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    Dr.Wayne Buckhanan


    • Stop the sabotage (words, behavior, tension mgmt) 
      Every behavior has a positive intent and is useful in some context. One of the big issues is making sure we use the right behavior at the right time. In order to sell more effectively, you need to stop the sabotage — in your prospects and in your self. We will look at how words, behaviors, and level of productive tension can be used effectively to help move everyone closer to their goals.
    • Be aware of what you communicate 
      The meaning of the communication is the response you get. Begin to identify and prevent all those times when your words undermine your clients’ desired outcomes. Learn three little words that make a big difference (and the principles behind how that happens).
    • Values and value 
      Keeping your focus on what is important to you will help you to sell effectively — and in ways that serve you above and beyond the money exchanging hands. You will also go through the transformation that allows you to charge a consistent price and stick to your rates.
    • State matters / go first 
      Before you can impact someone else’s life, you need to be able to impact your own life! There are mental, emotional, physical states and frames of mind that will lead to better decisions. Practice the quick-shift techniques that get you instant access to more and more resourceful states — yours and your clients’.
    • Pay attention to tension! 
      Productive tension is one of the keys to effective change. Fighting against a person’s natural tendencies and productive tension makes change difficult. Explore the five basic levels of productive tension and how they influence our behaviors. Get a glimpse into how the levels of productive tension come into play when selling versus when coaching.
    • Compartmentalize 
      The order of operations influences the outcome. In the same way that you don’t try to mix the batter after the cake is in the oven, there are inherent phases in the selling and coaching processes. Get things out of order and you’ll just get a mess. Learn several of the areas coaches and trainers should compartmentalize and what order to access them.

    Now to pour the details on the lessons I have in mind and develop the story line I plan to thread through it all.


    Dr.Wayne Buckhanan

    And to put it all in one place, the theme I’m playing with came from the idea of Space Camp — only this is for the “Inner Space” explorers!

    So, toying with the metaphor and realizing it is influenced by a military command-and-control structure because that’s what the various outer space agencies grew out of… So, it is becoming more sci-fi than initially intended where there are beings “out there” to trade with as well as the training that leads to inner-space exploration and establishing outposts and fun things like that. (There may even be Technomancers out on the edges of the known universe!)



    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    I’m going to make comments as I read each little point form (as I feel appropriate)…

    1. I love how you dive into some deep, juicy content straight out of the gates with the looking at behaviours piece.

    2. Now I wanna know the three little words. I’ll pay anything!!!!!!!!  Seriously though. Excited to see what you come up with for the section on communication. We all need to treat ourselves as communicators in the world of eCourses because ineffective communication skills leads to unhappy customers OR no customers.

    3. Loving the value and values thing. I think we probably have some parallel philosophies on that.

    4. Dig the state change exercises. Real, practical tools to help make better decisions. Solid!

    5. Super curious about the ‘tension lesson’

    6. I love the theme and am excited to see how you weave it together. So much fun!!

    I think my main questions after reading all this are:

    1. What is the Ultimate Transformation they are moving towards with this course? (your eCourse promise)

    2. What do you envision your onboarding process being like? As in, your version of Basecamp, where you prep them for the journey…

    Super awesome work Dr. Wayne!


    Dr.Wayne Buckhanan

    The ultimate transformation is from “selling is icky” to “I’m selling to serve!”

    Once we’ve made that transition, folks will be ready for leveraging anything they’ve learned about selling techniques and will see how the “random” pieces can fit together and form a respectful selling process. If they have zero sales knowledge, the obvious next step is the full MasterStream (R) protocol which is beyond the scope of this course.

    The onboarding I envision is where the story line comes in… I picture my client showing up at space academy and meeting characters that are demonstrating the situations and then watching Dr. Wayne’s floating head on a in-scene monitor explaining a little of the content before sending them off to explore the concepts and develop the skills through interactions with the characters that are their “peers” and “instructors.” In many ways, the “stop sabotaging” segment *is* the onboarding.

    Is that what you were asking about or did I misunderstand?

