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    sharon Lock

    Hi All,

    I’d really appreciate any help you can give me with my theme.

    I had planned to call my course – ‘The Life Edit’ since it’s all about transformation and choosing to create the life you want instead of letting life dictate your direction for you. It involves evaluation, goal setting and support with taking action. The aim is to initially market it to therapists (specifically PSYCH-K facilitators – the tool that I use) who support others to create change in their own lives. It’s often the case that we spend lots of time supporting others but don’t create space and quality time to do the same for ourselves.

    I’m thinking that it would be really valuable to support these change makers to take time out for themselves so that they can continue to be their best for others too.

    The Life Edit idea is one I have already for my coaching packages. So I plan for this to be my group version.

    The Theme idea evolution has kind of gone from –
    1. The Life Edit Roadtrip
    Love the whole American Roadtrip idea, with diners and neon signs etc but I realised that although visually it felt good, it didn’t feel authentic. I’m British and have never been to the States so it might just become a lame British version of what I think it might be like!?!
    This evolved into a British Roadtrip – think VW camper van and beach trips, with afternoon tea shops etc.
    I might be overthinking it but the locations didn’t work that well to tie it altogether.

    2. The Life Edit Festival
    Think Bell Tents, Music etc. Like a British summer Family festival. Again tentative links.

    3. The Life Edit (summer Fayre)
    Similar to the above, very British theme

    4. The Life Edit Retreat
    This is where I’ve arrived at, however the visual theme seems weaker.
    I’m thinking that I want to market the course like an annual retreat that participants can repeat. A place where they can review and reflect on their life and their goals. The only thing is that visually the retreat idea doesn’t feel so rich visually.

    Perhaps I can combine some of the above ideas together. Maybe that is the solution…..I’m kind of thinking out loud here
    I’d love to hear your thoughts. I’m revisiting Creator Heights as I keep adding to my lesson plans and structure, which is really helping.

    Thanks all, I appreciate any thoughts you might have at all.


    Chris Gilmour

    Hello @sharon,

    I really Love the Life Edit as a name, it is catchy, original and I can start to imagine what the course will be about from the name. If your planning to market it to professionals in the field (I also think that is a great idea, for a starting point anyways), you may want to speak to that in the tag line. Something like, “The Life Edit Retreat – Where Therapists go to renew their creative paths” or something to that nature. That was just the first thing that came to mind but I more wanted to suggest a concept through it then suggest that as the actual tag line.

    I could imagine the retreat center could have lots of beautiful imagery as well. I have not been to that part of the world so I don’t know what a dream retreat center would look like there but I imagine drinking tea and going for strolls in beautiful English gardens, and boardwalks along the edge of the ocean and beautiful relaxing music such as the harp. Nourishing food, quaint company and maybe a visit to a vineyard.

    Those were my first thoughts. I’ll keep thinking about it and continue to follow the thread.



    Chris Gilmour

    One other thought that just came up was branding it as “an annual renewal for those working in therapy” mentioning annual in their may get people intrigued and help to bring back returning clients.


    sharon Lock

    Hi @Chris,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts. I really appreciate your feedback, it’s so helpful. Often I find I’m so close to the stuff I’m working on I get a bit blind to it. I can’t tell you how valuable it is to have another perspective.

    An annual renewal is a great idea, one I hadn’t thought of.

    I think a descriptive tag line is a great idea too. I’ll have a think about it and will share what I come up with.

    Also, I’m now thinking that retreat imagery feels like it fits and that I can make that work. I think I might have been trying to create a much grander theme full of excitement and adventure, when actually simplicity feels more apt right now. I’ll evolve the idea some more and see where it takes me.

    Once again thank you. Really helpful stuff! 😊


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Goodness gracious, I sure am glad we are upgrading the system. This post totally slipped through the cracks on me.

    @sharon I LOVE “The Life Edit.” Have you bought the URL?

    The virtual retreat (eRetreat) vibe definitely feels great and like it’s the right fit for the transformation you’re seeking to facilitate. I could see you going to a different place on the “retreat property” for each of the videos.

    Here we are at the meditation pond.
    Here we are at the spa.
    Here we are at the beach.
    Here we are at the campfire (whoops, that’s taken), I mean bonfire.
    Here we are at the gift shop buying ourselves something wonderful.
    Here we are on our bucket list adventure.
    Here we are at the buffet.
    Here we are in the yoga class.
    Here we are in the garden.

    So many places you can go on one magical property. Your imagination is the only limitation for where you can take them on their virutal retreat 😉

    Given that your post was a few weeks ago, I’d love to hear where you’re at now with it.


    sharon Lock

    Hi @Bradley, thanks so much for your thoughts, I’ve only just seen your reply since I’m on catchup and revisiting Creatora Heights revising my plans. Just about to purchase the URL and to set things up on teachable so on my way! Feeling good about it.

    I’ll post separately my update as to where I am with it now. : )


    andrea Bonsey

    @sharon … love the vw camper van road trip piece… I have a 1978 Westfalia, and am also thinking along those line.  And love the retreat idea.

    I am a therapist in private practice in Canada (orig from the UK), and the idea of a retreat really appeals to me.  A place to step out of my head, and take care of, and nurture myself so I can step back in feeling revived.

    Looking forward to seeing where you take this… sounds great


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Amen to that @Andrea. I’m gonna need a retreat from my head when all of our work here at the Great eCourse Adventure (V1) is complete!  lol   A VW camper van road trip seems perfect.


    andrea Bonsey

    @bradleytmorris  I bet you will!  And I highly recommend an old camper van.  It forces you to slow down.  Sometimes it refuses to even let you leave your driveway 😉

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