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    Laura Woodmansee

    My answers for Outer Space Printables [or whatever my title ends up being 😉

    Before we dive into our first lessons with Skeeter and Doober Medias, answer the questions below:

    1. What about making your videos are you most excited about?
    1. I love to put together videos! I’m most excited about making it real … seeing my vision come to life as a real video.
    2. What about making your videos are you most afraid of? (be honest)
    1. I’m most afraid of being on camera in my videos, but I’m also afraid that it will need lots of edits after I think I’m done.
    3. Describe the styles of video you feel inspired to create for your course and lessons.
    1. Screencasts and a bit of me on camera (via greenscreen).


    Laura Woodmansee

    Captain’s Log/Camp Medias Journal Entry #2

    1. What does your world look like? (describe it)
    1. [Note: My big plan is to create individual sci-fi themed “adventures” in addition to this course on Outer Space Printables; science wrapped in a cozy sci-fi hug! ] The Starship Family Journey “world” is a whole Universe (!). A bit different than the one we live in today, it’s an idealized place where humans can actually travel the universe at speeds faster than light to explore different star systems where our “star crystals” (knowledge) are hidden. It’s a bit of a game to go out and explore the different star systems and find the hidden knowledge – skills – you can use in our real world to help create outer space printables and things for yourself, family, and friends.

    2. What’s the vibe of your world via the videos you plan on creating? (describe it)
    1. My vibe is fun, futuristic, space-y, and smart

    3. Describe your customer’s experience when they press play and get sucked into your world (experience).
    1. When a student presses play … She is whisked into a new universe … maybe she steps through a doorway (or airlock) and is suddenly inside a huge landing bay at Luna Base – a busy Moon base … I’m on camera welcoming her and the other new “Captains” … we head to the mission briefing room … there’s a large window in the background and we can see lots of starships landing and taking off …. a little bit like Star Wars and Star Trek …

    4. Where is the setting and what kind of backgrounds do you envision having?
    The setting is Luna Base (see above) and I’ll need a background for a large starship landing bay, and a super modern briefing room with a video window to the Moon’s surface – on video are starships coming and going. Later in the course, I’ll have backgrounds for each star and/or planet we visit to gain knowledge … nebulas, and other real space scenes would be great. Some flying through the stars and nebulas videos, etc

    5. If you weren’t concerned about “how to do it,” what would your ultimate vision for your video lessons be?
    1. Oh, wow. If I wasn’t concerned about how to do it, or how much it would cost, I’d have something very similar. I’d have some silly stuff that looks familiar. Maybe some astronauts out on the surface in space suits … And I’d have a whole set built so I could use it for more courses later on. And it would make a great home office in between filming 😉



    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Awesome Laura. Youtube is a wonderful resoure for free tutorials to learn the kinds of things/effects you’ll want for your videos. Just come up with the vision, the rest will make itself clear  🙂


    Laura Woodmansee

    Thanks Bradley 🙂 Will do.

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