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    Deb Robson

    Andy, this is a real techie thing but knowing a workaround would make a huge difference for me.

    When I copy/paste materials from elsewhere, the HTML codes come in with the text as VISIBLE components, even when I work in the text window. I’ve been manually editing to get rid of the garbage, but it’s tedious (and hard on my hands).

    I’ve noticed a couple of other people having similar problems.

    And just now when I copied in someone’s “adventure” handle, the same thing happened–e.g., it shows up fine when I paste, but then the finished message looks like this:

    <span class=”handle-sign”>@</span>pennyclaringbull


    Ranger Boss Lady
    Mountain Guide

    Well I’m on the look out for any problems on the mountain and sure as heck dont know how to Ranger brain this one, but will check in for ya with someone who may. Thanks for the heads up!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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