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    Jennifer Summerfeldt

    Hello Mountain Friends,

    I am stuck in validation swamp, and I am feeling impatient. Ha. But that is okay, I am learning so much along the way. Not only am I wrapping up the final bits for grad school, which is a huge endeavor for myself, I also wrapped up the last class of the live healing after birth program and received good feedback.

    I shared the new webpage on facebook and did a soft introduction of the program and there have been a handful of shares.  Which is good, yet I am curious what needs to happen to turn the shares into purchases?

    There is still a gap between mothers hearing about the program and signing up. It is scary I think.

    I found out that there are many many professionals referring to my services, which is fantastic, so it is not a lack of word of mouth. I had a client yesterday who said she was referred to me 3 times, by different professionals, so she finally scheduled a session with me.

    And in all of this, my biggest hurdle to get up the mountain is a long term story and old belief, that no one will pay for my services, and that if they don’t pay for my services, my programs etc. are not valid or worthy. So I have been digging in deep to shift this belief and turning it around. I love The Work.

    I came to the realization that I have been waiting for others to validate my worth, and my programs worth. Which is way too much to put on anyone. So I have been turning that inward. I know my services are valid, powerful, needed, and healing. And I decided that I am no longer going to be dependent on external validation – it has been holding me back.

    That said, I wish I knew the magic key that makes the services accessible to many mothers.

    ps. I changed the video to one of my other videos, that has a softer feel to it.

    That is all for now. I look forward to moving forward.


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Beautiful sharing Jennifer. You are powerful and having been introduced to many mothers who had challenging birth experiences, your work is needed so much.

    I appreciate the “softness” of your launch strategy, but that is likely one of the problems nobody is signing up. Have you sent an email to all of your contacts, telling them that you are creating this program, doing a beta launch and are asking for people to join at a reduced rate in exchange for feedback? Also ask in the PS for them to share it with any mommas they know who need it. You could even give even more discount to those who have worked with you before to sign up.

    Do that and see what happens. 😉

    I would send out one of those now and in two weeks leading up to your May 1st end date.

    I think it’s safe to say your course is validated by all of the women you’ve worked with in person and workshops, and you are going to create it. If the energy is getting stagnant in the swamp, then move forward to Camp Medias WHILE getting that pre-sale. It sounds like you’ve had some powerful personal growth and are challenging your beliefs around worthiness. This is something we ALL must do. I have had to go through that so many times. It’s important work and if we don’t do it, we’ll always stay small and never be bold enough to say to the world HERE I AM!

    Continue focusing on the pre-sale everyday, but you’ve gotta move forward at some point then do so. Sneak by Gil when he’s sleeping at night   😉


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    PS – my wife is going to share your site on her momma’s group  🙂


    Jennifer Summerfeldt

    Wow! Thank you so much for the vote of confidence and the kind words.

    YES I plan on sending out the emails this weekend. I wanted to create a short video to introduce the topic of trauma and healing. So I finished the ppt presentation this am, now I need to do the audio this pm. Once that is done, I feel very ready to grow my reach and contact colleagues.

    I also revamped the website 

    I am jazzed.

    Thank you kindly to your wife for sharing with her group. More mama’s who share, the more mama’s will hear about it.

    back with an update shortly, hopefully with an intro video, after I get my hair cut lol.



    Sharyn Warren

    Hi Jennifer,

    I think everything you are doing so far is spot on. Beautiful and inviting sales page, price is definitely right, i.e., VERY affordable and a bargain for what they will receive. You are receiving tons of positive feedback. I wonder if it is mostly a matter of being able to get in front of enough of the right people. And do what feels like pestering the hell out of them. We are being bombarded by so much info at this point. I get e-mails, intending to go take another look or respond at the end of the day or whenever I can and then….poof forget about them until I go to clean up my inbox or find them after a deadline has passed, etc. I actually appreciate people who send me repeated reminders–I mean LOTS of reminders. Otherwise things just get lost in the midst of the incoming onslaught of “urgent” requests.

    How many do you need to sell to feel like you have a decent launch? You are so good at reaching out to people.  Keep doing that to as many people as you can think of, and do it with confidence that this is a wonderful opportunity. If you don’t get enough sales in your immediate community, maybe explore a modest FB ad campaign?

    You’ve got this!


    Jennifer Summerfeldt

    Thank you Sharyn <3


    Jennifer Summerfeldt

    I have been quiet because I am away on a reset vacation with my dear friend, visiting the west coast and Salt Spring island 🙂

    Internet is spotty. But, I have managed to reach out to colleagues each day and do some marketing. I am on fb nearly every day promoting for the FREE Q & A webinar April 26th.  I have a sign up form on my website now with automation emails ready to go. I know I am not following the path of the mountain, I am still waiting to get a sale for the online program.

    Again, noticing that many people of influence are sharing my videos and website and posts, which is fantastic. The issue is the gap between sharing and mothers signing up.

