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    Dr.Wayne Buckhanan

    1) WHAT is the eCourse all about that you’re inspired to create?

    > Selling with Integrity from your Inner Space
    > (one of many possible destinations from the Inner Space Academy’s Ground(ing) School, Flight School, and missions launched from the ISS — the Inner-national Space Station! You will all be invited to the grand opening of the Visitors Center and the first round of Space Camps to learn more about it all.)

    2) Out of all the options, WHY are you most excited to create this eCourse?

    > I am most excited about this because it forces me to formalize the ISA and the Inner Selling details for others to follow along. Selling is something that many people struggle with and this will help the helpers reach more people.
    > It also gives me a chance to do a deeper dive on the underlying Masterstream sales method and demonstrate how it works by applying it to selling the course itself.

    3) Describe WHO you are creating this eCourse for.

    > This course is created for the people oriented helpers (starting with coaches) who have trouble selling their services. These helpers will be effective at what they do on the coaching side and are heavily invested in helping people. They will also not be ready, willing, and able to convert contacts and leads into paid opportunities to help.
    > The people helpers who think that giving away free sessions will convert people to clients, but just end up giving away a bandaid when the person needs serious help — and doesn’t go get the full assistance they need because of how well that bandaid helped!
    > The helpers who really just want to help others and hate the business side of things because it is “too much about the money” (and therefore they don’t have enough money to support themselves and their family in the ways they would like to).
    > The helpers who would rather give away services than talk about money — but get devalued by people because nothing worthwhile would be that cheap or free.

    4) Describe the TRANSFORMATION or benefits they’ll receive by going through your eCourse.

    > The helpers will be transformed so that they can identify who they are *wanting* to work with, have the conversations that lead to paying engagements, and be able to help that many more people through the additional work they are engaging in and through the charities and groups they support with their new cash flow.

    5) Using your skills and resources, HOW do you intend to facilitate the ultimate transformation?

    > Change your state, change your mind
    > Reframe your role when selling
    > Stop sabotaging your clients when they are still prospects!
    > Don’t sell during coaching sessions and don’t coach during selling sessions
    > Follow the natural hints (productive tension) during your sales conversation
    > Make your sales conversations so valuable that even those who don’t buy will recommend you!
    > Being comfortable with your rates so you can have integrity when quoting

    6) If your eCourse was a person, how would you describe its PERSONALITY or VIBES?

    > Fun, snarky, easy going, with depth when digging into concepts.
    > Committed to client success, no-nonesense attitude.
    > Pragmatic and playful, gets results and enjoys the process.
    > People person, patient, lots of chances to have deep conversations.




    This outline sounds like a very worthwhile topic, Wayne. Sales are hard-something most of us avoid. For me this avoidance has lead to frustration and less money than I would hope for. I think this topic can capture a wide audience. What is your story here? How is it this has affected you and how did you transform this tendency?


    Dr.Wayne Buckhanan

    @laurieszott, I appreciate the prompt to bring in the personal side.

    I have certainly had my own struggles with selling in the traditional ways for many years. I would give away seats in courses just to avoid selling, but then the students didn’t have much follow through (I suspect because they didn’t value it because I didn’t value it enough to put a price tag on it). The lack of follow through on their part made it less and less enthusing on my part — so a vicious circle kicked off with a simple choice/avoidance.

    My own transformation came when I discovered the “MasterStream (R) Method” — a conversational style driven by a person’s natural productive tension (that results in a sale if and when appropriate). It is all about identifying and eliminating the roadblocks between where you are and where you’d like to be in an honoring and realistic way — completely bypassing the coercion and pressure that so many people associate with sales. And the conversation itself is so valuable that even folks who may not be a fit for a given solution are likely to recommend other people to have their own conversations along the same lines.

    At this point, my own transformation has been a big internal shift and I’ve gone from dreading sales to looking forward to having more of these conversations — once I have something in place to sell!

    So, this course will be about the background skills and mindsets that go into making these conversations productive. Often the biggest shift is “undoing” bad habits or unconscious behaviors. And after the “undoing”, if there are those who want the specific sales protocol from MasterStream (R), I can bring in my mentor who created it.

