wants to – she can’t find much of it to buy, or it’s expensive or not exactly what she wants …
    She finds Starship Family Journey, signs up for my CORE course on space and sci-fi printables. While she is working on the course, her family enjoys the free adventure (starship naming kit, map, video, etc). After finishing the course, she sends me a note:

    Hi Laura!
    I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much I love your course! I was transported from the planet Clueless to the planet of I Can Totally Do This! Before, my kids would ask me to make stuff – a rocket ship coloring page, etc, and I’d take an hour trying to find one online. Now that I’ve gone through your CORE course, I know how to make my own AND how to find something like that quickly if I need to. I’ve been able to whip up gift cards and tags in just a few minutes. I even created a space valentine’s sticker for my daughter’s class in 5-minutes flat. It makes things so easy when you know exactly what to do – thanks to your step-by-step-instructions! And, I’ve printed up some star-themed multiplication cards for my older daughter … some Star Wars like kindergarten vocabulary cards for my son. It’s just so all around helpful. I’ve got my grocery list with planets and stars – it makes it so much more fun. And, I’m having some round stickers printed up to use in necklaces and other fun stuff. I can’t thank you enough for bringing more space into my family’s life. It’s so much more fun! Also, your freebie – the starship naming kit and solar system map are so fun!. My son is taking his map with him wherever he goes. So cute. Thanks again Starship Family Journey!!! Can’t wait to see what else you create ????
    Stella X.
    Anytown, USA


    Laura Woodmansee

    Journal answers for Clarifying Your How: 26March2017

    1) What tools do you know you’ll share in the eCourse you’re creating?
    (tools, exercises, information, guided processes — get creative with this brainstorm — what CAN you do!?)

    A: Trello, Pinterest, Google Drive, a graphics program, my step by step process

    2) How long do you imagine your course being (days/modules/exercises)?
    How long will it take your student to get from Start to Transformation?
    Right down the number you’re thinking. Keep it simple.

    * 1 – 2 days if done all at once, otherwise, 1 week or so. Although, the first time through, I may have it be a 4-week course
    * 8 modules
    * 12-16 exercises

    3) Write down the steps you know your customer must take from start to finish in order to reach your intended transformation (this may evolve). Create a rough outline of the main lessons or exercises you will be facilitating in your eCourse. Call them chapter titles or checkpoints. Point form is fine and don’t worry about having complete clarity. This is just a mind dump.

    1. Moonbase: Mission Briefing & Star Map- (Intro)
    2. Star 1: Discover Your Cosmic Style
    3. Star 2: A Place for Your Imaginings
    4. Star 3: Gathering Inspiration
    5. Star 4: Spaced Out Software
    6. Star 5: Universal Design Briefing
    7. Star 6: Shakedown Cruise / All Systems Functional
    8. Star 7: Your Very Own Cosmic Style MAP
    9. Star 8: Beyond the Stars – (Conclusion)
    4) What could you use that you’ve already created to leverage your time and the content for your intended eCourse Creation. Can you re-purpose old articles, handouts, coaching exercises, workshop handouts, eBooks, etc…

    * My free 5-day Solar System Adventure (for Starship Family Journey)
    * Mars Adventure (nearly finished)
    * Starship Naming Kit
    * Solar System Map Placemat printable
    * Logos and other SFJ graphics
    * Stickers and other graphics
    * Article about returning to the Moon
    * Manifesto (unfinished)
    * A few space music + space video combos



    Laura Woodmansee

    Journal Entry: It’s all about the vibes, man – 26March2017

    1) If your course were a person, how would you describe its personality?
    This will be reflected in your content, copy, branding and every aspect of your eCourse.

    A: It would be a fun-loving, space-and-sci-fi loving, future-looking, geeky, smart, creative, sweet person who loves to learn, and to help people see how cool and fun space can be. And loves all sorts of geeky printables and makeables …

    2) What is it about your eCourse and the way you choose to deliver the content that makes it unique, interesting, engaging or entertaining to your audience so they recognize it as being made JUST for them.
    How will it be different and stand out in the sea of sameness?

