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    Laura Woodmansee

    Captain’s Log: Entry #1: My big WHY

    I want to share the delight I feel about space and our Universe, technology, and ideas about the future (yes, sci-fi). It’s important to me that kids grow up with an appreciation for all these things. And I want to help geeky parents like me to get their kids interested in these things. It makes for great family experiences while creating a better future for all of us Earthlings (humans + other life). So, learning how to surround your family, yourself, your friends with the beauty of the Universe … to make it real … well, I think that makes for a better civilization.

    1. Where you are currently: Climbing the mountain 😉 Dreaming up my future life and my future eCourses.

    2. What you intend you accomplish:

    I intend to create an eCourse that delights and teaches parents how to surround their family with the magic of space+sci fi + technology + the future.

    3. Action steps you are going to take:

    Continue to follow my Great eCourse Adventure path.


    Laura Woodmansee

    Captain’s Log: Entry #2:

    Something to do weekly/daily to live my dreams now:

    Stargazing with my family and  going on adventures.


    Something I’m already doing daily to live my dreams:

    I’m gathering inspiration, stories, and knowledge from the world around me. I seek this stuff out – it’s breakfast for my brain.



    Deanna Gibbons

    Sounds amazing Laura! I absolutely love the idea of helping geeky parents (like me) to teach our kids to appreciate all their geek interests! I’ve got a 9 year old son who loves Minecraft and all things science, an 18-year old daughter who wants to be a geologist and a 14 year old that geeks out on music. As my husband always says, we all have our hobbies that make us geeks, even if they are not tech or science related! (He’s a workout geek!)


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    I can tell you are going to create some magical offerings for parents. This is gonna be so fun!!

    As I said. Play with that Green Screen and being on video EVERYDAY.

    Bring your kids into the creative process, make up worlds, act out characters and PLAY.

    (that’s my suggestion anyways)

    The more experience you get in playing with the camera, being on greenscreen, etc the better.

    Think 2-years down the road if you start to do this now.

    Stoked for you and your yes Laura!


    Laura Woodmansee

    @DeannaGibbons Thank you! I totally agree that everyone is a geek in their own way. You and your family are awesome!

    Thank you! I totally agree that everyone is a geek in their own way. You and your family are awesome!


    @Bradley Morris Thanks!! Love, love, love that idea!

    Thanks very much!! Magical is aewsome. Love, love, love that idea! Play is always the best way to learn something new … Two years … it’s hard to think that far ahead about business stuff. It seems my business ideas are always changing – but are always focused on the same core ideas of space, the future, etc.


    Laura Woodmansee

    Captain’s Log: Entry #3: Mapora Meadows

    The transformation:

    I want to help my students to transform from not knowing how to create the “outer space lifestyle” for their family to knowing how to do specific things that are really fun and helpful. Ex. make printable stuff to add to their home to encourage their family to like/love space, etc.


    I think a scavenger hunt through their own home – with their camera – to capture outer space themed items might be fun. I could do my own hunt and use it in the course and as a blog post or an Instagram challenge! Some challenges would be great; I’m thinking I’ll ask students to design a certain thing – like a note page or a gift tag. Maybe all the “projects” are “challenges” that are rewarded with a “sparkly star-core stone” or something that’s really valuable in the universe that I’ve created for the course. Maybe I’ll add some “fill-in-the-blank” stories of typical situations where a student may want to create their own outer space themed printable? That will get them to really think about how to use their skills as a force for good in their own life.



    Bobbie Jo Van Den Plas

    This is great Laura! I love all of your clarity and creativity! And your Captain’s Log and Entires! Totally sticking with and living the theme! Love it!


    Laura Woodmansee

    Thank you BJ!

    If you love your theme, live your theme 😉 Ooh, I should use that somewhere!


