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    Tree Franklyn

    Hi Adventurers! I’m Tree and  I teach sensitive women how to manage their overwhelming emotions. I signed up for The Great eCourse Adventure because I noticed that the majority of my students weren’t finishing my courses and I want to do everything I can to help them finish.

    When I surveyed them, they told me generic reasons such as “life got in the way,” or “I’m just too busy to focus” and when I probed deeper, they told me that the internal work got too hard for them (emotionally). So I want to create a fun (as possible) experience for them while they work through some deep, tough issues. My course has a lot of personal introspection and self-awareness exercises… this can get really hard & heavy for many… so if it can be somewhat of an experience that allows them to “escape” into a lighter, more playful reality for a while, as they work through their emotions, I think it would really help them. In reality, they’re not escaping… they are only going deeper into themselves, but with a theme or an adventure-type course, it won’t feel so serious.

    I also have a muse, her name is Stick Girl, and my clients and students love her. I’d like to incorporate her more into my courses. She says Hi too. 🙂

    Looking forward to catching up with everyone on the mountain!!

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    Deanna Gibbons

    Tree, Welcome to the mountain! This is a wonderful community of like minded, creative people. You will love it!

    I can really relate to the personal introspection and self awareness issues. I ran into way more than I thought I would going up this very mountain (and still working out a few)

    As a mother to daughters with anxiety and depression, I think yours is a much needed course. My daughters not only have their own overwhelming emotions to deal with, but they are empaths and tend to absorb others emotions as well.

    I’m looking forward to hearing more about your course and getting to know you.


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Tree!!! A’las, you have arrived to the party here at Basecamp.

    I loved reading your profile. Sounds like your love for fishing is like my love for golf. Can’t get enough! Like you, I wake up at what is an ungodly hour (4 in summer, now 5ish) to go play sunrise golf nearly everyday. It’s just so good!

    I had a lot of ideas popping into my noodle while reading your desire to create more engagement and fun so women can get through the “hard stuff.”

    My first thought was, well how can you turn it into a scavenger hunt or a game? How could you get them out of their patter and house.

    Idea: Download this video and go find a new tree in your city or town. Go sit beneath this tree and then watch your next exercise. (meditation, journaling, etc..)

    This would take them out of their normal situation and into a new environment. It would create an adventure feel because they have to go meet this new tree. Which tree will be the right tree to sit under? Oh gosh, is it that tree or the one over there. Then they’ll go try all these trees. This trees too shady.This tree isn’t shady enough. this tree’s just right. Then they do your meditation and wake up in a farmers field fully healed and whole.


    But seriously. What could you do to bring a lil fun, adventure and playfulness to the journey?

    Where could you send your people and what could you have them do?

    Super stoked to have you on the mountain. If you like where I’m heading with the idea above lets keep brainstorming. Just ask some questions or throw some of your own ideas on top of the “idea soup.”


    Bobbie Jo Van Den Plas

    Aloha Tree (& Stick Girl)!

    I LOVE what you are doing!!!! Excited to see all you create as you climb. Honored to be climbing alongside someone with such a beautiful heart as yours! Sea you soon. 🙂

    Oceans of Love & Blessings,

    Bobbie Jo (BJ)


    Tree Franklyn

    Thank you @Deanna! Boy, you are RICH RICH RICH!! You’re listed as #3 in the Bajillionaire all-stars on the right side of the screen. I think that’s even more exclusive & elite than the Forbes top 100 millionaires!! 😀  Looking forward to connecting with you and learning more about you! xoxo



    Tree Franklyn

    Thanks @Bobbie! (Not sure how to tag!) That’s such a warm welcome, thank you! Can’t wait to get to know more about you and your work! xoxoxo!


    Tree Franklyn

    hello Wizard @Bradley! Love your ideas and will definitely love to brainstorm with you!! I have one (yes – ONE) hour a week to work on my course (yes – ONE hour a WEEK!) so will get back to you as I ponder other ideas! I was able to take one entire day to do an extensive catch up last week and go through the videos, but I know they take time to absorb and implement… so will definitely come back here and brainstorm as I get closer to that part!  Isn’t getting up early the best. thing. EVER!? Even better than golf and fishing…. ok… maybe not…


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    hahaha Damn rights the “Bajillionaire All Stars” is more elite than Forbes top 10 Millionaires. Got that right BJ!

    Looks like we got a few kindred soul sisters around the campfire.

    Awesome Tree, stoked to hear you like the idea. That was an “of the top of my head’er too.” We could go much deeper and more creative on that front.

    You better make that HOUR count.

    And, take a journal everywhere you go. Cuz once you start this mountain quest, there will be no stopping the creativity in those moments of tranquility along the river’s edge.


    Andy Freist
    Mountain Guide

    Hi Tree!

    What a perfect example of a course/subject that is in need of some fun-ification!

    You’re totally spot-on.

    As soon as the honeymoon phase is over, and the high of future possibilities subsides, and the reality sets in that there all this heavy work on the table……. of course it’s so convenient to just get “too busy” and let life get in the way to postpone needing to set foot in the muck.

    This reminds me of that classic Tom Sawyer fable… To essentially trick the other kids into doing the dirty work in the name of fun.

    I have a sneaking suspicion you’re going to crack the code!

    And we’re here to help 🙂



    Lara Newell-Barrette

    Hey Tree!  What a great name.  I love your course idea!  I’m a sensitive woman who’s been learning to handle my overwhelming emotions, so I can attest to the need for what you have to offer!  So stoked to be on this journey with you!


    Tree Franklyn

    Hi @lara! Thanks so much, really appreciate it! Stoked to climb the mountain with you too!



    Tree Franklyn

    Thank you @Andy, much appreciated!!


    Laura Koller


    Your students are so lucky to have an instructor that is so caring and insightful!  I can vouch for the need for your course (sensitivity and overwhelming emotions characterize my life each and every day) and it sounds as though you are committed to connecting and supporting your students.  I want to hear more about Stick Girl and where that whole idea came from – how much fun – and I’m sure she will have all kinds of fun adventures with us as we all climb up the mountain together.  For some reason seeing that picture made me think about a blog I saw for the first time today called – I got such a kick out of the creativity and fun spirit of the thing.  I don’t know any more than what you posted above, but I’m sure you could play her up big time, create some stories for her that resonate with your students, maybe add some animation (I saw someone posted a great intro video on youtube that included some super cool animation).  Stories are a proven way to make ideas stick, and there’s nothing like a cartoon character to add some fun to such a serious topic.

    Anyway, I am inspired by your willingness to contribute ONE hour each week.  I admire your ability to set boundaries for other things in your life, as well as your dedication to move forward at the pace you feel your life can handle.  At the end of the day, it won’t matter how fast you make it to the summit – only that you took the journey and made it to the top.  Thanks for the kind words you shared with me.  I look forward to climbing this mountain together with you and your skinny companion!


    DavidJ Jurasek

    As a sensitive man and a fellow traveller here for a while, I can also attest:

    1. You are doing AWESOME work already!

    2. Playfulness and adventure absolutely help us all go deeper in learning and healing and make the journey more worthwhile, every step.

    3. You are in the right place! I have been nurtured and nourished so much here as I work on my ecourses.

    Welcome to the GEA family!



    Judy Brenneman

    Hi, Tree –

    Intrigued by what you’re teaching–and I suspect Stick Girl will be on scavenger hunt (or whatever cool engagement thing you create), too.

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