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    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    We realize that the forum (campfire) could be much better and until Andy has the several weeks it’ll take to transfer us over to and use their forum technology, we want to improve what we have. 

    We’d love your help in renaming and categorizing our campfire conversations (if suggestions are made that we implement, then you’ll be eligable for the “World Changers Badge and Bajillion.”

    Here’s what we want:

    1. Easier to navigate and find where to post.

    2. More intuitive in finding the conversations you want to be a part of.

    3. More fun to be on and connect with others on the mountain.

    Name Game and Categories (share yours’):

    1. Progress Log: I’ve already started going through the course and any call to actions that are more on the personal journey, idea-storming, etc will be entered into your running progress log. This is your journal. The purpose of this is to be able to track your journey (for you and future generations). We are going to be using this much more!

    2. Video Labs: This is a campfire to just mess around, experiment with your videos, practice greenscreening, play with characters, get feedback on your presentation skills and practice your craft. Everyone needs to be getting on camera more and this will be a safe space to get comfortable doing that.

    3. The Mountain Classifieds: This campfire will stick. We do want and envision more collaboration amongst adventurers on the mountain. Skill-sharing is a powerful way for everyone to get their needs met and to amp up the quality of courses we can all create.

    4. Ideas & Outlines (better name?)This is specifically for Architekt Forest and Creatora Heights. Like the progress log, once you make your first post, this will be a running log as you brainstorm and refine your course ideas and outlines. (good idea?)

    5. Everything Marketing (better name?)This will be a place to share your marketing strategies, ideas, creative videos, resources and everything else that has to do with marketing.

    6. Everything Tech (better name?): This campfire is what it sounds like. Got tech questions? Here’s your campfire.

    7. Challenges: Because the challenges are added bonuses to the GEA, we thought we would dedicate a specific campfire where you can go check out all of the completed challenges. We figured we’d rope each challenge into it’s own conversation. Meaning, everyone who does the “Map Challenge” will post their pic on the same campfire thread. Everyone who does the “Be Who You’re Not Challenge” will be on the same thread. This keeps it super fun and easy to scroll.

    8. Weekly COaching Campfire: Will stay the same, showcasing each week’s coaching webinars.

    9. Introductions and Buddy Hunt: Will stay the same.

    10. Launch Summit Showcase: Will stay the same. Showcase completed courses.

    11. Course Creation Resources: Will stay the same. Find a resource? Share it here. Need a resource. Ask here.

    12. Community, Gamification, Engagement: I think will stay the same. You?

    13; Bug Squashing: Will stay the same.

    What am I missing? What else do you want? 

    We used to have a few features, whcih we took down to keep things simplified.

    1. We’re thinking about taking down the Facebook Wall “Bulletin Board.” It’s not that awesome.
    2. We used to have a chat room that you could go into as a group and brainstorm ideas together. (useful?)



    Bobbie Jo Van Den Plas

    FUN! Will think on that. One thing, I didn’t realize the ‘Ideas & Outlines’ to be a running log. I think I have multiple posts in there. I’m glad our personal wall shows all our post activities so I can go back and review where I was before as I work through things.

    Is it possible to have it visual like the Checkpoints page with pictures too? Not sure if that is an option with Forums.


    Anonymous @

    One thing I have noticed is that when you click a link in the forum it opens in the current window. It would be nice to have it open in a new tab so you can go back and forth!



    Lorraine Watson

    Shannon @helloshannonvalenteweddings-com, you can set a link to open in a new tab by clicking on the gear icon when you insert a link.

    See attachments.

    @bradleytmorris & @andyfreist – further to Shannon’s suggestion, it would be nice if the default for adding a link was set to open in a new tab.

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    Lorraine Watson

    – I’d think nested comments would be useful in making conversations more readable. Comments / feedback can be grouped together rather than having to figure out what comment pertains to what.

    – Improvements to notifications & tagging would be great for communicating and letting others know we’ve responded. Tagging is very cumbersome and not intuitive with the actual tag being different than the screen name. (ie you have to put your cursor over Lorraine Watson to see the url at the bottom of the screen to see lorrainewatson to be able to tag @lorrainewatson)

    – I’d prefer to see fewer campfires. Too hard to decide where a post should go, so often easier not to post at all. I’ve taken to posting everything related to a course in one thread so it’s all together. It has become a combo progress log / course creation log. I might be inclined to have:

    1. Progress Log and Ideas & Outlines (Hard to separate the journey from the course creation)

    2. The Mountain Classifieds and Course Creation Resources

    3. Water Cooler: Everything Marketing and Community, Gamification, Engagement

    4. The Lab: Everything Tech and Video (Labs)

    5. Weekly Coaching Campfire & Challenges

    6. Introductions and Buddy Hunt

    7. Launch Summit Showcase

    8: Feedback: Bug Squashing


    – I rarely use the bulletin board. I go straight to the Recent Updates section of the Campfire forum to what new activity there’s been. I captures new comments where the bulletin board captures only new posts

    – return of the chat room isn’t a bad idea. Would be nice to have some way to announce when one will be happening as everyone isn’t on at the same time.

    – came a cross that is intended for video chats,  but it doesn’t record. Might be inclined to look at Amazon Chime for a video chat as it does have recording and messaging capabilities. If you’re going with Zoom, then I suspect it could be set up for meetings that anyone can hop onto.


    Akasha Madron

    Hi, thank you for asking for our feedback.


    Yes please on the return of the chat room.

    I like Lorraine’s suggestions.

    I wish for the return of the way one can send posts to people individually.  It used to be easy and obvious to send a private message to someone via their profile page.  I still have no clue how to send one now.  I keep meaning to ask and keep forgetting.

    I also did not know that the ideas and outlines was supposed to be a running log like the progress log.

    I like the idea of a challenges campfire so we know where to go to see other peoples fulfillment of them.

    I would also like to see an inspirations and articles  or show and tell?  campfire.  I keep coming across awesome quotes/articles/videos  from writers or researchers about creativity or making decisions, or how we learn, that is very relevant to creating and teaching courses and don’t know where to post them to share.  or is there one where we put those kinds of things?

    Good luck with all of the transformation!  Now is the perfect timing with Venus Retrograde and Mercury about to go retrograde and lots of activity in Aries.









    Laura Koller

    Yes, a separate tab for the Challenges.  And an opportunity to show off when the challenge is completed.

    Right now, the private messaging is the most essential piece for me.  That’s how my adventure buddy and I stay in contact with each other while we’re head down GSD.  Will our previous posts be transferred over?  If not, I’ll need to back up all of  those posts.  If you can let us know when the transfer will be taking place and anything you suspect will not make the transfer – please give us a heads up.

    Would LOVE a chat room!  Except that I might lose myself there for hours…

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