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    Aloha, everyone! I think for me the most transformational experiences are visceral, tactile, somatic and experiential. I have a number of practices I am going to be sharing in my e-course, from yoga practices, meditation, and ceremonies/rituals, to body care and ayurvedic practices and so I am fortunate that they are all interactive lessons that will have the participants actually doing something while watching the video. This is huge for me. I have been brainstorming up some ways to creatively give people some of the experiences off-line and even out of the comfort of their homes. Having my participants go on a journey in their own home town to experience a different cultural or religious festivity, riding on public transportation or talking to a stranger (an un-threatening one:), eating food from another culture that is new for them, watching a Bollywood Movie….ways to facilitate the fullness of experience that occurs when someone takes a real pilgrimage or journey. It is not all about the ashram or the site you are visiting, our awakening is sometimes propelled even more by what are mundane details in other people’s lives, but so different from what we are used to in our own lives/society. Finding unique ways to shift my participants outlook so that they expand beyond the confines of their own lens of awareness and experience. Thanks for making this journey so user-friendly and Fun to take, I am inspired just by taking this course!





    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide
    @alexiscox I can’t wait to see all the reality bubbles you open up with these ideas. Glad you’re having fun so far!!

    Kate Arms

    The challenge of creating an online course that includes all those tactile experiences is hitting me deeply. Looking forward to the conversations about how we can lead our students through those experiences without being there with them.



    How cool, Alexis! I lOVE these ideas. Really really do. I could use a little pilgrimage in my home town. I’m constantly aching to travel, but don’t have much time to do it these days. A little home-town excitement could be just what I need. And I can imagine other people feeling the same way. Getting out of our own comfort zones is definitely, well, uncomfortable, so if you could encourage and inspire people to do things like talking to strangers on the bus in a conscious way, that would surely facilitate transformation.



    Mahalo:-) I’m glad we can all help each other generate cool ideas just by sharing and listening!


    Karryn Olson-Ramanujan

    Hi everyone,
    I totally relate with the “visceral, somatic, experiential” and am currently offering online courses, but haven’t incorporated as many of these experiences as I’d like. Looking forward to hearing more about how we all can integrate these deeply transformative experiences.

    I know this is vital to my program offerings, as a core part of my program is helping women step into their power to stand “fierce in defense of life and what’s precious”, “fierce compassion”. This is not a “neck up” exercise!


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