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    Anonymous @


    Looks like I’m one of the few from up North, yes I live where the weather makes your face hurt 🙂 But spring is coming! Super excited to be here and excited to see what’s in store.

    I own a wedding planning and design studio in Calgary, AB that I plan to take to the next level with my E course.

    Can’t wait to get to know everyone!



    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Woohoo, welcome fellow Canuck. There are quite a few here on the mountain. I’m out west on Salt Spring Island, BC.

    Really excited to learn more about you and the courses you’re here to create. Hope you love adventures!!!

    Be sure to visit the campfire often, share your thoughts, your questions and your process each step of the way.

    This is how you’ll get the most support and fun out of this journey.

    We’re all here with ya, walking right beside you.


    Lorraine Watson

    Welcome Shannon @helloshannonvalenteweddings-com! you’re definitely north of me … by about 45 minutes. I live in High River. 🙂


    Bobbie Jo Van Den Plas

    Welcome Shannon!! The weather has been known to make faces hurt where I am from as well (Wisconsin). Excited for Spring too!! Wonderful to meet you, and looking forward to getting to know you more! Happy climbing!!


    Anonymous @

    Not far at all, my brother lives just outside of High River too! Great to “meet” you!


    Anonymous @

    Thanks Bobby Jo! Looking forward to the climb!


    Anonymous @

    Ah yes, forgot you were a fellow Canuck! Thanks for the welcome, can’t wait to dive in!


    Chris Gilmour

    Hello Shannon & Welcome to the Crew!

    I as well come from a land where they cold hurts your face. I’m from Ontario, Canada. I live right on the border of Algonquin Provincial Park, about 3 hours North of Toronto. I think we are at similar latitudes.

    Looking forward to sharing our journey’s together and learning more about your course!

    Chris Gilmour

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    Akasha Madron

    Welcome Shannon!

    I’m in the more temperate location of Berkeley, CA.  This is the first year in about 6 that we have had any rain.  This month, with the longer days and warmer weather our spring blooms are incredible.    I’m glad your spring is just around the corner.

    I’m looking forward to getting to know you as we navigate the mountain side.



    Anonymous @

    Thanks Akasha! Oh CA, yes I’ve heard about the rain and mudslides!

    Looking forward to getting to know you as well.


    Cathy Howitt

    Hi Shannon,

    I’m actually from Australia but met people from Calgary when I travelled Europe years ago, so I kind of know where it is. Would be great to visit in the future and experience snow. (We don’t get snow where I’m from!)

    Looking forward to seeing how you go with your eCourse.



    Anonymous @

    Hey Cath!

    Oh yes, you must experience snow! Lots of tourists come to Banff, which is right beside us.

    Looking forward to seeing your ecourse adventure as well!



    MoveThinkSmile (Adam & Elea)

    Hi Shannon,

    Great to meet you, sounds like you’ve got some friends in this community who share you love of cold weather and occasional face hurting.  🙂 We’re from hot hot and sunny Charleston, SC. I have to say when the heat is on here, I often dream of my face hurting from the cold—- becuase it’s so hot I think my brain is melting!!!

    When is the wedding season in Calgary? We’ve got a huge wedding season here in Charleston that kicked up about a month ago and runs till the fall.

    We just completed our intro video last night, Move Think Smile, if you wanna put a face to the names. Looking forward to traveling with you. All our best! Eléa (&Adam)


    Anonymous @

    Hello Elea and Adam, welcome!!

    Calgary’s wedding season is just ramping up too!

    Just checked out your intro video, SO fun!

    Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!



    Evan Westerlund
    @Evan Westerlund

    Hi <span class=”handle-sign”>@</span> ! Its a Canadian thing that I check to see who is here from Canada. Greetings from a Canadian in Sweden. Calgary is great (I’m a BC native)! It is, at least for me, inspired by the view to the west. Its a great contrast. The HUGE sky ctrasting the enclosures of the mountains. Calgary is on my destination list & and then onto the Kootenays in January for some more backcountry skiing.

    But THIS is not about me. It’s about YOU! What a fantastic idea – a wedding planning e-course! Could have used one of those, way back when! We managed but…an engaging process as is possible to create here. It would have been very helpful. It will be a winning formula for you & I hope you have rocked it so far on your way up this mountain! I’ll need to check out any links I find to see what’s happened…

    Go big!


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