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    Sharyn Warren

    Common Language Of Th
    Elemental Language Of The

    Will get another if necessary.

    Speak The Language Of The is available—just wondering if it is too long.

    Language of the is available for $2100 + $14.99 a year. Nope, not playing that game.

    This course will be both a stand alone and a required course for any individual coaching or other services/programs. Much more compact and manageably than the Inner Fire Treasure Hunt, which was an overwhelming, unruly mess.

    THE NEW–and hopefully ONE TRUE REAL e-Course idea that I am taking to Validation Heights and beyond.

    Possible Titles:
    How To Speak The Language of the Soul
    A Common Language of The Soul
    Elemental Language of the Soul

    Possible Tag Lines:
    A Primer in symbols for alchemy, transformation, and transcendence.
    The alchemy of symbols for transformation and new thought
    The transformational and creative power of symbols

    I want this to be:

    – an introduction to general fluency in symbols – the language that Source and our own soul are most communicative in.

    – why it is a foundational requirement of any meaningful higher level work
    – why it is fundamental to any clear understanding and mastery of alchemy, transformation, and transcendent experience.
    – how discernment about our personal bliss, our “wyrd” (our word, i.e., purpose and our weird, i.e,.unique nature inform our life’s purpose) is dependent on our ability to be conversant in symbolic language.

    2. basic skill building in conversational fluency with a common language using the (familiar) elemental framework of:

    – fire,
    – water,
    – wind,
    – earth

    – introduction to other examples of magic, i.e., transformational and creative power tools: words themselves, metaphors, archetypal myths, stories, and images—such as the tarot, music, art, and the BIG ONES—thought and imagintion. (set up for possible future courses.)

    Creative Elements:
    I am pretty sure that for my website, I am going to have something like “Conversations with The Young Crone” or “The Crone’s Council” or The Crone’s Counsel” (different spelling, different meaning) or “Ask The Crone: Wisdom, Advice, and Tall Tales From Someone Who Has Been Around A While and Knows Things BLOG.” Or something like this.

    Thinking I will bring her to this e-course.

    Not sure if I want to go for the obvious theme of a language course or something else more “juicy.” A little more mysterious. A lot more magical.

    Ok. This is what I have so far. Feeling a lot more mysterious, magical and juicy myself since discovering this “switchback.”


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Wow, this is a big switch-up @sharynwa and I like it.

    I love the idea of this course. Seems like it’s going to be a lot more straight forward for you too?

    I think the name can use some refining (personally).

    Symbols from the Soul
    Symbols of the Soul
    (both are available)

    “Learning to see and understand the hidden messages from your Soul”

    I’m really excited to see your next layer of flushing out.

    Great job in listening. This seems like a wonderful introduction to your one on one work too.


    Andy Freist
    Mountain Guide

    Symbols of the Soul! That has a nice ring to it…

    Symbols of the Soul – Learning to see and understand the hidden messages from your soul.

    This is getting really close. Though even with the example above its still not quite clear what this means and why its important. I wonder how the WHY could be woven in in a simple way….


    @nikiking is available on godaddy if interested


    JoAnn Turner

    I’m thinking that “Speaking the language of the soul” or “learning the soul’s language” could be the sub-heading or tagline, while the title of the course could be something zippy and short, but intriguing, like Fire, Stars and Earth, or Water, Wind and Fire: Elements of Soul Language.

    I like this new course concept much better. It’s already clearer in my mind how this will work.


    Penny Claringbull

    @sharynwa Tall Tales From Someone Who Has Been Around A While – I love it!

    And the language of symbols, archetypes etc. is close to my heart – this course sounds great.

    As for titles and taglines, there are so many ways to go but I think it’s important to make things clear (and hopefully enticing) at the beginning. You can add detail as you draw them in.

    I like ‘how to speak the language of…etc.’ because it says what they’re going to get and isn’t confusing. It also sets up a question rather than having a topic sentence like ‘elemental language of the soul.’ I’d be more drawn into something that started ‘how to…’

    I like @joannturnip ‘s thoughts too, including the elements themselves.


    Sharyn Warren

    Dear Adventurers, your comments and encouragement have been so very valuable. I carried your suggestions and spirit of good will with me like a warm blanket back into the Creator’s Cave (it can get a little chilly in there, as you know) and here is what I am coming out with. A lot more than I went in with–for sure. And I want to get some advice from Brad and Andy about how I should parse it out for a free “sample”, short course intro (low entry price), and/or more deep dive of about 6-8 weeks.

    The outline is incomplete, and I hope to have much more specifics laid out by the start of the next leg of this adventure. Years ago I purchased the url’s: http://www.School of Practical Mystery and http://www.Practical Mystery School (kind of fancied re-defining PMS!) and simply http://www.Practical This concept is the only one that is entirely from my own inner being. Everything else I have done and some that I will continue to do, have been suggestions from other people/sources that resonated with me, but were not original to me. This baby is mine. So I have decided to house my entire business, including Inner Fire Coaching and Wyrd Bliss, within the sheltering love of this place that I call The School of Practical Mystery.