    Oh, and you’re welcome to the three words: “You try but…” Those are freely given because you already know them and may not value them in and of themselves. What they mean to *you* in the context of selling and their power in your communication is something I’m happy to explore with you. When you think that is something of value to you, we can talk about your needs and how I help my clients — and only if those are a good fit would we talk about how you might become my client.

    (See how easy that is?! Ready for the real conversation about your needs now. 😉 )


    Lisa R


    You did it!

    Love these milestones.

    Also really tickled at the idea of Dr Wayne’s floating head… Your theme is going to be so much fun! 😀

    Maybe we could Skype next week and you can tell me more?



    Dr.Wayne Buckhanan

    Sounds like a plan, @lisa.russell! When is now a good time to post what you’ve got (and collect those bajillions).

    And here’s the inspiration for the floating head bit (not the Spirit of Architekt Forrest, sorry @bradleytmorris):

    Holly, the ship’s computer, from the British sci-fi comedy Red Dwarf


    Lisa R

    Had so much fun reminiscing about Red Dwarf with you today on our huddle call! Now if it’s possible I’m looking forward even more to seeing how your course develops!

    Now, I need to smeg off back to my lesson plans. I think you should try a video as girl Holly too!



    Dr.Wayne Buckhanan

    Here’s the next iteration on the modules and lessons:

    • * Sabotage
      How did I get here?
      Brand Ads Marketing Sales
      Congruence & Consistency
      Ideal sales situation
      NS Power Zone
      CW Path of Self Discovery
    • * Communication
      Meaning of communication
      Own your communications
      Effective communications
      Communication channels
      Everything is communication
      You Try But – Language patterns
      Congruence & Transparency
      Write it down
    • * Values & Value
      Value is relative
      What do you value?
      NS Pleasure Pattern
      What else do you want?
      NS Accept-Appreciate-Awe
      Shifting sands (of variable discounting)
      Set your prices (in stone)
    • * State
      Current selling state
      NS Meta-States of current selling state
      NS Future frames / diamond
      NLP triggers
      NLP Circle of Excellence
    • * Pay Attention to Tension
      How do people change (their minds)?
      What changes?
      What are you tracking?
      Levels of Productive Tension
      Going up & down
      Current selling activities
      Make a change
      Check back in
    • * Compartmentalize
      What is your recipe?
      Color by level; Up/down deux
      Best guesses
      Do all roads lead to Rome?
      Path to Compassionate Sales
      Walk the path each contact
      Practice practice practice
    • * What next
      • Induction ceremony into Compassionate Trade Guild as Apprentice
        • Apprentice to Journeyman: This training plus time on task
        • Journeyman to Master: CMSP and performance goals
      • You now also qualify for additional ISA skills and systems trainings
      • Check the bag of holding for any beliefs or techniques that you wish to take with you. Feel free to leave behind any that no longer serve you and try on any that appeal to you — there are plenty more where those came from.
      • And last but not least, you are always welcome here to share, celebrate, encourage, be encouraged, ask questions, and just hang out. Your Trade Guild dues facilitate all of that as well as keeping the lights on and the ISS in orbit!

    I have about half the lessons mapped out with corresponding story components and all but one module has a clear setting and theme. Should have the story beats down for the last two modules and will continue to percolate on the story component to go with the State module.

    The call-to-action for each lesson is also mapped out and I’m just filling in the rest of the blanks on each in terms of key points and beginning the outlines to turn into scripts.



    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Man this is exciting to see this come to life Dr. Wayne. You’re on fire now that schools out for summer

    I can’t wait to hear the storyline. You’re holding me in suspense here!!


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    That video’s hilarious. I think we might sue them for taking our idea though…


    Dr.Wayne Buckhanan

    Yes, you get to stay in suspense a bit longer.

    The good news is that the segment I didn’t have a story setting for — I did, was just in other notes!

    So, I’m getting those story beats down and we’ll see what I share when. (Can’t have any “Spoilers!” 🙂 )



    Yeah, Dr. Wayne-You are creating a wonderful world of skill learning- atta go!!


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