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    Bradley Morris
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    The only reason our business exists is because we took the leap and made pre-sales.

    $30,000+ in pre-sales revenue came in BEFORE we even created our course.

    This is what funded us to build the Great eCourse Adventure.

    In Episode 8, we’re talking about how to Validate and even Pre-Sell your eCourse (or ideas) to ensure they’re the best business decision to move forward with.

    Looking forward to seeing you at noon PST next Wednesday for another episode of eCourse Adventures Live!

    Watch the video, listen to the MP3 and read the show notes below…

    Show Notes:

    1. What is validation? The process of ensuring you’re creating a product people actually want.
    2. Why is validation important? Solid validation will save you a ton of time, money and guess work. Not validating your course or idea is extremely risky and not the smartest business move.
    3. How can I validate?
      a) Survey
      b) Customer interviews
      c) Market research (see what’s out there)
      d) Popular in person or private coaching/workshops (people paying you money for what you do)
      e) Clients asking you to create an online course or offering
      f) Make a free mini version of your big idea and see how people respond
      g) Pre Sell it in its beta version at a mega discounted price (the best option)
    4. What if I presell and nobody buys?
      If nobody buys, then there is a good chance that:
      a) you’re not communicating what it is or why it’s valuable well enough (message needs refining).
      b) you’re trying to sell it to the wrong audience.
      c) It’s just not a good idea and you should give up (not usually the case).
    5. What needs to be in place before pre-selling?
      a) Know and understand your audience.
      b) Know your product and understand what it does.
      c) Communicate with crystal clarity and confidence your What, Who, How and How Much.
    6. How do you pre-sell your course?
      a) You need something of value to offer your intended audience
      b) You need a price tag. If it’s beta, then you need a “HELL YES” price tag that inspires the pioneers of your course.
      c) You need a way to collect money.
      d) You need due date that your course will be available.
    7. Pre-Selling Resources:
      Here are two of resources we recommend for collecting pre-sales. They are super simple to set up.

    Thanks so much for tuning into another fun episode of eCoruse Adventures LIVE. Send us your comments, feedback and ideas for next week’s topic.


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