    * It combines the printables/makeables topic with the space/sci-fi/futuristic thing …
    * It takes place in outer space
    * It’s a fun learning adventure
    * Gamification – emails that are in-Universe: “Onboarding process” etc.
    * Music and some space-music videos

    3) What can you do to put your own unique stamp of creativity on your eCourse?
    What artistic or creative mediums can you use to get your lessons across (brainstorm ideas, don’t worry about how *yet — this is big possibility stuff) i.e.: Take your on photos, draw your own graphics, green screen backgrounds, humour, poetry, storyline, etc…

    * My graphic design
    * My writing and scriptwriting
    * Me on camera
    * Green screen space stuff – backgrounds etc
    * Characters – space aliens, astronauts, etc

    “If you try to be like everybody else, then you will miss the people who are searching for you.” – The Spirit of Architect Forest


    Laura Woodmansee

    Refine, Refine, Refine …

    My journal entry: 26March2017:
    1) WHAT is the eCourse all about that you’re inspired to create? Describe it.

    In my Outer Space Printables eCourse [title TBD], I teach geeky parents how to create space-, sci-fi-, and future- themed printables with the aim of bringing more of those ideas and values into their family’s life.

    2) Out of all the options, WHY are you most excited to create this eCourse? Explain.

    I’m excited about creating this course – more than the other options – because this one is the most fun to me. I know the topic well and I love the theme.

    3) Describe WHO you are creating this eCourse for. Describe them.

    I’m creating this course for geeky parents – mostly moms – who want to bring more space stuff into their family’s life. They want to geek out with their kids and to encourage them to love space/sci-fi/ideas about the future and share their values.

    4) Describe the TRANSFORMATION or benefits they’ll receive by going through your eCourse.

    Students will go from not knowing how to create outer space printables to knowing how to gather inspiration, collect their ideas, design what they want/need, and use the software and hardware.
    5) Using your skills, tools and resources, HOW do you intend to facilitate the ultimate transformation? What’s the process you envision?

    My step-by-step process leads students from brainstorming, to discovering their cosmic style, to gathering inspiration, to gathering their ideas, to using the design software, to understanding a bit of design, to testing the hardware, to building their very own cosmic style map. … I’ll do this with graphic design, scriptwriting, video, green screen, gamification, characters, PDFs, and a discussion board.

    6) If your eCourse was a person, how would you describe its PERSONALITY or VIBES?

    If my course were a person, it would be a lot like my ideal student: fun-loving with a great sense of humor, space-and-sci-fi loving, future-looking, geeky, smart, creative, kind person who loves to learn, and to help people see how cool and fun space can be. And loves all sorts of geeky printables and makeables … And wants the future to be awesome (and in nature and space) for everyone.


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Loving the clarity here Laura.

    What I’d LOVE to see are 12+ examples/ideas of useful things parents could make with/for their kids.


    1. Star Wars study cards to make learning more fun.

    2. Planetary colouring sheets so they can colour in their own wolds.


    If this can help make learning, school and parenting more fun and easy for everyone that’s gonna be a huge added bonus and you may even get science teachers recommending this as a resource to parents.


    Laura Woodmansee

    Thanks Bradley! I’ll journal these up later today 🙂 I’ve got a running list of fun printables …


    Laura Woodmansee

    Naming My Chapter Titles – Journaling exercise

    1. Identify the key (specific) transformations …

    1. Moonbase: Mission Briefing & Star Map- (Intro)
    2. Star 1: Discover Your Cosmic Style
    3. Star 2: A Place for Your Imaginings
    4. Star 3: Gathering Inspiration
    5. Star 4: Spaced Out Software
    6. Star 5: Universal Design Briefing
    7. Star 6: Shakedown Cruise / All Systems Functional
    8. Star 7: Your Very Own Cosmic Style MAP
    2. 9. Star 8: Beyond the Stars – (Conclusion)

