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    Anonymous @

    Hello Everyone!

    My goal this week was to come up with some options for my course name and tagline and I would love some help narrowing them down!

    The Wed Life
    The Wed Life Challenge
    Tag Line:
    1- You only get one wedding. Have fun planning it.
    2 -You only get one wedding. Have fun planning it, without missing a move.
    3 – You only get one wedding. Have fun without missing a move.
    4 – Bringing back the fun factor to your wedding planning experience
    5 – Bringing the fun factor back to your wedding plans/planning
    6 – Planning a wedding, winning at life
    7 – A wedding planning experience for fun seekers
    8 – Wedding plans/planning for the fun-hearted.

    Not sure if any of these taglines are clear enough what the course is/what they will accomplish. I’m approaching it more like a game than a course because my target audience already has the big task of planning a wedding (and already have busy lives, full time jobs, etc.) they don’t any additional work on their plates.
    – satisfaction of planning your own wedding
    – have fun doing it
    – will feel more like playing a game instead of “work”
    – lead by a professional wedding planner, so you don’t anything
    – more organized, less stress so the wedding plans don’t take over your life

    Any feedback welcome!




    Deanna Gibbons

    I tend to prefer shorter taglines and I really like a combination of #7 & 8. Something like “Wedding Planning for Fun Seekers”


    Anonymous @

    Thanks Deanna! I tend to like the shorter ones as well. Oh I like the 7&8 combo! Great suggestion!



    Anonymous @

    A few other thoughts:

    – Wedding planning for thrill seekers

    – It’s your wedding. Have fun planning it.

    – It’s your wedding. Enjoy it. (or Enjoy planning it)

    – Don’t just plan it, play it.


    Bobbie Jo Van Den Plas

    The Wed Life Challenge: Where Wedding Planning & Fun Unite as One.

    I love where your going with this Shannon! I see great things! I also went to your site and I love how you have this:

    My goal at the end of the day is to help you create an amazingly fun, jaw dropping, memorable, stress free wedding that screams YOU! Let the journey begin….

    Super excited for your epic adventure couples will embark on as they plan their special day!!


    Lorraine Watson


    My sense is you haven’t captured the essence of the real experience. “Fun” seems a little flat. I love jaw-dropping! What other adjectives could you use? Even these off the top of my head feel flat. Trying some different angles to see what it might spark:

    – Transform planning pain into a wedding game

    – Transform planning pain into fun & games

    – Plan your wedding like a professional

    – Wedded bliss begins with blissful planning

    – Play your way to your wedding day

    – Create a jaw-dropping wedding experience

    – Create memories while planning your memorable day

    – Love your wedding plans like your fiance

    PS: Are you set with the Game of Life as your model (I’ve never played it so not aware of the game play.) What keeps popping to mind is something like The Wedding Race (twist on The Amazing Race) where you could incorporate challenges, roadblocks and detours.  Or Survival: Wedding Planning Edition (twist on Survivor).




    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    These are all great suggestions brewing in here.

    I love what Bobbie Jo highlighted. That summarizes your business mission for sure.

    I really like Lorraine’s idea of:  Transform planning pain into a wedding game

    Also like the idea of the play on the Amazing Race, but not sure if that’ll bring an anxious vibe to it. Having played the game of life, I think this is a great fit.

    Here’s mine:

    Plan, Play, Get Married

    The Game Where you Get Married at the End

    The Game that Makes Wedding Planning Fun

    Will keep thinking.

    Definitely got an awesome word play happening in this thread for you.

    I really like Plan, Play, Get Married


    Anonymous @

    Oh my gosh, thank you everyone for the suggestions!! Some great options in here. What I’m liking so far:

    – Plan. Play. Get Married (or maybe play first)

    – Win at Wedding Planning

    – Winning at Wedding Planning

    – Planning a/your wedding has never been so fun

    – Wedding planning just got more fun (or exciting or….)

    Funny you should mention the amazing race Lorraine. When I was working with 2 other girls talking about this last year we had thrown out the idea of an adventure/amazing race type theme. Because we all decided to do our own thing it didn’t feel right to use that theme so that’s where I came up with the game of life!

    Thanks for the input everyone, I feel like I’m getting close!


    Jennifer Summerfeldt

    Great suggestions.

    My first choice was: It’s your wedding. Have fun planning it.

    I also like –  Winning at Wedding Planning

    And – he Game that Makes Wedding Planning Fun

    Love the theme – wedding planning and fun! They do need to go together. I watched my friend lose all her life force by the time the wedding came because planning was not fun.

    I also wonder about the ‘controller’ who loves to plan weddings.  Somehow making light of the need to be in control of the plans.  The controller can really get out of balance when planning weddings, so how can the client have fun engaging with her/his need to make sure everything is perfect… just some thoughts.

    Great idea.


    Anonymous @

    Thanks so much everyone….I think I have a winner!!

    The Wed Life – Up Your Wedding Planning Game

    I could also do Up Your Wedding Game or Up Your Planning Game but I feel like having both might make it a bit more clear? What does everyone think?!

    I also got my landing page/coming soon page up and linked to convert kit!!

    Now to keep working on my free offering and course content!

    So exciting!!


    Chris Gilmour

    Hey Shannon,

    Why did you go with “Up your wedding planning game”?

    Upping your game is great but if you have never planned a wedding you don’t have much of a game to begin with. My thought is (and as someone who went through the process, which was not always fun) that many ppl get intimated by the stressful aspect of planning a wedding so any tag line that suggests making it fun and meaningful may strike a bigger emotional cord with folks.

    My favorites (in order) were all the ones that suggested planning can be fun and a good start to the marriage itself:

    1) Planning a/your wedding has never been so fun

    2) It’s your wedding. Have fun planning it.

    3) Where Wedding Planning & Fun Unite as One.

    4) Wedded bliss begins with blissful planning

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    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Thank you for saying it like that Chris. I was feeling the same thing.

    I love the favourites you listed too. Those are all great and would make me want to investigate more.

    Wedding planning + fun? Say what!? I’m in!!!

    Then you can also share the story of all the people who were so stressed come wedding day that they didn’t enjoy the day or they weren’t able to be present.

    We had a little of this for our wedding. WE loved and enjoyed it, but we were f’ing exhausted. I had to take a 20 minute power nap after the ceremony because we were up at 6am prepping the day of. LOL


    Anonymous @

    Hmmmm those are good points Chris and Bradley. 1 and 2 were also two of my favourites as well. Maybe I will have to revisit adding in the “fun” factor back in.

    Thanks for the feedback!


    Sue-Ann Bubacz

    Shannon and campfire friends,

    I’m brand new to the mountain today but, I’ve been a “Professional Catering Production & Event Design Company” for more than half my life so this will be fun to help play with you for ideas…here’re a couple quickies…but I do better with some time to swish ideas around in my head so, I may be back with more, Shannon! lol

    Start Your Wedding with A Bang! Play This Game and Make a Plan:)

    Begin Your Wedding Planning Journey Today…and Turn The Hassle into Play!

    Play This Game & Have Some Fun & At the End, Your Wedding Plan is Done! 

    I Do. I Play. I’m Set for Our Big Day…welcome to the no sweat wedding planning project

    Well, best wishes and have fun. I’ll be happy to contribute more as things go:) Sue-Ann


    Anonymous @

    Oh thanks for the ideas Sue-Ann! I’m going to revisit my tagline this week to see about adding the “fun” and “play” to it.

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