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    1) WHAT is the eCourse all about that you’re inspired to create?
    My Course is
    Herbal Pharmacy – Crafting your own Medicine
    In this course we will start with info and techniques for wild harvesting, and processing plants. We will then go into 20-30 different ways to use plants and make them into medicine.
    Concluding with tips on formulating, bringing to market, case studies, and many references and resources

    2) Out of all the options, WHY are you most excited to create this eCourse?

    – People have been asking me for this course for along time, I teach it in person but not widely or often enough.
    – The Wild Rose College of Natural Healing that I work with is desperately missing a Herbal Pharmacy class to help complete their program for a Master Herbalist Diploma
    – I love making plant medicine, it is one of my biggest passions and the reason I started our Herbal Business over 7 years ago. I am stoked to share my passion with the world and hopefully inspire many more minds to connect deeper with plant medicine and take back their own health

    3) Describe WHO you are creating this eCourse for.
    – People that no longer feel modern medicine and big health companies have their best interest in mind. Those who believe business cuts corners and they can make better quality health tools if they know how to.
    – People that are crafty, thrifty, do it yourselfers and want to feel empowered by the way they choose to invest their time, money and energy.
    – People who are looking to connect with the healing powers of nature but don’t know how to yet, or are searching for more tools to do so with.
    – People who are already a professional or are interested in becoming a professional in the health industry, these people want to learn more about herbal preparations. Students, naturopaths, doctors, herbalists, nutritionists, and practitioners of other health modalities.
    -People that are not book learners, that need some visuals and to see it down ignored to understand the process fully.
    – Not for people that are too busy, caught up in their day to day city life, want a quick fix, don’t get out to nature for pleasure, or are more interested in the shiny stuff of life then really and deep connection

    4) Describe the TRANSFORMATION or benefits they’ll receive by going through your eCourse.
    -This whole course will be built on the idea of transforming things we find in the wild or purchase as raw ingredients into medicines and health tools. So if students grasp and create even just a few recipes it will transform their sense of health empowerment.
    -The Transformation I am really looking to create, is one of deepened respect and gratitude for the abundance of healing and connection that comes when we strengthen our bond with the plant allies we share this planet with.
    -This course will awaken the inner alchemist, helping us remember that we can heal ourselves and transform simple things into powerful tools to assist us on this healing path.
    -This course will benefit anyone that is in the healing profession and working with clients, or anyone that wants to be in this profession, with the deep understanding of medicine making that will be in this course they can either offer products or teach clients how to make it themselves.

    5) Using your skills and resources, HOW do you intend to facilitate the ultimate transformation?
    – As an Herbalists that has been making medicine for over 15 years, I feel I am ideally suited to teach on this topic.
    – I live in a part of the world where plants are abundant and I hope to use these allies to help capture the magic of doing herbal pharmacy
    – I am very engaging and have developed good teaching skills and onstage charisma over the last 10 years of teaching. People will enjoy the information I share, but also the way I share it.
    – I have a large network and many people already pre-marketed to, based on the massive amount of free content I already give away. Also some deep connections into the world
    – People that I work with already will help me set the stage for success with this course, by offering professional support such as tools, video, editing and web support to make this the best course and most easily accessible I can create.

    6) If your eCourse was a person, how would you describe its PERSONALITY or VIBES?
    Fun, activated, engaging, motivated, empowered, crafty, spiritually connected, passionate, inspired and confident yet humble, dedicated and hard working.
    I hope that what comes through is deep sense of importance for and purpose to doing this type of work, including a bit of magic and spiritual connection into the world. Though the really enlightenment or transformation will be found in the practical, studious, hardworking and dedicated personality that shows up to do the real work, complete the process and make something they are proud of.

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