    Write a brief description of each of those milestones…

    * 1. Moonbase: Mission Briefing & Star Map- (Intro)
    * New students get a warm welcome, their Star Map and an overview of the course. They can download a PDF and/or answer the journal questions. And as a bonus, they can snap a photo of their journaling and upload it to the discussion “portal” on the course site.
    * 2. Star 1: Discover Your Cosmic Style
    * Journaling/drawing exercises to uncover their own personal space themed style
    * 3. Star 2: A Place for Your Imaginings
    * Exercise: We create a place for students to keep their ideas, sketches, and source files
    * 4. Star 3: Gathering Inspiration
    * Places to gather inspiration. A place to record inspirations
    * 5. Star 4: Spaced Out Software
    * How to use the software
    * 6. Star 5: Universal Design Briefing
    * Basics of design
    * 7. Star 6: Shakedown Cruise / All Systems Functional
    * How to get your software and hardware (camera/phone/printer) working together nicely
    * 8. Star 7: Your Very Own Cosmic Style MAP
    * Exercise: we put together the Cosmic Style Map
    * 9. Star 8: Beyond the Stars – (Conclusion)
    * Conclusion, Thank you, and invitation to more stuff like this course


    Chris Gilmour

    Hey Laura,

    This is a really neat idea and I suspect their are a bunch of parents that would LOVE IT! I can also feel your passion for the topic and suspect it will be contagious.

    I personally feel a bunch of the lanuguage you are using feels a bit vague, ex:

    “Students will be able to create what they want – printable stuff with an outer space theme”

    What does printable stuff mean? why do I want printable stuff with an outerspace theme? I got tons of stuff already.

    “support their family’s space lifestyle” Again, what does “family’s space life” mean?

    I had a hard time figuring out what you were talking about until I read the section on –

    “5) Describe what their life will look like…”

    Then I thought, oh wow, this is cool, it’s a program for parents who are looking to creatively engage their children in learning about space. That is what family space life means.

    I think the idea is really cool but you may want to work on refining the language a bit so people understand what you teaching a little quicker. Maybe you could do some sort of survey to see how different words land with people and do some research (if you have not already) around some of the lingo commonly used in youth education around outer space.

    I could see this being an awesome resource for homeschool kids/parents as well. Homeschooling is a HUGE network that are always looking for new resources and tools.

    Looking forward to watching this vision and course grow!


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    • This reply was modified 6 years, 11 months ago by  Chris Gilmour.

    Laura Woodmansee

    Thanks Chris! I’ll work on all that – gotta bring my language down to earth 😉


    Laura Woodmansee

    It feels like a long time since I’ve posted an update … I’m working on refining stuff via the Creatora Heights checkpoint …. more detail soon 🙂


    Laura Woodmansee

    Captain’s Log: Creatora Heights 2April2017

    Following the lesson suggestion, I’m posting my course basics here 🙂

    Course name: Outer Space Printables

    My course idea: How to make printables for yourself, family, and friends that are space/sci-fi/future themed

    My theme: An outer space adventure



    My journal entry:

    1. How would you describe your eCourse’s personality?

    It’s space-y, fun, smart, and adventurous

    2. What is the symbology or the metaphors can you use in your eCourse?

    An outer space adventure is a symbol for the family journey – always looking for new ways to connect, explore, and grow

    3. Describe the culture you intend to build around your eCourse? What are the people like?

    The people are a lot like the course itself; fun, smart, adventurous, loving parents and others who want to surround themselves and their family etc with awesome Universe-themed items that are meaningful and fun

    4. How would you describe the visual representation for your eCourse (videos, website, pictures, etc)?
    The course will obviously be very space-y. The videos will take place in alien landscapes and onboard starships. The images will be of space and sci-fi things…

    Call to Action:

    1. Write down some potential theme ideas that resonate with you and your eCourse idea. (1-3 ideas)
    Outer space, Alien planets, starships

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