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    Laura Koller

    After months of putting this off, this morning I decided “Screw it!  Time to do it!” and made this video just before leaving for work.  I’m really tempted to reshoot it (about a bajillion times), but I’m going to adopt my own manifesto for this assignment and ask myself: What’s working?  Did you give it your best shot for today?  And did you push through the discomfort and let your true self be seen?  At the end of the day, I shot the video the best that I could using the tools (and time) at my disposal and found the courage to post it and share it with all of you.  In my book, this counts as an official check-in-the-box Superhero victory!!!

    FYI I’m working on embedding this video from Vimeo – yet another Superhero challenge!  How in GOD’S name do I do that here?  I want to be Super Cool like everyone else 🙂  Any guidance MUCH appreciated.


    Paulo Ouellet

    Thanks so much for posting this, just what I needed to get the day going.


    Deanna Gibbons

    Great video Laura! Way to put yourself out there, it’s the best way to get past the discomfort!

    I think you need to embed the video using the embed code. So if you go to the video page on Vimeo and click Share underneath it, you will see 3 options. One is to copy the embed code. The come here to enter the code by clicking the tab at the top right of this box that says “Text” and paste it there. When you click the Visual tab it should show it, as well as when you submit.


    Laura Koller

    Thanks for your feedback, Paulo and Deanna.

    Deanna – Your advice was super helpful, and I can see the embedded video when I’m typing the post.  Great!  But then when I submit the post it still shows text and not an embedded image.  *sigh*  This whole technology thing can be so aggravating!!!


    Laura Koller

    Darnit!  Tried again and still didn’t work.

    I’ve heard YouTube is easier, but I’m determined to make Vimeo work.


    Andy Freist
    Mountain Guide

    Hey Laura!

    So heres a super nifty thing to know about embedding youtube and vimeo videos here.. you dont actually need to get the embed code.. all you need to do is paste in the video’s URL, which you can find in the top browser bar when youre on the video page.

    For a vimeo video it would look like “”

    All you need to do is paste it in without the quotes and it will automatically embed.

    Like magic!


    Laura Koller

    So this place really IS magical!  Holy crud!  It worked!!!

    I am now a SUPERHERO EXTRAORDINAIRE for today!!!  And so are you, Andy 😉


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    This is awesome Laura! So good to see you on video.

    I love your five ways to be a Motivational Superhero. Count me in!!!

    Ch-ch-ch-changin’ the world, one motivational superhero act of awesomeness at a time!


    Bobbie Jo Van Den Plas

    YES!!! This is GREAT Laura! Wonderful to see you!! LOVE your manifestos! You truly are a motivation superhero, inspiring others to be too! Woohoo! Thank you!


    Sara McCann

    Brilliant Laura! LOVED your video and your motivation! Thank you for sharing – you’ve made me smile!


    Latrice Folkes

    Hi Laura,

    Awesome, yes you are definitely a superhero! I totally understand how difficult it is to get people motivated to actually take care of themselves and eat properly. I know how difficult it is for me sometimes and I know better.  Much success on your journey and I love the Motivation Superhero concept, we all need that!



    Cathy Howitt

    Hi Laura,

    I understand how hard it is to motivate others too, so simple steps they can take is always a great way to achieve things in life. I love that you just did the video from the heart. I love your concept and look forward to seeing you on the mountain.


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