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    Lisa R

    Hey Brad and Andy,

    Just wondered what the deal is with Validation Swamps as I can see it’s closed until further notice? I’m still in Creatora Heights so won’t get there for a while, but will it come back online at some point?

    (Sorry if this is covered in another thread; I did have a look using the search, but couldn’t find anything…)

    Loving all the upgrades!



    Dr.Wayne Buckhanan

    I’m not sure they dropped that in the forum, so here’s what they said in their email “Validation Swamp is Too Dangerous to Access! (plz read)” on February 7th:

    As your eCourse Adventure Guides, our #1 responsibility is to ensure that we take you on the best possible path to ensure you reach Launch Summit with an eCourse you feel proud of.

    This is why we have made the decision to take a shortcut that goes around Validation Swamp.

    Why? There are two reasons:

    1. The lessons were taking us much longer to complete than expected.
    2. Now that we know you all better, we have realized that trying to makes sales at this stage would likely dampen the creative juju that’s flowing.

    Validation Swamp is where you validate your idea by making your first pre-sales.

    This is generally an extremely wise business move. But we realize right now it is more important for you to keep up the creative momentum and refine your eCourse creation skills. We believe the added pressure of pre-sales would hinder that creative flow.

    We wanted to just push forward and go to Validation Swamp, but something wasn’t quite “clicking”. We’re glad we listened as this new route feels much more in service to you all.

    With that said, we will be hanging out at Creatora Heights for the next two weeks before heading over to Camp Medias where we will start creating our media (video, audio, text)

    With this extra time, we encourage everyone to:

    • Refine your modules
    • Refine your lessons
    • Explore themes
    • Decide what’s going to be video
    • Decide what’s going to be audio
    • Decide what supportive handouts you’re going to offer (PDF’s)
    • Work out how your lessons will be structured
    • etc.

    This is far more important than validating your idea with pre-sales (at this stage).

    With that being said, we are 100% committed to helping you get everything ready for our Camp Medias arrival in a couple weeks.

    *We’re also going to offer extra bonus coaching sessions to help you all dial in your course outlines. In short, those of you who are most active around the Creatora Heights Campfire will be selected to receive coaching support from Andy and I on these live calls. (details coming soon).

    We hope our lesson in learning to listen is a reminder to all of you.

    As you lead your customers up the mountain your job is to use your best judgment and listen to your intuition.

    Sometimes you will have to improvise and change the plan last minute.

    If validation is something that feels highly important to you right now, then start a conversation at the Campfire and we’ll be happy to offer you our advice & guidance.


    Lisa R

    Aha! Thanks Wayne! 🙂


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Thanks Wayne and yes, @lisa.russell we will have Validation Swamp opened for our next group as an optional checkpoint. We took it down because we realized that it would’ve been like dragging our current gropu through… a swamp. LOL We wanted to keep the creative bliss high before doing pre-sales.

    IF you want to learn the art of pre-sales, which is essentially what funded us to build the very mountain you stand on, you can check out our long post here.

    if you have any questions, let us know.

    Validation Swamp should be re-opened by June 20th. IF you have pre-sale questions, just ask @andyfreist and I. Happy to share our experience.

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