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    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Being an entrepreneur is the ultimate hero’s journey…

    There is no knight in shining armour who will come save us and bring us the success we dream of.

    There is no King or Queen who is going to drop a treasure chest of freedom into our laps.

    There is nobody who is going to be more passionate about our vision than ourselves.

    So if you find yourself without enough time to devote to your business or eCourse…

    Then it’s time to re-prioritize and simplify your schedule (and life).

    Only you can restructure your life.

    Only you can say yes to less and no to more, so you have the space you need to fulfill your calling.

    What can you let go of to free up more space, time and energy?


    1. Look at your calendar from the last 30 days.
    2. Write down the top ten things that took the most of your time.
    3. Write down an estimate of how much time per month those things took.
    4. Choose at least ONE time-taker that feels the least aligned with your vision and cut it completely out of your calendar for the next 30 days. (how much time did that give you to focus?)
    5. Schedule into your calendar the times you’ll now focus on your eCourse.
    6. Show up to those times like they are a client.

    Your future self is counting on you!


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    For me, I cut out all appointments that are out of alignment with what I truly want in my life. If someone asks me to coffee and it doesn’t feel fully aligned with me, then I say no.

    I also wake up at 4AM so I can do two hours of work, play sunrise golf and get home on time for coffee and breakfast with my wife and son and so I can hang out with them for a couple hours before getting into my official work day at 11AM.

    Another thing I do is look at the projects for the month ahead, week ahead and day ahead.

    Everyday I prioritize what I’m going to do and then I do it (no if’s, ands or buts).

    If it’s not done by the end of my “work day,” then I’ll work late when Celeste and Sauryn go to bed.

    This is how I move forward with my vision.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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