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    Darla Antoine

    My name is: Darla Antoine (an-twine)

    I teach: women how to trust their intuition and, by default, themselves. My teaching hinges around a daily dream journal practice that also includes recording synchronicities, gratitude, divination, etc and tracked alongside the phases of the moon. All of the woo-woo, none of the hippy dippy is my aim. No goddess names or feathers in our hair here. If you can’t remember your dreams, I can help you with that too. (

    Why I signed up for The Great eCourse Adventure: I’ve spent too much money on eCourses only to be let down. They’re often overpriced and don’t go as deeply as I’d like them to go (“listen to this 1.5 hour recording and repeat for 6 weeks and fork over $800 for it”). I’m at the point where I want to create an eCourse and I want it to be spectacular. Ground-breaking even.

    What kind of e-course I want to create: I’m not sure but I intend to find out!

    What makes me come most alive is: intellectual conversations over drinks– which doesn’t happen often anymore since I had kids but I think this feeling and stimulation is something I want to bring to eCourses– they’re my favorite moments from grad school!

    I’m also an expat, living in a Costa Rican cloud forest. I have two little boys and two degrees in journalism, which I never expected to take literally and become a journal-ist 😉


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    hahaha  “JOURNAL-IST!”

    It’s great to connect with you Darla. We’re happy you gave this adventure a chance. We’re pretty darn confident you’re going to have a blast on this journey… it is far different than the standard over priced eCourse you’re used to seeing out there. Wayyyyy different.

    As a longtime journaler myself, I’m excited to see what magical experience you craft for your participants.

    Let’s do this!!!!!


    Jacqueline Smith

    Hi Darla ~

    I can resonate with several of the items you describe in your introduction. I actually considered moving to Costa Rica once upon a time.  When you say “chilly” how chilly is it?  I live in Massachusetts and just imagined Costa Rica to be the complete opposite.

    I may have to take a trip down there to join you in one of those intellectual conversations over drinks 🙂



    Darla – I love that you are helping women trust their intuition! I’d be pretty excited to see what you create here…


    Darla Antoine

    Hi Jacqueline!

    I live in the highlands, about 10,000 feet above sea level so it’s definitely a lot cooler here than you would expect! I’d compare it to Spring in the north– 55-70 degrees most days.

    Would love to see you down here! 🙂 Happy new year!



    Hi Darla,

    Nice to meet you here:) I wish you all the best in this course.



    Sharyn Warren

    Nice to meet you, Darla. My former web designer is from Costa Rica and the pictures she has–and coffee he has brought me–are wonderful. I have dreams of going. I love what your wrote and wish you all the best in this adventure.

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