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    Jennifer Summerfeldt

    Heya, moving along inspiration highway.

    I am loving all the processes so far.

    After some chatting with Bradley, it was decided/suggested to focus on my Healing After Birth program that is already created and in action with live groups.  So, the answers to some of these questions have changed, since the focus has changed to reflect – recovery first, then prepare for next birth. 

    Here are some tidbits that I wrote:

    1) What is the final destination or transformation you are leading your customers to?

    * They will feel relief and no longer struggle with the overwhelming emotions and thoughts pertaining to their previous childbirth experience.
    * They will learn new skills to manage emotions and be able to apply this to their new role as a mother
    * They will feel more connected to themselves, their baby, and their partner
    * They will stop blaming – self or others and fill with understanding and compassion
    2) What is your customer ACTUALLY paying for?

    Therapeutic support to stop feeling depressed, anxious, overwhelmed, or angry
    Experiential knowledge to facilitate a trauma recovery process that can facilitate neural integration, physiological and soul healing.

    A shift in cognitions and felt sensations about their previous birth.

    3) What tools, techniques, exercises or processes do you KNOW you will need to include to take them from where they are, to the end transformation?

    * Information
    * Journal exercises
    * Therapeutic art activities
    * Guided meditation and mindfulness exercises
    * Narrative exercises
    * Cognitive restructuring

    4) Make a list of the tangible benefits they’ll receive from going through your eCourse. How will this course idea benefit or improve their lives (mention the subtle AND obvious shifts that will take place).
    * More energy
    * More bonding and connection
    * Sense of relief
    * Calm mind state
    * Less negative self talk
    * Decrease or elimination of symptoms of depression or anxiety
    * Increased knowledge about their body and healing
    * Capacity to be with felt sensations as they arise in the body and mind i.e. grief
    * Decreased fear around healing and feeling
    * Self awareness
    * Building foundation for secure attachment
    * Make sense out of the birth experience
    * Move through anger and blame

    5) Describe what their life will look like after going through your course. What has changed or improved?

    Before I took this course I was overwhelmed by my experience. I never wanted to think about it, but it haunted me. I didn’t feel supported or connected to other moms, and I never really talk about my birth. I felt all kinds of emotions and also felt numb. I was afraid of feeling the emotions or facing my disappointment because I was afraid it would affect my baby. I didn’t know where to start and if I let myself feel my sadness, I was overwhelmed by a Tsunami of tears. I thought if I just ignore all of this, it will eventually disappear. But that didn’t prove to be the case. In fact, I was feeling worse and I was fighting more with my husband/partner and could barely stand my baby’s cries. It was all to much. I wanted my body back, I wanted my sense of self back, I didn’t even recognize myself in the mirror.

    After taking the Healing After Birth program, I can honestly say that I can look at myself in the mirror and I like myself as a Mother. I am slowly getting to know myself, and I am confident that I know how to be in this new relationship with myself and my baby. I feel calm when I think about my past birth, and I am not afraid to talk about it. Actually, I think it is important to talk about it. I have shifted my dark feelings, and have skills now to be okay with any feeling that arises. I found the voice and the person I lost during childbirth.


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    So much clarity here Jennifer. Awesome choice on paths. It feels like this one is just ripe and ready to be made and course two will follow. Loved your testimonial. I could hear parts of many mothers I’ve overheard in the past year in that story.

    FYI, you may dig my wife’s site/project, “”  It may be a good outlet for some of your mothers wanting to express their grief in writing.



    Jennifer Summerfeldt

    FYI I LOVE your wife’s project and I knew someone on the list and I wish I had known about this during my grief… I wrote tons on it. So beautiful. And yes, I would love to send women her way. I actually do narrative pieces, so it would tie in nicely.

    Below is a course outline: 

    9 modules – 2-3 hours each module including exercises

    Divided into three categories based on Judith Herman’s work (I want creative new titles to be enticing and inviting)
    Safety & Grounding – Creating solid foundation
    1. Establishing safety – Psycho education about trauma recovery, safe place exercise, breathing techniques, and ‘you are in charge of your healing’
    2. Getting grounded – Mindfulness and Guided journey growing roots
    3. Navigating the waters – preparing for what is ahead

    Remember & Mourn – Diving in and facing the pain
    1. Exploring what was lost – grief as healing
    2. Who do you blame – Exploring anger
    3. Perception is key – The story you are telling yourself. Guided exercise to meet wounded part and giving her what she needed in labor to feel safe and in control. Building compassion for laboring self.

    Re-connect to life – Moving out of the pain and into newfound you as a Mother
    1. You as Mother – How do you want to feel about your experience and what story do you want to tell. Letter to self as strong mother. New Story.
    2. Healthy Attachment – Re-connect bonds to newborn with guided process
    3. Celebration – Closing the cycle of birth and ceremony. Many mothers feel like they have a birth wound, an unfinished part of the childbirth experience. I would like to offer a ceremony of sorts that closes this gap, so they can move forward into motherhood. My birth as a transformative experience – new story.

