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    sharon Lock

    Wow…. Creatora Heights very nearly finished me off!! LOL

    It took so much time and energy to really flush out the detail. Thanks Bradley and Andy for holding the space so well and for reassuring us that turning that rock into a diamond is a real work of art. Also for explaining that the course has a life of its own and it will come when it’s ready if we keep chipping away to reveal the detail. Encouraging us to go for walks and to step away from the computer screen has been really helpful It’s so true that the detail comes when you stop pushing and in moments of stillness when you step away from trying to make it work in the midst of frustration!!!

    I just wanted you to know that I appreciate the support and if I appear to go AWOL or off trail that I’m still super engaged with the weekly calls, which are keeping me on track. (usually the recordings in our UK time zone)

    It was much appreciated to get more time in Creator Heights and to skip Validation Swamp for now.

    Sharon x


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Hey Sharon, so great to hear from you. Glad to hear all the support systems we’ve set up are helping you along the trail. Loking forward to seeing what you’ve flushed out and to hang with the Medias brothers at Camp Medias. Happy trails!!



    I agree, the support is so great!
    @bradleytmorris Is it possible to download audio only of the coaching sessions so I can listen from my iPhone whenever I can? I’m trying to do this while working and the other million things life requires of me at the moment.


    Andy Freist
    Mountain Guide

    Hey @carlene – unfortunately we dont have audio-only versions at the moment.. We may add this moving forward, but its just not a high priority.. Will let you know if we think up a workaround so you can listen in 😉

    Now that i think of it.. why dont you just play the videos on your phone and listen instead of watch?



    @andyfreist It eats up all my data to steam it, as I need to listen to them as I commute:)


    sharon Lock

    Okay…. So I finished Creatora Heights checkpoint, even though it nearly finished me off first. Ha ha
    However, I’ve been stuck between there and Camp Medias for a little while trying to refine the middle bit of my course. I love the beginning bit and the end but the middle is still a work in progress.

    I find myself looking at other peoples work online or in books or looking for inspiration elsewhere and keep getting sucked in to a kind of vortex that just seems to inform me that my work is not good enough and that everyone else seems to have things sorted. I know this is complete Rubbish and that I need to stop listening to the gremlins in my head.

    I decided today that I’m going to move on to the next checkpoint and just keep reining as I go so that I don’t get stuck on perfectionist island and procrastination beach!!!! Had not planned on that destination. : )

    The other thing that I started for inspiration in Creatora heights is a mood board of images that kinda gives me inspiration for my theme and ideas on how to tie the topic with the visual theme. this has helped me get unstuck a little too. This might be something thats suggested in camp medias, not sure as I haven’t got there yet. Just thought I’d mention it incase it helps anyone else.
    It’s so easy and fun to do as places like pinterest are a wealth of images to give you theme ideas.

    Okay so that’s it for today… My quote for the day is – ‘Movin on!’
    It feels good to keep the energy flowing.

    that’s it for now…. Onwards.. to the top of the mountain! ; )


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Big shout-out for doing the work Sharon (both inner and outer)!!!

    As you know, we talked about you on the coaching cal this week.

    Hope your mantra of “Movin on” added to your momentum!


    sharon Lock

    Hi all,
    This week I’m feeling goooood!

    I’ve had to juggle a little over the past few weeks as we near completion of the Leadership training course we are starting on 6th May. So I’ve been writing content for that like a crazy person and feel great that with a bit of time pressure it’s now complete. Woo hoo!!

    I feel like I’ve finally achieved completion of something, AND… what’s so great is that in writing that content it has also helped me to shape and refine my content for my e-course. I also get to deliver it in person in a training room setting and to see first hand what works and what doesn’t, which is a bit of a gift in itself. With that in mind I’m taking the long view and I’m not pushing myself to the finish line with my e-course but I’m focusing on ‘inching forward’ (in Deb’s words) making weekly progress even if it is slow. The Leadership course will also allow me financial breathing space with a more regular income over the next 6 months to spend quality time on my e-course too, which again feels great.

    This week I have –
    -decided that my course will be called ‘The Life Edit Retreat’
    -The theme will be ‘Retreat’ with a very English feel to it. (Think afternoon tea in an English country garden)
    -I’m working on a tagline that will call in my target audience. (PSYCH-K Facilitators and other practitioners)
    -I’m also thinking that it would be marketed like an annual retreat with an option for annual renewal.
    -I am also now thinking that Teachable might be my best platform, after originally thinking that I wanted to DIY everything in WordPress. Hmmm… Working on doing more research on this one.

