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    Wendy Cain

    Hi, thanks for checking this out.  I am new to GEA and am in the market for an Adventure Buddy!

    If you think we’d have a great partnership, I’d love to hear from you!

    1. Name:  Wendy Cain

    2. What I Do:  I am a project manager professionally, very active in an international volunteer organization, and provide training in leadership development (mostly, but not exclusively, for the volunteer organization.  I am looking to expand this service to others who can benefit).

    3. Kind of eCourse I’m excited to make:  I am looking to create a Leadership Development community that would involve ongoing development lessons, discussions, as well as a several ecourses on various topics (hopefully a growing library).

    4. What I am looking for in an Adventure Buddy:  I am looking for someone who falls into three areas:

    1. They will help hold me accountable for the things I want to do, in order to make stead progress and publish before it’s perfect.
    2. They will be a brainstorm-buddy to bounce around ideas, especially around the theme, whatever metaphor I select, and to help my creative juices.  By myself, I’m very analytical and logical.  But the possibilities and creativity flows better when I’m discussing with others.
    3. They will be someone I resonate with and feel like I can add value to help contribute to THEIR passion and project!

    5. If you really knew me, you’d know that I tend to put other people’s needs and priorities ahead of my own, and then I realize how much time has passed and I haven’t made the progress I thought I would.  I am READY to make this happen!

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    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Hey Wendy, just wanted to pop in and see if you’ve struck up any conversations with a potential Buddy?

    Sometimes you’ve gotta read through some postings, reach out and see if there’s a fit.

    Having a buddy is well worth the upfront effort. This is step 1 of putting yourself out there   🙂

    If you need any support, let @andyfreist and I know.

    Hope you’re having fun on the mountain!


    Wendy Cain

    I’ve read through the whole thread, but haven’t reached out yet.  The more recent Hunting posts appear to prefer characteristics I don’t fit.  And it’s difficult to tell with the older ones, if people are still hunting or forgot to update their subject line.  Some also don’t appear to be actively climbing (after several months, they have fewer points than I do in just over a week).

    Any suggestions for other ways to identify active members who still need a buddy?


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Hi Wendy, thanks for sharing.

    The best suggestion is to just start reaching  out to people whose vibe or description you like. Many people have multiple buddies who they check in with occasionally. Whether taken or not, I’m sure you can make some new friends, learn from their experiences and wisdom and find a mini tribe to climb this mountain with (again and again and again).

    As for those who are not actively climbing. If you send them a msg, they will get a notification to their email, which may inspire them to come back.

    We are here if you want more help finding your buddy   🙂


    Andy Freist
    Mountain Guide

    Hey Wendy,

    I’d also like to point out that your buddy doesn’t necessarily need to be another GEA participant or e-course creator.

    What’s important is that you have someone “on your team” who will agree to hold you accountable through a brief weekly meeting/check-in.

    They don’t need to understand your work, but they DO need to be in support of it (very important!).

    Happy to dive in further if you need more clarity around this 🙂



    Jolynn Van Asten

    Hi Wendy,

    I just sent you a message in the forum. Let me know that you got it.



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