    The course will be Introduction To Practical Mystery (or something close). Ignore the punctuation.

    Practical Mystery: How to Understand the Wildly Beneficial Wisdom of Body, Mind, Heart, & Soul
    A timeless method of Knowing and Transformation that is beautiful, sturdy, and meant for a purpose.

    Chapter 1 – Come On In, Find Your Place and Get Cozy

    Welcome & Introductions
    Intention – You are a seeker. What do you intend to find.
    Music Appreciation – Unchained Melody by The Righteous Brothers
    Practicum 1 – Awesome Self-Appreciation Essay
    Observation Practice (of above experience)

    IMPORTANT BEST PRACTICES: 1. PATIENCE – sometimes the download speed can seem slow. There are reasons unfolding, revelation happens in a certain way, in a certain time. 2. KINDNESS – always leads to best results. 3. TRUST – The Design and your own personal design. That’s what this is all about. 4. LOVE. Especially Mystery, the hidden truths, the Unknowable. It is the Home you left to come on this Great Adventure, the Home will want to visit regularly, and the Home to which you will return a richer, fulfilled more Divine Being.

    Chapter 2 – Foreign Language 101 – Learning the Lingo

    1. Introductions to symbols, the magic of words, creative power of imagination
    – Soul (Fire) Messages: symbols, signs, archetypes, metaphors, stories, sound, sight, BLISS
    – Heart/Emotions (Water) Speak: shrinking, achy, pounding (multiple meanings), open, full, silent, joyful noise, crescendo
    – Mind (Air) Talk: speechless (multiple meanings), monster mash/bash (sometimes known as mean girl speak), gibberish (also known as massive confusion), logic 1-straight talk, logic 2- circular or CowPath logic, AHA!, totally blown away.
    – Body (Earth) Language: ouch!, &$%#@*&!, eek!, la la la la la la la, oooh la la!

    Practicum: Guided Tour to each of the worlds. Journal in words, picture, song
    TIPS: 1. Always follow the energy. This is particularly important when a message is especially important but not yet clear.

    Chapter 3 – Body Language and Head Talk—The Dynamic Duo of Earth and Air

    – Body Language: ouch!, &$%#@*&!, eek!, la la la la la la la, oh la la

    The body as experiencer
    The body as container
    The body as creator
    The riches are in the earth/body
    Practicum – It’s a Dance Party!!!!

    – Head Talk: speechless (multiple meanings), monster mash/bash (sometimes known as mean girl speak), gibberish (also known as massive confusion), logic 1 straight talk, logic 2 circular or CowPath logic, AHA!

    The mind as receiver
    The mind as explainer
    The mind as creator (via imagination, thoughts, beliefs, ideas, words)

    – The Imagination Lab – a guided experience
    – A simple method for creating Heaven. Or Hell. The double-edged sword of mind.
    – Practicum
    – Gum surgery and Bliss—an uncommon tale of pain and Divine Love.

    Chapter 4 – The Heart and Soul of It. Why we must go higher.

    – Heart Speak: shrinking, achy, pounding (multiple meanings), open, full, silent, joyful noise, crescendo
    – The wonderful—and terrible—world of emotion (water)
    – How to recognize—and be faithful to—matters of the Heart.
    – The undeniable powers—and benefits–of positivity and happiness—science has spoken.
    – Let’s Go to The Movies: Love, freedom from fear, perfect safety – “Contact”
    – Story: Hard fall into joy
    – Practicum

    – Soul (Fire) Messages: symbols, signs, archetypes, metaphors, stories, sound, sight, BLISS
    – The fire that burns and does not–Transcendence, Transformation and Transpersonal–
    – Practicum: What’s the question you have for The BIG WOW.
    – Walking meditation – The Labyrinth. Two messages. The Dark Night-I’m so bloody tired and FREEDOM!
    – The Mystery audio recording
    – Loving the questions themselves–Maria Ranier-Rilke

    Chapter 5 – Inside Out.
    How to apply what you’ve learned
    What to do when you feel like you might be failing–or the joy of rinse and repeat.
    No one is alone (Into The Woods)

    Introduction and orientation to Wyrd Bliss.
    The Wyrd Sisters (

    Field observations and Lab Assignments – Individual and possible group assignments
    Guest Lecturers: The Crone


    Catherine Fox

    Really cool to see someone else working on an Alchemy themed course, and also that we have different angles on it as well, a bit like the people working on Mama courses. I’m interested in what you mean/intend for the Practicum aspects.

    What’s Wyrd Bliss?