    4) What could you use that you’ve already created to leverage your time and the content for your intended eCourse Creation. Can you re-purpose old articles, handouts, coaching exercises, workshop handouts, eBooks, etc…

    My live group healing program – healing after birth that already has 8 modules of handouts and exercises. I just need to add the teaching pieces as video or audio. Plus the guided processes as audio.

    I have videos talking about healing after birth and I have a podcast I was interviewed for that I can use as a walk in the park … Entry point.

    I have articles I have written that are published about this topic that I can re-purpose.


    Jennifer Summerfeldt


    1) If your course were a person, how would you describe its personality?
    This will be reflected in your content, copy, branding and every aspect of your eCourse.

    Compassionate, Kind, Open, Receptive, Feminine, Fluid, Gentle, Inspiring

    2) What is it about your eCourse and the way you choose to deliver the content that makes it unique, interesting, engaging or entertaining to your audience so they recognize it as being made JUST for them.
    How will it be different and stand out in the sea of sameness?

    Most importantly – They feel heard, understood, and like I am speaking their language and know the interior of their struggles.

    They MUST feel safe and inspired to move through the process so they can find relief and emerge as a ‘strong’ mother … they feel proud to be a mother.

    3) What can you do to put your own unique stamp of creativity on your eCourse?
    Hmmmm – beauty is key. Perhaps a story line that encourages them to keep on moving forward with the process trusting that they will feel better by the end.

    Light at the end of the tunnel? Eye of a storm?



    DavidJ Jurasek

    Jennifer — This course and your discoveries are so valuable. I know women who need it and don’t live in Edmonton! Can’t wait to see you launch it!

    Bradley — the Grief Story Project is also so awesome and so needed and your wife is doing such deep vital work by offering it.

    So grateful to see such important work being done in this often crazy world.


    Jennifer Summerfeldt

    Hey David, good to meet you and thank you for acknowledging the value of this work. I look forward to learning more about you. 🙂


    Jennifer Summerfeldt


    1) WHAT is the eCourse all about that you’re inspired to create? Describe it.
    Scenario: A mother didn’t have the birth experience she dreamed of having and she felt flooded with all kinds of painful emotions and thoughts about her birth, resulting in a sense that something was ‘missing’ and that she never ‘really gave birth’. Leaving her feeling empty and disempowered. There is a deep desire to feel better and be able to ‘be okay’ with her birth, but that idea feels far away and almost impossible.

    What if this mother could experience healing from her past birth AND wake up to her self as a strong, powerful, mother?

    This course lovingly walks mothers through a sacred courageous journey of healing and reconciliation with herself and her birth.

    2) Out of all the options, WHY are you most excited to create this eCourse? Explain.

    Because it breaks my heart knowing that so many mothers suffer in silence, and carry a story that somehow they are defective, broken, and ashamed of how they gave birth. For many their birth story defines them as mothers. I want to offer these mothers another possibility, so they can mend their broken hearts, and connect passionately with their baby’s and family.

    Because I want systemic oppression and violence against women to stop. And it gains power every time a mother walks away from her birth experience believing she did something wrong and was defective.

    3) Describe WHO you are creating this eCourse for. Describe them.

    I think this is obvious. Mothers who are heartbroken about their birth experience, feel a sense of emptiness, and deeply desire to experience something different-relief, reconciliation, and restoration.

    4) Describe the TRANSFORMATION or benefits they’ll receive by going through your eCourse.

    She will heal from her past birth AND wake up to her self as a strong, powerful, mother –  Reclaiming her power that was lost throughout the childbirth experience.
    5) Using your skills, tools and resources, HOW do you intend to facilitate the ultimate transformation? What’s the process you envision?

    9 modules – video, guided processes and therapeutic activities, journal exercises, online community, and weekly group calls.

    6) If your eCourse was a person, how would you describe its PERSONALITY or VIBES?

    Gentle, caring, wise, powerful, compassionate


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    This is so powerful and clear Jennifer. Given that you’re using your workshop template, you are just motoring up the mountain.

    Curious: When you say each module is 2-3 hours, what do you mean by that? How much time per week/day will mothers with a newborn have to dedicate to the program? Knowing how full on and overwhelming it was for my wife, I would encourage you to keep the time commitment per lesson/exercise to as little as you can.

    I can’t imagine new moms who are already struggling being able to dedicate the time to a 15 minute video, plus an exercise.

    But a short video that tells a story (perhaps) and teaches her a lesson and gives her an empowering step to reclaiming her powerful self. That may be doable.

    So I guess what I’m getting at is, if it needs to be spread out over a bit longer period of time OR you need to get a bit more creative with the delivery in order to cut down on “time commitment” then do it! I think that’ll be the biggest thing to stop momma’s from completing the process. (hope that helps)

    As for your theme: 

    What are your favourite forms of art and creative expression?

    What do you imagine in your minds-eye to be the visual elements of this journey, website, experience?

    Is there any mythological stories or traditional stories about new mothers/powerful mothers/wounded mothers that could be woven into the journey?