    Did that start to answer your questions, Laurie?


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    This looks like a really valuable course to-be @waynebuckhanan!
    You surprised me (which I love) with a course on supporting people with selling their offerings.
    I really like the brief outline you’ve described here.
    Selling has been a helluva steep learning curve for me over the years, as I’m sure it likely is for almost every single person who finds themselves on this mountain. Excited to see your eCourse evolve!!


    Dr.Wayne Buckhanan

    Yeah, @bradleytmorris, it surprised me too!

    I did the exercises, brain dumped my potential course options, and this ended up top of the list based on the numbers. I had a mix of topics in terms of “lots of experience, moderate interest” versus “lots of interest, moderate experience” and am keen to develop the experience to go with the enthusiasm and proven knowledge.

    This was highest based on the external factors (pain relief, demand, profit potential), but some of the ground work I’ll need to build into this course reflects the areas I’m more excited and knowledgeable about! And as I started putting the pieces together, I’m finding myself building a universe to explore in the same way that y’all are discovering more mountains to climb with the GEAdventurers.

    Here’s me “showing my work”:

    > Productive Tension-Based Selling / Exploratory Selling / Discovery Sales
    * excited [15/20] know [15/20] pain [45/50] demand [45/50] profit [45/50] = 165 *
    > Psychographic Copywriting
    * excited [15/20] know [16/20] pain [40/50] demand [25/50] profit [45/50] = 141 *
    > WordPress, web dev, hybrid mobile apps
    * excited [8/20] know [18/20] pain [40/50] demand [40/50] profit [30/50] = 136 *
    > Body in Flow
    * excited [12/20] know [12/20] pain [40/50] demand [30/50] profit [40/50] = 134
    > Writing from Flow
    * excited [19/20] know [11/20] pain [40/50] demand [40/50] profit [23/50] = 133
    > Coach Essentials
    * excited [14/20] know [19/20] pain [20/50] demand [40/50] profit [40/50] = 133
    > Managing Productive Tension
    * excited [16/20] know [16/20] pain [40/50] demand [30/50] profit [30/50] = 132
    > Belief Builder & Buster / SoM / MindLines
    * excited [19/20] know [17/20] pain [30/50] demand [20/50] profit [38/50] = 124
    > APG / Coach Genius / Writing Genius / eCourse Genius
    * excited [16/20] know [19/20] pain [25/50] demand [30/50] profit [30/50] = 120
    > The Structure of Teaching/Training (Experiential Learning/4MAT)
    * excited [16/20] know [17/20] pain [22/50] demand [40/50] profit [20/50] = 115
    > Path of Self Discovery
    * excited [18/20] know [17/20] pain [22/50] demand [25/50] profit [30/50] = 112
    > NLP Practitioner (hybrid course)
    * excited [13/20] know [18/20] pain [20/50] demand [20/50] profit [15/50] = 86
    > Adult Development Primer / LeaderWARE
    * excited [14/20] know [12/20] pain [20/50] demand [18/50] profit [20/50] = 84

    (And, yes, I do all my journaling in plaintext/markdown. For whatever reason, evernote never struck my fancy. Maybe because I already had a workflow across devices that also can generate nice PDFs and ebook formats…but that is me geeking out over my geekiness… 😉 )


    Andy Freist
    Mountain Guide

    I really dig what you’ve got going on here. I think this is a great topic to tackle – and one that many people will benefit from.

    A course on conscious selling is so needed. And I’m so sick of all that “heart-based sales” BS that’s out there, which simply takes the old paradigm way of selling and wraps a flowery feel good bow around it.

    Will you deliver us a revolutionary approach please which honors humans and their emotions rather than exploits them? 🙂


    Dr.Wayne Buckhanan

    Yessir, Mr. Andy, sir!



    Lisa R

    Ha! I need this course!

    You, my super buddy, are on the path to great things.

    I love the theme, love the content, love the systematic approach you apply and your unique take on it all.

    Let’s talk more on what you have here at our next buddy call?


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