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    Akasha Madron

    1. Hi, I’m Akasha

    2. What I Do is I help people get unstuck. I answer the questions: What is going on, Why is it happening, and What you can do about it, usually through Tarot, Astrology, time travel and Clairsentience. I am the spiritual midwife that helps people cross thresholds on the physical, spiritual, mental or emotional realms. When I work with someone for shamanic healing, I communicate directly with their body as well as their conscious self, and we work as a team. I try to teach as I go so that people don’t become dependent on me. I teach practical magic.

    3. I want to create eCourses on boundaries and protection. These would be aimed toward people or healers who are sensitive to energy, or those who tend to channel or absorb energy indiscriminately into their body, or those who give their energy away. There will be a lot of exploration to strengthen one’s inner self and intuition. There would also be adventures in perceiving and shaping energy, grounding and protecting physical spaces and gathering together a team of guardians and allies for daily navigation, among other things.

    4. What I am looking for in a Buddy:

    A good sense of humor and strong sense of self. Someone who likes to take time to enjoy the journey not just get to the top.
    I have a good knowledge of writing, story telling, grammar, creating experiential classes, personalized ritual, flow, and magic. I am pants at social media and the technical side of software, apps, and websites.
    Someone who won’t mind that I talk galactical, microcosmic, and multiple dimensions. who won’t mind that I schedule things based on the Moon Void of Course or other planetary happenings, that I consult the tarot, and am a passionate fangirl (even though I’m in my 50’s). Someone who will create time and bring enthusiasm and commitment to make the buddy system work. I need someone I can bounce ideas or information off of, who is willing to tell me when something is too weird or not clear enough for someone to understand.

    5. If you really knew me you would know that:
    I laugh easily and have lots of energy and excitement for life. I read a lot of fan fiction, especially about BBC Sherlock, Merlin, Q and Bond, and The Hobbit/LOTR. I tend to refer to things I’ve read in the fandoms or Tumblr and seen on Buffy. I also do a lot of research and training in healing modalities or in microbiology as I work at a deep DNA/ Mitochondria level of healing in the body. I am pansexual, queer, and poly. I am a staunch supporter of trans and genderfluid people. I tend to be a hermit, so I live in a house with many people but have lots of solitude. I need music and silence like I need oxygen. I balanced blend of Virgo and Aquarius.



    Hi Akasha, welcome to the campfire. I resonate with most of what you have written :-).
    Sending you some queer poly soli and some spiritual vibes.
    I am buddied up but am up for making pods with people on here for support and journey sharing.
    Caro x


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Group buddy ups and masterminds are totally high fived and encouraged if you all wish to self organize and make it happen. Lots of magic can unfold when a pod of buddies gets together @mysticsparkling and @calliope6!


    Awi Heidelmann

    Alohaaa Akashaaaa! So good to have another cosmic galactic pioneeer on this journey! Love your idea for an eCourse!!! I am a fellow sensual empathic intuitive claireverything!! 😉 So valuable to learn more about boundaries and protection.

    I am buddied up with Caro @calliope6 but yes I’ve sugested Buddy Teams also to @peggy who is a fellow old schoolmate from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. … as you said it “gathering together a team of guardians and allies for daily navigation…”
    Let’s do it. Are you in @calliope6, @peggy? We could schedule a team meeting once or twice a month… skype, oovoo (works better than skype) or google+? What you think?

    In any case welcome Akasha!


    Akasha Madron

    HI Caro,

    I would love to be part of your pod. That would be awesome!



    Akasha Madron

    HI Awi,
    Yes, that would be great! Let’s do it.



    Eunita L

    Can I join in too? This sounds like my kind of pod of support!

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