    Big shout out to @Chris Gilmour who has been invaluable this week in helping me arrive at these ideas. Thanks Chris – You’re a star!

    So I’m happy continuing to refine my content and lesson plans, calls to action and how that will look on video.
    I’ve reached Saless Canyon, which is great since I feel that I’ve caught up a bit, but will continue to re-visit Camp Medias and technosis now and again as I need them.

    Anyway…. High Fiving myself for huge progress over the last few weeks.. Getting there slowly but surely, and also really enjoying the journey, the support and the community here. You guys Rock!

    Big Love
    Sharon xx


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Wow @sharon, this is so cool. Those are huge steps up the mountain you’ve taken and I really appreciate your laid back, step-by-step approach. It’s going to give the eCourse the space it needs to be birthed in its’ own right timing. Really dig your theme idea. I think you can totally run with that.

    High five to you and I second your thanks for the team playing that @chrisg has demonstrated.

    I’m super pumped for you Sharon. Way to go with the steady progress.


    sharon Lock

    Thanks @bradley,
    It’s really thanks to you guys and the support here, I can’t tell you how refreshing it is being here and how much I’m enjoying the journey.

    I totally resonated with what you both shared in the call about showing up. You make it easy showing up because what you’ve created is sooo engaging and fun. I look forward to the weekly coaching and the smoke signal, these are the things that keep me on track and moving forward. It’s easy to prioritise something you love doing!!!

    I too have just had a cold brad, hope you are feeling better soon. Mine, although horrible was a good old Spring detox I think. Letting go of old stuff as we hike up the mountain.

    Take care and have fun with Andy on the next step. 😊


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    So grateful to hear that @sharon! We love getting to help all of you.


    sharon Lock

    Big breakthrough today! Thank you to @bradleytmorris for providing it!!!

    Just got around to listening to the coaching call from 22nd April, talk about Divine timing…
    You know that moment when the planets align and you are just ready to hear something. Well I had
    one of those moments today. Its something I think I already knew but Bradley explained it using a
    completely different analogy and it suddenly cemented for me what has been going on in my practice.

    Bradley talked about his frustrations around running 500 or so meditation classes and feeling like a drug
    dealer providing a quick fix. He mentioned that what he really wanted was to help people to build a
    daily practice, but instead they were coming weekly for a quick fix and going away staying dependent on
    him to provide that quick fix.

    I really resonated with that. Consciously I know that I have been creating my ‘Life Edit’ ecourse to walk people
    through taking BIG action in their life. I’ve been gradually upscaling my other work for the past
    3-6 months, moving away from working with clients in ‘victim’ state to those who are doing okay but really want to
    upscale their life and let go of big stuff that is holding them back. They are essentially ready to make those big changes.
    I have got so tired of supporting people in single coaching sessions helping them to shift
    limiting beliefs but then seeing them go away and not take action with their new beliefs or get stuck in a cycle of secondary gain
    where there is more benefit to them staying exactly where they are, comfortable in their discomfort. I know that when
    clients invest in my package of 3 months, which includes accountability support they get huge results and that they
    do take action. So I recently took the decision to take the single session coaching option off my website.

    I realise having heard Brad articulate this experience so clearly that it completely describes the struggle I’ve
    been having. It’s been a big energy drainer for me for a while. I had a breakthrough a month or so ago when I decided that I
    just didn’t enjoy offering these single sessions and almost felt like I was doing people a disservice by continuing to allow them
    to do the belief work and walk away. Having now addressed the fear of losing potential clients by not offering the option to dip their toe in
    the water but requiring them to invest in their change at a deeper level I have given myself permission to work in
    a completely different way and have stepped into that way of being.

    This is a big game changer and will allow me to speak to those potential clients and their fears in a different way
    having flushed out the underlying dynamic.

    I’m realising that in the long run I am probably creating 2 courses, a walk in the park or day trek and a quest. The short trek will be the
    offering that will allow them to dip their toes in the water and build a relationship with me. The Quest will be the much deeper

    Another huge leap in the right direction!!
    Celebrating the new focus, direction and clarity.
    Thanks Bradley.


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    WooHoo!!!! So stoked to hear this great news @sharon. Now that you know that, you know what to do.

    Really happy for you to be creating an experience that takes the pressure off of you and puts the power back into your client’s hands to transform their lives. I’m sure you’re going to create a pretty remarkable experience for them.

    Thanks so much for sharing. Celebrating with you.

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