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Really really cool outline Sharyn. This is going to be such a magical course. I can tell already. I think what you’ve got seems really clear. It’s probably time for you to dive in and flush out each individual lesson:

    – what will be video
    – what will be audio
    – what will be PDF or Evernote exercises
    – what will be shared as a simple auto-responder email
    – etc..

    As for the free offering. Don’t worry about that (yet).. unless you get a stroke of insight in the meantime. We cover that whole concept at Funnelle Caves (which is a fun Checkpoint). We’ll help you get clear on that later. For now, focus on the bigger offering and breaking it down.

    Great job with this re-do. Glad to see you having fun with it.


    JoAnn Turner

    Wow, this looks great, Sharyn! It looks like you have this very well thought-out. Looking forward to seeing this come to life!


    Sharyn Warren

    Switchback and Help With Name Please—Again. Since starting this course, I completely re-vamped my brand and business focus. If you will take a moment to glance at my website: you will get a sense of what I am up to.
    This course is intended to 1: be an introductory version offering a basis for a common language in working with coaching clients.
    2. Be a stand alone course leading to deeper dive studies in The School of Practical Mystery.

    I was recently talking with a former coaching client who is considering me for more services. In our previous work, she was recovering from the sting of being laid off from a company she had given too much of herself to for 25 years. She succeeded in transitioning into creating a business that “exceeded anything I could have imagined. If I have a structure, where I know what I need to do, I can do anything.” She is miserable in her personal life, now, and said “I have no structure. No way to know what to do.”

    Now I have been struggling with creating that very thing. A system, a structure, A FREAKING E-COURSE! So I know what she means. But I thought, wait a minute. You (meaning my former, hopefully new, client) already have a built in structure. You have a marvelous, reliable, accessible guidance system–your own body-mind-emotions-Spirit information system. First thing you need to do is stop saying things like “I just need to get over myself” and instead, start tuning in, paying close attention to yourself.

    She just handed me clarity about my course. It will incorporate many of the elements outlined above, but with a different slant. Instead of focusing on “language”, I want to address how we shift from externally created structures to Inner Knowing for personal, powerful, trust worthy, accessible Guidance. Ultimately, I want to develop a course grounded in a cabalistic framework and this will also be a “pink spoon” sample of that.

    Now, it is how to capture that in a title and tag line: Playing with…..

    The Wisdom Code: How To Use Your Unique Body-Mind-Emotion-Spirit Guidance System For Full Possibility Living
    The Wisdom Code: How To Use Your Unique Nature For Guidance Into Living Your Personal Destiny, Loving Life, and Honoring Your Spiritually Untamed Soul.
    The Wisdom Code: Understanding The Language of Body*Mind*Heart*Spirit For Spiritually Untamed Seekers of Meaning, Fulfillment of Personal Destiny, and Life That “Exceeds Expectations!”

    The Wisdom Code: A cabalistic framework for understanding your unique and magical Body*Mind*Heart*Spirit guidance system.


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Wow Sharyn, first off GREAT JOB on your website. It’s looking clean, playful, extremely clear and fun. Soon you will have your very own “Walk in the Park” experience to offer as a part of your free give-away. That’ll happen up at Funnelle Caves.

    As for names:

    I love the name “The Wisdom Code.” Do you own that URL?

    I like parts of The Wisdom Code: How To Use Your Unique, Inner Guidance System For _____________________.

    The way you had it with “Body-Mind-Emotion-Spirit Guidance System” felt like too long and too much. If you can come up wtith a better, clearer, simpler description. I jused threw in “Inner Guidance.”

    The other thing is “Possibility Living” is very vague. What does that REALLY mean?

    You’re off to a great start with these. I’m pumped to see the clarity. You’ve been a very busy lady.

    FYI, the video on the home page was a little quiet for my headphones. I’d recommend going into your video editor and cranking the sound up 100-300% if possible (as long as it sounds good). it was well delivered, confident and great vibes though!


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    PS – if using the word cabalistic, do you think your “Ultimate Who” will know that word or should you just say “Mystical” to keep it simple (or a word like that)?


    Sharyn Warren

    Thanks a million, Brad, for taking the time to do all of this. Did you notice that I am not doing the “give me your e-mail and I’ll give you something” approach? Love stepping away from that.
    Yep, I grabbed the URL. Agree on all points.

    The Wisdom Code: Discover The Power of Your Innate Guidance System To Love and Live Into The Life and Work That Was Always Meant For You.

    The Wisdom Code: Intimate Understanding Of Your Indwelling Guidance System For Loving and Living Into Your Unique Personal Destiny.


    Andy Freist
    Mountain Guide

    WOW! LOVE that name!!!

    Now we just need to dial in that tagline.

    Right now, it feels like you are trying to cram in a bunch of fun and interesting words, but its taking away from the core message.

    I think the key here is to let go of any vague or fluffy phrases and just hit it with simple, concise and bold practicality.

    For instance:

    The Wisdom Code: The internal guidance system for discovering and living your personal destiny.

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