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    Daniel Doherty

    Hello, I am Daniel*

    1. I teach instructional, facilitation, public speaking, and presentation skills, and Microsoft Office. I am also a publisher, and a life/business coach using the system developed by one of my authors .
    2. I signed up for The Great eCourse Adventure to spark some creativity into the design of an online version of the coaching system, and to find useful tools that support this.
    3. I want to create an ecourse that comes as close as possible to self-coaching, however I have come to believe that because we are all our own worldview and psychological system,
      What makes me come most alive is being immersed in transformative** learning and facilitating others into their own deep-learning experience.

    *I notice a metaphor and alter ego developing as I explore the challenges presented by this ecourse. Looking at my profile banner photo…it was staring me in the face…ancient Athens, Socratic inquiry and the methods of archeological discovery…a man outstanding in his olive grove…playfully curious.

    **One concept of transformational learning is that it occurs when everyone in the experience is changed.  As compared to downloading (delivering fixed content), debate (intellectual argument), dialogue (mutual understanding). See Grammar of the Social Field, Otto Scharmer


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Hey Daniel, having already chatted with you, I’m really excited that you’re here on the mountain. I feel confident that you will find the inspiration and clarity you’re looking for!

    Not sure why, but the first thought that came to mind when reading your intentions here were a “Choose your Own Adventure” coaching program where the student’s choices take them down a specific path.

    Via OR you could automate the whole thing based on choices they make for the lessons they wanna go.


    At the end of a lesson, students could have 1 or 2 or 3 choices for the next lesson (step they take). When they click the lesson button they desire, that would trigger an automation sequence and send them to the correlating lesson page.

    It’s just a thought. I’m never one to hold down the creativity and inspiration. Feel free to keep brainstorming if this idea sparks something. if not, put it up on the shelf. No harm done. Perhaps someone else will find interest in it.

    As for the theme idea, I’m really digging it. I’d love to hear more around what the could look like in your mind. Elaborate good sir!


    Bobbie Jo Van Den Plas

    Aloha Daniel!! Wonderful to meet you here! I’m all about the transformational learning, and love how you worded this: “playfully curious.” So excited to climb with you and see all you create!


    Judy Brenneman

    Hey, Daniel –

    Welcome, glad to meet you. Are you familiar with Transformative Language Arts Network? Might be some interesting and potentially useful info there:

    I’m intrigued by Bradley’s Choose Your Own Adventure idea, too…thinking it might serve some of my audience well, too (creativity coaching aspects, especially).


    Daniel Doherty

    Thanks for the TLA link Judy. That looks like an interesting resource. Language is key.


    Daniel Doherty

    Excellent ideas Bradley. I am a fan of radical democracy, where participants access learning in ways and an order that makes the most sense to them. Online allows that flexible structure.


    Daniel Doherty

    Thanks for the welcome Bobby Jo. I guess it would be “swimming together” if we use your personal metaphor.


    Laura Koller

    Welcome Daniel.  I love your philosophy, as well as your description of transformational learning. I’ve never heard of that before, but that really resonates with me.  You’ve transformed me already 😉

    That Choose Your Own Adventure theme would be so appropriate!

    Judy – I’ve never heard of TLA and I’m so interested in learning more.

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