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    1. Name: Lindsay
    2. What I Do: I am a certified nutritionist, who wants to help others realize how amazing their body can feel when they fuel it properly! I read, I drink tea, I work an awesome job, I travel and most of all, I eat as healthy as I can!
    3. Kind of eCourse I’m excited to make: I would like to create an eCourse that can help people realize that nutritious food and a healthy lifestyle does not have to be boring and that it can be a lifestyle choice (where you still enjoy chocolate). I’d want to know that my eCourse is helping other people to get to where nutrition has gotten me.
    4. What I am looking for in an Adventure Buddy: Someone that I can joke with and learn from at the same time. I like to hear life stories – what you do, how you got there. Teach me what you know 🙂 I will need you to know and be able to relate to the fact that life gets busy but I will do my best to provide the best support I can and I ask the same from you.
    5. If you really knew me, you’d know that: If I could, I’m probably going to be a professional student. I love to learn and have not figured out where my life is taking me yet. I intend to stay in school / always be doing some sort of courses as long as I can and travel while I learn.


    andrea Bonsey

    Hi Lindsay
    This sounds great. I like how you want to make people feel comfortable (e.g. chocolate still on the menu). Your course will be powerful because it sounds like you have already travelled it yourself.

    Like you, I love learning. In fact, that can get me stuck in the action part of what I need to do, as I love the research and the gathering fascinating information!

    Take care


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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