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    Lisa R

    1. Name: Lisa

    2. What I Do (150 characters):

    I’m a career change coach, editor and (more recently) writer.

    3. Kind of eCourse I’m excited to make (150 characters):

    A super-playful career change adventure that takes people through not only the soul searching stuff, but also the practical fear busting that takes career change from theory to action. I’m thinking something like a career change superheroine showing you how to slay your career change monsters, with practical tools and mindsets to take you from rabbit in headlights to career change ninja, well on the way to work you love. It’s going to be the total antidote to grey, corporate, office life.

    4. What I am looking for in an Adventure Buddy (150 characters):

    Someone who’s playful too and who can help me build confidence (which, to be honest, wobbles at times)

    Someone who’s got some branding / naming / marketing / money-side experience could be helpful (though really not a deal breaker)

    A wordsmith.

    I’m looking for a connection, a spark, a synchronicity that’s going to mean we bounce off each other. (Crap. Does this sound like a dating ad? I’m totally married!). I love a good sense of humour and the Hug-Slap-Hug approach to GSD.

    In practical terms, I’m in the UK (BST), so timezones could be an issue. But I’d be happy to do check-ins by email or chat if you are.
    I’ll be doing the bulk of my work on this course on Saturdays, but if chat or email check-ins work for you then we can catch up any old time.

    5. If you really knew me, you’d know that(150 characters)…

    My Talent Dynamics profile is Creator (especially interested to hear from any Traders out there!)
    I can spot a stray apostrophe at 50 paces.
    My baby girl is my number one priority, and always will be.
    I’d help people with career change even if I wasn’t getting paid for it.

    Wanna fight monsters with me?



    Lisa R

    Still hunting… Anyone out there?



    Andy Freist
    Mountain Guide

    Hi Lisa 🙂

    Hang in there, there will be many, many new adventurers on the mountain soon! Most everyone that’s already on the mountain has found a buddy, or decided to go solo.

    That said, go ahead and move forward while keeping an eye on this thread.

    You will find your buddy soon enough!

    Glad to have you on the mountain with us!



    Dr.Wayne Buckhanan

    Howdy Super-Lisa,

    I’m circling back around to the Adventure (life has been crazy busy with dragons and crashing rocket ships since Jan 1!) and my previous buddy had gone on walk-about, too, with no signs of resurfacing. Since I’m back and serendipity led me to your buddy hunt post, thought I’d touch base and see what shenanigans and/or hijinks we might share on our way up the mountain.

    Happy to chat, and since I’m GMT-7, maybe some time in your evening.



    Lisa R

    So your name’s Wayne, and you love tech… Are you Batman? 😀

    Would love to talk. I’ve sent you a PM…



    Dr.Wayne Buckhanan

    I can neither confirm nor deny any allegations that I am The Batman.
    I can only assert that I’ve never been seen in the same room with Batman.

    I don’t know if it helps clarify, but I did make a steampunk rainbow lightsaber this weekend — which would be a spectacular accessory for The Batman if I do say so myself!


    Lisa R

    Mind BLOWN.

    A steampunk rainbow lightsaber? Well, that’s just about the best kind of lightsaber, I reckon. Good work.

    And don’t worry Batman, your secret’s safe with me! Oh wait, was that a little loud? SSSShhhhhh!

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