    Bobbie Jo Van Den Plas

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I totally agree! I live mine too! ;)</p>


    Laura Woodmansee

    Captain’s Log Entry #3A: Mapora Medows: My eCourse Type

    I feel like my course is a Day Trek, although I think I’ll do a free Walk in the Park type of email/video eCourse to go with it. Maybe I can create these at the same time?

    The transformation:

    Taking students from not knowing how to create a “space lifestyle” for their family to knowing how to add themed printables/make-ables, etc into their life. It will make them really think about how they’re adding their space/science/future/sci-fi values to their family’s life – it’s kinda a Trojan Horse!


    Laura Woodmansee

    Captain’s Log Entry #4: Mapora Medows: Taking Inventory

    It’s hard to list everything I’ve created here… I’ve written a few books about space exploration … Two of the books are for tween and teen girls and have some suggestions for getting into space-themed activities … I’ve written a bunch of space exploration articles, but they’re older and don’t directly relate to the topic of creating a space lifestyle for your family … I have a lot of graphics, partly written blog/thoughts, and pretty social media posts with the Starship Family Journey branding … I also have a ton of stuff that I haven’t shown to anyone!




    Laura Woodmansee

    Captain’s Log Entry #5: Architekt Forest – My “What?”

    My top 2 course ideas:*

    * 1. Outer-space themed printables
    * 2. Creating the “space lifestyle” for yourself and your family

    They feel like one idea to me. Topic 1 is part of topic 2.


    Laura Woodmansee

    Captain’s Log Entry #5: Architekt Forest – My “Why”

    1) Why do you want to make THIS eCourse? Why is it important to you?

    I want to make this eCourse because it’s fun and because I think other people like me – geeky parents – will find this fun and super helpful for getting their kids interested in the things they love and are geeky about. It’s important to me that kids grow up and keep their curiosity about our universe. We really need that, especially now when truth and science are under attack.


    2) What about this topic will keep you motivated, inspired and excited enough to complete the journey of making this eCourse a reality?

    I’m a total space and sci-fi geek. This stuff delights and inrtregues me. I love to listen to the latest astrophysics news for fun. I love to create graphics and write … I love how the scientific method and the creative method dance together. I love the big questions; how did we get here? Are we alone in the Universe? Where is humankind going? Also, the idea of finding others like me – making some space geeky friends – is really appealing 🙂

    3) Why are you qualified to teach your eCourse topic? (your story + credentials) … my life experiences – parallels the story of my peeps

    I’m qualified because I’m me, and I’ve lived my life adding in more and more space stuff. I’m a space and sci-fi geek and have spent a whole lot of time learning how to create the things I want to have in my life. I’m also really good at explaining how to do/create stuff to others so they can do it themselves. So, I know all the short cuts through deep space to get what I want printed/made/etc. I love taking something from my imagination and making it real. – Imagine it. Plan it. Make it real!

    4) Why do you think the people you’re seeking to serve, will be inspired to buy your eCourse?
    Why you, why this course idea?

    I think my tribe is a lot like me, but maybe they haven’t spent time learning how to make all this stuff – and that’s fine because I can help them. Besides, it’s fun! We will be making fun stuff in a fun way to share with loved ones in a fun way. And – trojan horse – the kids and parents will learn a bit about science and hopefully grow a deep respect for the scientific method. I think they will feel like me – they’ll love how the scientific method and the creative method dance together. In space! 😉


    Laura Woodmansee

    In spaaaaaaaace 😉


    Laura Woodmansee

    Captain’s Log – Sidebar: Mini-Courses or One Big Course?

    I’m thinking about that idea of mini-courses … Originally, I had the idea that I’d teach a “core” class with all the basics – gathering inspiration, keeping sketches/notes, etc, how to use some basic software, etc. And then have a few projects. But now, the mini courses idea is interesting … I just feel like I want to bundle it all together … buy maybe that’s not the most logical way to do this … I think if I were to buy the course, I’d want it all. But maybe that’s just me – I get obsessive and want to do it all right away. A universe of stuff? Or a planet’s of stuff? Thoughts? Thanks!!!



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