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    Kim Aaronson

    I’m Kim Anthony Aaronson from Chicago IL.

    I just retired after teaching for over 30 years from middle school through college mostly in the life sciences.

    I’ve taught both face-to-face and online courses including Anatomy and Physiology, Biology, Microbiology, Medical Terminology, Nutrition, Medical Assisting and preparatory allied health courses.

    I’m here because I saw the Bradley and Andy interview in the Online Course Creation Summit this week. WOW… instant connection with these guys who keep it real, have integrity, enthusiasm, creativity, passion and mind-bending, out-of-the-box thinking; AND each one of these in HUGE MEASURE. I couldn’t NOT join!

    My online teaching ideas are a series of health wellness lifestyle change courses that will make huge improvement in peoples’ lives.

    I come most alive when I’m coaching folks on their journey to life success (as they define it) in both their career and health journeys. I love being a positive influence in the lives of people and making a difference for them every day. See Validation, I love this guy!

    My biggest challenge right now and part of my huge attraction to the work of Bradley and Andy is the student engagement part. I’m a master of student engagement in the face-to-face classroom, in fact, I’ve given talks to professors across the US for Pearson Education on engaging students in Anatomy and Physiology class.

    Here is a very short video of me and some of my A&P students that was made as a part of a promo video for Truman College in 2005. It shows the real me in action and it is just over 2 minutes long. Enjoy!

    I’m looking forward to getting to know y”all and sharing and learning along the journey.


    Now comes online. I’ve taught online for a number of years using the Blackboard platform. This occurred after I earned a year-long Master of Online Teaching certificate from the Illinois Online Network at University of Illinois Champaign. This was required to teach online college courses. I followed the methods I learned to a “t”, but student engagement was sorely lacking. Creativity was severely limited.

    Now that I’m retired, I want to create some online courses of my own that not only transform people, but engage them along the way. This is my biggest challenge.


    PS – Once you’ve introduced yourself, read the other introductions and say hello to welcome your fellow adventurers on the journey!


    Lisa R

    Welcome Kim! Excited to see what you create!



    Dr.Wayne Buckhanan

    Howdy, Kim.

    Sounds like we are on similar paths, just focused on different aspects of “STEM”.

    Looking forward to feeling out on engagement and learning more about what you’re doing.

    P. S. Where is Chicago are you? I was in N Indiana for a decade and SW Michigan another decade before moving out here to California. Have many family and friends in the region still!


    Deanna Gibbons

    Nice to meet you Kim.  I have so much respect for teachers.  While I am not formally a teacher, I do a lot of educational activities with scouting, where I’ve volunteered for about 18 years.  And my course is geared towards teens (they are my favorite people in the world!)

    Can’t wait to see where you go with TGEA!


    Deb Robson

    That was fun, Kim @kaaronson. Loved seeing Validation and realizing it was T. J. Thyne outside of Bones, and that he’d also been involved with the producing side of the film.

    Based on the short clip involving you and your students, I think you are going to have a blast here for some of the same reasons that T. J. Thyne likely had a blast doing Validation: being involved in the full vision, from inception to realization.



    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Thanks for the awesome introduction Kim @kaaronson! I love your passion for learning, teaching and inspiring. We have these things in common 100%!

    I’m really excited to support you to bring your ideas, passions and desire and help you craft an incredibly engaging, transformational experience for your students and clients. I just know we’re gonna have fun and that you’re gonna love the community that’s starting to grow here.

    I also wanted to mention, that if you want to earn an easy 500 Bajillion, you can turn your intro into a video  😉

    See Introduction Challenge here…

    If you have any questions or suggestions as you navigate your way around the mountains, just ask or let us know!

    We are here for you.


    Penny Claringbull

    Hi there Kim,

    Welcome to the adventure! Your instincts were spot on re: Brad and Andy. You will have a great time here,



    Jessica Antonelli

    Hi Kim!

    Great video, it’s wonderful to see how you have inspired your students 🙂 I’ve taught in the classroom extensively myself, and I too and figuring out the challenge of how to bring that student engagement to the screen. Video really seems to help!

    oh gosh..also love the validation video!


    Kim Aaronson

    Thank you!


    Kim Aaronson

    Thanks! I live on the north side of Chicago in Edgewater.


    Kim Aaronson

    I’m quite confused here. It seems that the replies are not threaded. Is this correct? HELP!


    Dr.Wayne Buckhanan

    Kim, you are correct, the replies are sequential, not threaded.

    How are you getting on with the other portions of the site and the course? Any great insights yet?


    Marjetka Novak

    Welcome Kim! Nice to meet you Kim.

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