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    Hardy LeBel


    My name is Hardy LeBel. Thanks for checking out my Hunting thread!

    What I Do – I’m a long-time video game developer (over 20 years) and now I’m branching out into writing and developing courses on-line. (If you Google me, you’ll find I worked on some fairly famous titles)

    Kind of eCourse I’m Excited to Make – I’m going to make a course teaching aspiring game developers how to do video game Level Design. It’ll be the first course in a series that I’m calling the Video Game Career Academy. I was intrigued by GECA’s approach of making on-line classes more immersive and more fun, and I want to bring some of that into my work.

    What I’m Looking For In An Adventure Buddy – I need someone who is committed making this a reality. Working as a solopreneur is my new career path, and I plan to succeed. I’ve already published a series of non-fiction career guides to the game industry, and e-courses are the next step.

    I love to laugh, and I need a buddy who can laugh along with me. I’d prefer to team up with a woman partner because I find that I mesh better with women in these kinds of endeavors, but the right guy could definitely work as well.

    If you really knew me, you’d know that…  I’m a super nerd. That’s what attracted me to game development in the first place. I love exploring anything and everything new. I’m a creative powerhouse, and I’m unusually insightful.

    I can be gruff, but I’m incredibly loyal and inside I’m a big softy. My on-line handle is RazdByBears, and it came from a story where my friend was visiting with his 3 year old son. The little boy was shy, and hiding behind his father’s leg so I pretended to sneak up on him and said “I can see you… I’m gonna getcha!” Then I growled and chased him around my yard (him laughing and screaming the whole time) until he ran back to his dad. The boy looked up at my friend and asked, “Daddy, why did he do that?” My friend looked at me and said “Well, Hardy was raised by bears, so sometimes it’s up to his human friends to remind him how to behave.”

    Can you handle an adventure partner who was raised by bears?


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    hahaha, I loved your story @RazdByBears!

    I hope we can keep your wild beast tamed enough to get up to the top of the mountain. I had visions of you running off into the wild, never to be seen again. Legends would tell the story of a wild beast on the Launch Summit Trail… similar to Bigfoot, but more badass.

    I’m pumped to have a real life game-creator on the trail with us. Thanks for seeing the magic in our creation and for joining the adventure. I have a feeling you’re going to love the creativity we’ve infused into this transformational process.

    Looking forward to you finding your comedic Adventure buddy to go up the mountain with.

    2016 is gonna rock!



    Closet geek who has merged into creative geek willing to chat about adventure buddy application . . . .


    Eunita L

    Have you found your Buddy yet?


    Candor.  Honesty.  Brazen encouragement juxtaposed with engaged, friendly accountability.  Ability to share small wins, celebrate details and new information.  Regular writing volley.  Sense of humor.  Appreciation of improv and the absurd but also respect for research, information, intelligence and knowledge.   Smart but ability to be silly.


    Deb Robson

    Cool, Hardy. My daughter may have some of your books. She has a master’s in computer games and gender issues (technically “rhetoric and composition,” but her thesis was on Mass Effect 2.

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