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    Hello all and greetings from Denmark,

    my name is Elmar Kruithoff, and I am based in Roskilde/Denmark.

    I work with people who are committed to improving their creativity, decision-making, leadership skills, relationships and self-care by exploring their inner experience as well as changing their (inner) behavior towards themselves. This is very experiential and slow/deep work, and I do it mostly 1:1, on Skype/Zoom and also in person (workshops). My business is split in 2 “parts” – German-speaking clients (Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and expats) and English-speaking clients.

    I signed up for The Great eCourse Adventure because I thought: “Uh, very interesting!”. I also thought “hey, funny guys!”. And then I registered for a guest account and read all your introductions … loved it … and signed up. I know I wouldn’t do it (=creating a course) otherwise.

    I want to create an e-course that helps me bring the stuff I do 1:1 into a different format, and I am hoping this will enable me to spread the word much better. Also, I would like to develop several shorter courses as “tools” my clients can use when in need. I am especially interested in the concept op gamification.

    What makes me come most alive is feeling love, being outside with my 7y.o. son, swim in the ocean/be in big waves/river, good conversation and food. Yes.

    Hope to connect with all of you soon ….

    Best wishes


    Tatiana Tiess

    Hi Elmar!

    I am so excited to be on this journey with you! I am from Russian and live in the US, so I have a privilege to serve 2 markets also. Glad to see I have like-minded people here on similar path.

    I am confident we gonna have lots of fun, as our teachers are the most creative people I have ever encountered!

    So thrilled to be here with you!



    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    It’s a pleasure to connect @elmar!

    Glad our humour drew you in, rather than sent you running. Just you wait, it gets a little more wild the further up the mountain we go. Must be the lack of oxygen or something.

    Your work sounds incredible. I’m really excited to see the tools and processes you develop as we go.

    Really grateful you found this tribe and decided to join!


    Rodolfo Menjivar

    Hello. I find it so cool that there is so many people here from all over the world. I want to wish you the best of luck on your journey and can’t wait to see what you come up with!!



    Hej @tatianaqueen and @rodolfomenjivar and @bradleytmorris, thank you – and wishing you all the best for the journey together and up the mountain. <3 Elmar

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