    I am inspired to write a post called: ‘I didn’t have a traumatic birth, it just didn’t go the way I had hoped it would’. What do you think?

    I remember the mothers of the group saying that they didn’t identify with the term ‘trauma’, so I get that more educating is in need.

    Also, I am trying to create a life/work balance and make some risky moves such as working only 4 days a week, and dedicating a full day to marketing and writing. And, giving up Sat. office days as a counsellor so I can be with my family (I really really do not want to work on weekends). Now that I am done grad school, I am inspired to get back to writing a book called: Healing After Birth.


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Aloha Jennifer,

    Welcome to Salt Spring Island. How long are you here for? Hope you’re enjoying this glorious sunny weather we’re having!

    Stoked to hear your’e moving forward and receiving such a great response from people sharing your work. That’s wonderful.

    On the pre-sales front, I don’t think you have anything to worry about. You’ve got a winner of a program you’re offering and mothers will sign up. My guess is the reason they are not, is because you don’t have any urgency to do so (yet). When we made our $30,000+ in pre-sale money for the Great eCourse Adventure, we made 2/3rds in the last 48-hours. It can be pretty intense doing launches.

    Keep offering value, bridging connection between you and your audience, as well as you and potential partners or alliances.

    I encourage you to move past Validation Swamp when inspired, so you can keep your progress going. You know you’re creating this course, so don’t hold back. (and, also keep moving towards making your pre-sales). I think you’ll start getting really inspired by heading up to Camp Medias and doing some video design work with the Medias Brothers.

    Love your new schedule. We also just dropped from 5 to 4 days/week with the GEA, so Andy and I can focus on our mega passion projects.

    Great to hear from you and congrats for completing Grad School. That’s gotta feel amazing!


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    PS – Jennifer, I just went to your program website and I barely noticed the embedded video was actually a video because of all the text on the selected screenshot. The only reason I knew was because I was searching for a video to see where you placed it. You may want to make it more obvious that it’s a video.

    I liked the pop-up when I arrived notifying me about the webinar. nice one!


    Jennifer Summerfeldt

    Hey Bradley,

    Thanks for all the feedback 🙂 I will keep moving up the mountain. And yes, I was curious about the video thing too. I will change that.

    I am currently in Comox, heading to salt spring thursday, Hornby wed. and Nanoose Bay today.

    I love the coast and deeply want to relocate here.

    Glad you like the pop up – does it actually just pop up? I didn’t mean to do that, but glad it does ha!


    Jennifer Summerfeldt

    Hey Team,

    I am losing momentum. Maybe it is because it is snowing in AB and I just came from a nature reboot on the west coast?

    Either way, I am reaching out to say ‘doubt is catching up to me’. This too will pass I know, but instead of letting it get the best of me, I decided to reach out and post it so that I don’t feel so alone.

    This week I will move up the mountain, but I was really hoping for a sale before doing so.

    I also want to write about the topic, I think this is an important step.

    A big snow-filled sigh.


    Lorraine Watson

    Jennifer @holdthepromisegmail-com, sending you some Calgary sunshine to brighten your day.

    A sale is great, but not critical to completing the course so it’s ready to launch. You have validation of the idea because of the live course. Soon enough you’ll hosting your online version.

    Sometimes those switchbacks on the mountain take us in a different path that first laid out. Keep at ‘er!


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Hey Jennifer, thanks for sharing what’s coming up for you.

    As Lorraine said, don’t let the lack of pre-sale discourage you and stop you from moving forward. You are facilitating transformations with the live workshop and so there is a demand.

    At the same time, I think it’s important to take a look at WHY are people not buying. Have you had any customer conversations with real mommas’ who are in alignment with your course to ask them if theyd’ be interested or why they aren’t buying (that’s a good start).

    Here are some questions to ask yourself:

    Have you been outright and direct in asking people on your email list to sign up for the beta?

    Have you priced the beta special at a “Hell yes price” that will make any momma inspired to sign up?

    Is your messaging clear and concise, so that it’s easy for momma’s to know if it’s for them or not?

    Have you done everything you could to make that pre-sale and left nothing on the table?

    What is ONE action step you can take today to make a pre-sale today? 
    (who can you follow up with? what email can you send? who can you ask for support?)

    Once you’ve taken that action, move up the mountain to Camp Medias.

    The only reason I ask this is because you previously said you had a block around asking for sales and so if you wanna make it in the online game, there comes a point where you’ll likely need to stand rooted in the value you are creating and ask people to get off the fence and join you.

    I also honour the doubt and anxiety that can come up from doing that. In the 500+ workshops and thousands of course sales I’ve made over the years, I have had to deal with that energy A LOT and the only way I’ve ever gotten through it is to just say, “Screw it, I’m gonna do it.”

    Share the value and your excitement and ask for the sale. 🙂

    Again, thanks for being vulnerable and sharing your doubt. It’s something every single one of us can relate to on this mountain  🙂

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