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    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

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    The 1 year GEA Happy Birthday Show!! Off to a rollicking start as Brad and Andy SING us a song!

    B and A are inspired and pumped after a 7 hr. Coaching Session with the one and only TAD…you think we get homework!?

    Andy goes deep and compares the past year and their session with Tad to the metamorphous of a butterfly.

    4:00 Exciting plans to simplify and leave the endless stream of heart pounding launches and online marketing BS behind! And, why their new biz model is such a relief!

    5:00 Their new Tagline: Creating a Course Worth Sharing and what that means to them.

    7:00 Why B and A do not subscribe to the typical biz 80/20 rule (spend 80% of your time on marketing your course/20% creating it).

    16:18 The new GEA pricing model:  An awesome in depth unveiling on how and why they settled on their new “easy feeling” pricing! The countless conversations that finally led to a pricing Epiphany!

    33:30 Brad tells a great story of original GEA member Janine and how she is is KILLING it because her course is “accessible” to everyone. She made over 100k in December alone by selling her courses on the Daily Om!

    40:40 Tad’s UBER HONESTY and Pay What You Can policy’s have PAID OFF!

    43:20 Andy talks about his former life doing construction with his Dad.

    45:00 Brad declares that the 80/20 rule is a bunch o’ BS!! (marketing/product creation) Why 80% Product Creation/20% Marketing is the way to go! Its all about creating AWESOME stuff that is accessible to a greater number of people!

    47:00 Ooooooh….Andy said “creating good products and good experiences IS good marketing” LOVE that!

    47:15 Andy on STRATEGY vs. TACTICS and how to apply them to the 80/20 rule

    48:13 Andy goes off on a RANT about Split testing, conversion optimization, obsessing over whether a green or blue button will convert better. Brad was CRACKING UP and begging for a skit!

    49:20 Andy announces that there will be more rants in the future as the guys will be “calling it like it is”!!!

    50:57 Brad tells us about their new creation: A themed Ebook.

    52:14 Brad fields a question on Script Writing and, with Andy, delves deep into the steps they’ve used to create their content (which is ALWAYS fantastic). Great stuff…Take notes here!

    57:50 Setting up your Environment before you shoot the video. Stories of Blair obsessing over the backgrounds pre-video shoot and how it made a world of difference.

    1:01:30 Why they let the podcast go and other plans to reduce “routine” stuff that’s not floating their boat.

    They wrap up with a declaration for 2017: FU to the status quo. They’re gonna Blaze their own Trail and take us with them and we’ll all have a BLAST!!

    Happy 1st Birthday B and A of the GEA!! What a year it’s been!!!


    Tree Franklyn

    I just wanted to say that I’m not usually available at the time of your coaching calls but I listened to this replay while stuck in traffic last week and there are a few things I want to express:

    1) THANK YOU for grandfathering in those of us who purchased the course prior to your new monthly pricing structure and allowing us to be lifetime members. What a generous gift! Thank you so much! I was one of the ones who paid the higher price (though I answered a magic question and got some $$ taken off – wahoo!) and I think it was worth every penny. Now that you’ve rolled me into a lifetime membership, I don’t even have words to explain how much value this is. To be honest, I’m an e-course junkie and I’m used to paying $2k courses (guess I’ve been trained well by those you mention in your call) so when I saw your price, I was actually surprised it wasn’t higher. I think I paid around $750. I thought that was a steal. And I still think so.

    2) This has really made me think about my own pricing and the future of my courses. I’ve learned that you start low then you raise your prices every year. Like you, I can’t stand launches. It’s very stressful for me and simply not worth the stress, I don’t care how much $ it makes.  And like you, it just doesn’t feel right to me to keep raising my prices “because I can”. But I thought that’s what you’re supposed to do so I’ve been doing it. I know that DailyOm offers “pay what you like” courses and I always wondered how that business model works for them. I even pitched a course to them but Madisyn was creating a similar course for the exact market that mine was for and they told me it would have to wait until hers came out and maybe mine could compliment hers. I have lots to think about now in terms of pricing and my future biz plans.

    3) Who is Tad? I think you mentioned the website but I can’t seem to access the replay anymore. It goes to the Jan 25 call above  instead of Jan 14.  I’d really love to see his cool examples you mentioned, can you share links here?



    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Aloha Tree,

    Well your enthusiastic message definitely made me smile BIG! Glad you feel like you scored such an awesome deal, cuz we feel like we scored an awesome community member  😀

    You know, it just feels so damn good to have landed where we are with our pricing. It’s just right on every level. All the other prices felt pretty good, but this simply feels scalable, fair, affordable and like it ought to be a big fat yes for anyone looking for this, who aligns with our vibe.

    Look forward to brainstorming and hearing about the choices you make with your pricing!

    Did you see the great campfire conversation about pricing a week or two ago?

    Here is an awesome article on sliding scale pricing (from Tad’s site). If you scroll to the bottom you’ll see my comment on the sliding scale pricing I did for my meditation programs.

    As for Tad, his website is  ….  I think I actually had the wrong date for the video. The one now on this page is from the 11th. (our 1 year anniversary)

    If that’s the one you already watched, then check this one out from the 18th.

    AND – you definitely gotta listen to this storytelling one from this week. It was sooooo good!

    Thanks for popping by the campfire Tree. Let us know how else we can support and inspire you  🙂

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