    Do you know any artistic creators that you could collaborate to add the artistic touches that’ll make this journey an experiential delight?

    The theme will come and when it does. It’ll hit you and you’ll know. Worry not. Keep refining the lessons and experience AND asking yourself great questions!



    Jennifer Summerfeldt


    Re: Time

    Currently, we meet once a week for 2 hour session, which often is not enough time. This time together is filled with two therapeutic processes, that build on one another, group sharing, and brief psycho education. There is in fact little talking, rather more doing and being in the process.

    I was thinking of formulating each module in a similar manner.

    For example, yesterday was a powerful session on Anger as Healing.

    These women ALL engaged their anger through different entry points and learned how to move into the felt sensations of anger, move it, and find calm afterward.  It was profoundly intense, and almost all the women were afraid of journeying into their anger.  What came after was more grief. However, the container was closed through an exercise that helped them discover that both anger and calm can exist at the same time within themselves.  If that lesson was cut into 15 min blocks I don’t think it would have the affect it did.

    Hmmm So realistically, I think the exercises need to be treated like a ‘counseling session’ or a yoga practice, in which you dedicate an hour of self-time.  Maybe the psycho education part can be done in bite size chunks gearing them up for the process and the engagement?

    I hear you though about the time commitment. And, what I am noticing is that most of the mothers who seek me out are nearing a year postpartum.  So there is a bit more time to process.

    I think immediate postpartum the best option is 1-1 counselling to move through the shock.  But the deeper processing such as this program may be more appropriate for mothers who are into their first year, or even 9 months onward.



    Jennifer Summerfeldt

    ps. Am I writing in the correct thread? Or do I need to make new categories for each topic of discussion?


    After an awesome first connection with Sharyl, she highlighted some words I said: Sacred & Athletic.

    That said, I feel these words are more descriptors for the Best Birth Bootcamp – The prepare for your next birth course.

    However, something was really ignited about those words because BOTH are true components of the journey of birth. However, not sure how to translate them over to healing.

    As for healing – I use the metaphor Midwifery For The Soul. I have written about this. Healing is akin to birthing. And what I am seeing these mothers do is complete their birthing experience. They are going into places inside that they were afraid to touch in labor, and they are showing up with so much courage. It is truly beautiful.

    Just throwing out words and ideas….


    Jennifer Summerfeldt

    New aha

    1. Big take away from Creatoria was the idea of an application/intake process with a private coaching call with me! This way I can assess for signs of acute PTSS and decipher if they are ready to go deeply into this course or if referral is needed or individual trauma counselling.


    DavidJ Jurasek

    Hi Jennifer,


    I know someone close to me who is in healing recovery from a traumatic birth 4 years ago. Told her about this. She checked out your website and the 8 week live version you have posted. She felt that it might not be a fit for her because it seems more fitted to recent mothers. Is that the intention. If not, please let me know.

    Also, I wonder if you are looking for women who fit potential clients category to give feedback as you are building it.

    One more thought to share… I was reading Bradley’s concern above about time commitment and thinking about how different online learning and self-directed growth and healing may be for us if we aren’t meeting face to face (for my own work as well) and wondering that piece. I like the idea you propose of doing the psycho-ed in smaller bits giving time for digestion and as a prep. I also do believe that healing deeply is a series of choices and phases it is so extremely easy to get stuck on one for a million reasons. The online format could actually help with this if we consider each micro step and make that explicit in the journey of the ecourse. I imagine it as more “doable” as well as giving more of a sense of “wow! I’m progressing through this very pain stuff” more than I would have given myself credit for if it was a bigger step I was attempting…

    Just some food for thought. Wonder what you think about that…




    Jennifer Summerfeldt

    Hey David,

    Thanks so much for the feedback and sharing my work.

    To answer your question, no the program is not for newly postpartum moms. In fact, most of the people who attend are out of the postpartum period – usually 1 yr to many years after birth.

    I will need to make that clear as I create the new marketing copy.

    Regarding your other comments, I love this statement: The online format could actually help with this if we consider each micro step and make that explicit in the journey of the ecourse.

    I was thinking about this last night after facilitating the group.  I think it is important online to spend time engaging the left hemisphere to build safety and also, drive.  Explaining why we are doing what we are doing – why engage in this process in the first place.

    So yes, baby steps of moving into greater transformation.

    Also, I realized that there needs to be an entire unit – creating foundation – that gives them step-by-step process to preparing a sacred space in their home to do deeper transformative healing work. Things they will need to engage fully, for example, art paper, pastels, craft supplies, clay, journal, earphones for meditation, quiet space with room to move… And start with the WHY.




    Jennifer Summerfeldt

    PS. I forgot to answer your other question about needing clients.

    Yes, I will need a group for an online pilot when I am ready to launch. I will create a pilot at a reduced cost for the online program.

    Thank you for your encouragement and support and I look forward to hearing how your program unfolds.


    Jennifer Summerfeldt

    CREATIVE MAPPING for theme development


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