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    Jessica Antonelli

    My name is: Jessica
    I teach: Art and gardening
    Why I signed up for The Great eCourse Adventure: To make the course I’ve been procrastinating on for months now, ’10 Steps to Drawing Italy’. I went all the way to Italia and filmed myself doing lessons and talking about art history and I’ve got tons of great material…It’s just a matter of putting it all together. I want to continue to make courses in all the places I travel, so the adventure is on!
    What kind of e-course I want to create: A course for people who love Italy and want to learn to draw, or who will be traveling to Italy soon and want to sketch and capture their trip. Lots of video and visuals, and I’m hoping to figure out a way to give my art students feedback on their drawings also, or do group critiques.
    What makes me come most alive is: Painting, being on a train from one exotic location to another (the plane not so much for some reason), teaching kids art and gardening, living abroad, figuring out my path one step at a time


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Hi Jessica, I LOVE the vision for your course. I can definitely see a whole series of courses starting with that first one “10 Steps to Drawing Italy”. Then it could be something like, “10 Steps to Drawing Peru,” 10 Steps to Drawing Antarctica,” etc…

    You’re going to love when we get to Creatora Heights a little ways up the path and you learn to build a dream world for your course (kinda like what we’ve done for you here). I could even see facilitating Adventure Travel Retreats where you go to all these epic bucket list locations and teach your art classes (while creating your next eCourse)… Just saying. No limits when you’re a creative super star!

    Prepare your imagination, cuz this journey is gonna be fun!

    We are so stoked to help you bring your passions to life and support you with building more freedom, fun and adventure into your life.

    Thanks so much for being on the trail with us.



    That sounds so awesome, Jessica. I love, love it! What a fun life you could have doing that. Super inspiring thought process – I don’t know anything about art, but it got my own wheels turning 🙂


    Jessica Antonelli

    Thanks for the support y’all!

    Bradley you are totally reading my mind. Mid January I go to Mexico for 6 weeks where (if I get my shit together!) I can begin filming and organizing my next eCourse… As psyched as I am about my course and how rad my life will be once I get things going, it’s amazing how much inner resistance (procrastination…) I come up with. So it’s been awesome so far to have this community, I am thinking it might be key to GSD!

    Looking forward to hearing what you get up to Stephanie!


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    yeah Jessica, if you’re wanting to #GSD (while having fun) you are on the right mountain. That’s how we do it here.

    As for the resistance, it’s something that is still strong in my life and work… but I tend to embrace it or ignore it if it’s being really annoying  LOL



    Hi Jessica,

    So nice to meet you here. I love your ideas and wish you the best in your adventures. Best of luck with your new project Mexico!



    Deb Robson

    Cool! I took Italian years ago, but have never been there, and love to draw. And trains.


    Larry Taylor

    Hey Jessica, Finally getting caught up here. Love what you’re wanting to create. I’m so hooked to travel myself. Never been to Italy but been to Switzerland more times than I can count. I was married there! Planning to head there again this year with a side trip to Austria. I’ve been to Lugano in the Tessin and looked at Italy, but that’s it;~) I look forward to seeing how your course develops.


    Jessica Antonelli

    Hola amigos!

    I am taking a minute to re-introduce myself, this time in video 🙂 Nothing fancy now, I’m filming from my dining room, which has been turned into my course-creation lair for the next couple of weeks. I’ve got my adventure map posted and mind maps all over the place, it’s pretty sweet!

    Since last I was here at the introductions campfire, I was planning on making a different version of the course. The latest version is 10 Steps to Drawing Anything, a basic intro to drawing, but with an italian-travel theme. I’m still using the Italy footage I described in my original intro, but now the focus is on the drawing skills.

    Thanks for stopping by!


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    @jescantonelli, so fun to feel like I actually met you! It’s amazing how much more of a personal connection is created with a video. We are equally stoked to have you on the mountain with us and I personally can’t wait to see your course and improve my drawing skills!

    PS – I edited your post so your video showed up 🙂


    Rodolfo Menjivar

    Great video @jescantonelli Love your story it is inspiring how you quit your job to for your dreams. Even had to move to another country. Must feel great to be able to still teach even though you left the public education system. Loved the term Free Market!! Look forward to hearing more.


    Lisa R

    Hey Jessica,

    Really enjoyed watching your video and getting to know you! Loving your motivation and your story. Happy to be on this trek with you and so looking forward to seeing what you create!



    Dr.Wayne Buckhanan

    Gotta love the flipped classroom experiments. I’m a big fan of the hybrid style of teaching — some online and some live.

    I also loved visiting that region, especially Queretaro y Guanajuato en Mexico. My time teaching in a fixed classroom is coming to a close soon and we’re talking about taking the family off and away since the kids (10 and 8) are old enough to enjoy immersion Spanish (or Portuguese if we end up back in Brazil!) for a few months or whatever we end up doing.

    Maybe we’ll come join your live classes as well as your ecourse! 😉



    Great to see you on video Jessica! Wonderful job.



    Andy Freist
    Mountain Guide

    Hey Jessica! Loved the video and sense of connection to you and your story..

    It’s funny how we’ve spent so much time talking over text, and now suddenly its like you’re an actual human and not just some AI lifeform speaking to me through text! 🙂

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