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    andrea Bonsey

    My original transformation was about taking people to a place of self-compassion… it is now more focused on helping people out of Overwhelm, which I think potential students might resonate with more…

    The three weeks will be titled:



    Courage (or Vitality)

    Stillness: Week one’s daily titles:

    Breath (finding stillness), Body (noticing the senses), Mind (noticing our thoughts/stories, stepping out of the stream of thoughts, parking the to-do list), Sanctuary (a place/object that supports inner peace and calm), Beauty (noticing our self and our environment), Reflection (noticing our strengths and resilience)

    Nourishment: Week two’s daily titles:

    Your Well-Being, Your Body, Your Mind, Your Emotions, Your Connections (tribe, allies, resources, encouragers), Your Creativity (uniqueness and offerings, play and joy), Your Love and Kindness

    Courage: Week three’s daily titles (these still feel quite vague)

    Your Beautiful and Unique self, Your Gifts to the World, Being Brave, Protecting Boundaries and Energy, Feeling Grounded, Trusting self, Integrating and maintaining Stillness, Nourishment and Courage

    I want my theme to be playful… I don’t want to scare people with heavy therapy stuff.  My vw camper van, named Pickles, is becoming more dominant as a theme.

    I want Pickles to illustrate slowing down, good maintenance, finding a team that helps, preparing for roadside stops whilst waiting for CAA (e.g. thermos of tea, biscuits and a good book), not packing it all in, but enjoying the slower pace, noticing funny engine noises and knowing what to do, or who to call etc.

    Thoughts please… really need some inspiration







    Dr.Wayne Buckhanan

    Andrea, that sounds like a fun aspect to incorporate!

    I pictured driving up in another car full of the overwhelming aspects of life and transitioning into the camper in module 1. The metaphor of “parking” your todo list is great if it is embodied in another vehicle. People get that you can set it aside and always come back to it as needed.

    You might even change things up in that metaphorical car so when you get back, it isn’t as cluttered or is more organized. Really seeing the idea that things will be different just from the time away from the overwhelm.



    Jessica Antonelli

    Hey @andrea, sounds like a beautiful transformation you’ll be facilitating! The Pickles theme has so much promise, especially if you go for a visual like the awesome map in this here Great eCourse Adventure we are all a part of.

    I imagine story might play a prominent role in your course lessons, since stories illustrate particularly well some of the daily title you listed. Maybe create a narrative of traveling with Pickles as a lesson in self-compassion? Travel definitely gives a sense of perspective and distance form the day to day.

    Sounds like a great course!


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    I love this. The camper van definitely sounds like you’re taking the participant on a vacation away from their stress. I could see you getting extremely creative. Driving to a different beautiful location for each lesson. Setting up camp. Cooking on the camper stove. Making it super fun like you’re taking people on a road trip.

    My suggestion would be to write a short story about the adventure you’re going on.

    Where are peopl at the beginning (stressed, what else)?

    What’s their motivation for going on this road trip?

    Where do you visit? What do you do? How do you grow?

    What’s changed whne you get back from the road trip?

    I can see you having a blast. Take all boxes off of yourself and dream up the most creative way you can use pickles for htis course!

    Oh ya and obviously a good road trip is going to need a Map   😉


    andrea Bonsey

    Thank you for your fabulous feedback @waynebuckhan , @jescantonelli and @bradleytmorris …  I think what is coming out for me is I need to sit down and do some creative writing… storytelling… and strengthen my Who.

    Also looking forward to the part of the journey where Pickles either runs out of petrol or has wiring connection problem, and comes to a halt at the side of the road.  Opportunity to make a cup of tea, breath and reach out to ask for and receive help 🙂





    Dr.Wayne Buckhanan

    Yay! That sounds like a great scene.

    Looking forward to Pickles in a pickle.



    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Ya, I really love the vision that’s starting here. You can have a lot of fun weaving story and adventure in with your lessons. The thing is, almost everybody loves a road trip and sooooo many people fantasize about going on a roadtrip in a VW camper van named Pickles! (I know I do)

    Feel free to share ideas as they come up if you want instant feedback. You’ve got an audience here   😉


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Hey Andrea, wanted to check in and see how your VW adventure is coming along. Would love an update! We’re here for ya   😀


    DavidJ Jurasek

    I LOVE this idea, Andrea and it seems to me that you answered your own questions and got soem great additional ideas. I would also love an update!




    Hi Andrea-

    I’m just catching up with this thread…but I just wanted to chime in and say I’m a BIG FAN of your theme!!

    And while I think it’s amazing for adults, I can also see an illustrated and simplified version being an AMAZING training for kids! Getting them on the best path early on…and even something for mom/dad to to with the kids in tandem…the family version?

    Anyway…it’s definitely engaging and playful with so many possibilities.


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