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    Jessica Antonelli

    Howdy friends,

    I’m Jessica. I am an artist, an art teacher, a gardening instructor, a permaculturalist and a creative entrepreneur. I’m super excited to get into online courses so that I can get my knowledge out of my brain into downloadable form for people to enjoy, so that I can focus on the other dozen things I’m passionate about.

    I taught in Texas public schools for about 5 years before I decided to retire early. I had realized that my personal values didn’t match with the (standardized-test-obsessed) system I was working for, so I jumped town and moved to the inspiring artist’s haven San Miguel de Allende in Mexico. There, I teach art and paint, sell my work, and revel in the amazing (and crazy cheap) food and laid-back lifestyle. I lived there all last year, but this year I’m splitting my time between Mexico and my hometown in TX so that I can help develop a school garden program where I used to teach.

    I will be working on finishing an eCourse that I’m already partly done with, and plotting and filming a new one, during this great eCourse adventure. Both teach art while traveling through an exotic location (Italy for the one I’m working on and San Miguel for the one I want to do next). I’m giddy at the idea of creating an experience (like this one!) where students get a super strong connection through discussion boards and critiquing each others’ work, and feel like they are traveling with me during the course.

    Ideally, I’m looking for another location-independent buddy, or perhaps someone who just travels a lot. I am challenged by keeping up good habits, especially my treasured daily routines, when I travel. I could definitely use some support on that! Also, tech stuff gets fidgety with travel, or I suppose it’s more the eternal quest to find working wifi.

    Another traveler is not a set-in-stone requirement, so please don’t be shy if you’re feeling my vibe but you are on full-time stay-cation. I think the real thing I need help with is focus and feedback. I know from experience that I think best in dialogue, when I am talking through ideas, so a partner interested in being more rather than less communicative would be great. I’d especially love to partner with someone whose classes might one day jive with mine online or in person in a workshop environment.

    If you really knew me, you’d know that…my pet peeve is when people keep the water running for longer than they need it. I love learning languages, (swear words first) and right now I’m pretty darn good en espanol and proficient in Italian. I am obsessed with tiny houses and I am (slowly but surely) building my very own! Right now I just have a utility trailer that’s been fixed up to hold the weight of a house going down the road, but each month I’m in Texas I work on it. I get the greatest joy from teaching in person, so I’m a little nervous to see if I can find that same sense of connection and reward online. But judging from how great this space is, I at least know it’s possible!

    Cheers to the adventure ahead!



    Hi Jessica…

    I just posted my Buddy Hunt “Excited about Art and Spirituality”.  I saw your Hunt and was intrigued. I am definitely feeling your vibe and I love the idea of teaching art while traveling through an exotic location! (Ooh, how cool is that!)
    My Italian is limited to “Dove il bagno?” and a few other necessities.  I love Italy and am trying to convince the Hubster he needs to take a 3 month teaching position in an Italian university so we can “immerse ourselves”.  (LOL, he’s not the adventuresome type.) I have, and continue, to travel a fair amount. (Burma, India, Europe a ton of times, Mediterranean, England, Iceland…) I do understand the keeping up good habits while traveling!

    While I’m not into tiny houses (although I love the idea), I do live in a “Small house” and I don’t just mean square footage.  We deliberately chose this passive solar home that we have fitted with “up the wall” shelves/bookcases and put unused niches to work – all stemming from our belief that small is comfortable and more sustainable.

    I can imagine a lot of ways that we can benefit each other in our journey…Take a look at my buddy hunt and if you feel a reciprocal vibe – we can go forward from that point.

    A great day to you!




    Wohoo!  In the middle of something at the moment so I’ll get back with you a bit later today!







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