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    I hope this is o.k to post here and I am only saying this as I am just completing her course and am at the end of doing my own telesummit.. One girl in my group already grew her list in the thousands… she started a month before me.. I found it to be super “get there fast and get huge lists”

    If you are interested, here is what my summit is looking like as I knew I would need to build up a list to go hand in hand with this eCourse. (it is not finished yet) and
    What I did for another course was pre-pay and then when “I WAS READY AND NOT BEFORE” I went back and forth until I had the creation completed. I found that it gave me NO room for excuses and pushed me to keep going and having a “next” plan already set up. I do get a small affiliate fee for this, but I am sharing only b/c I really feel it grows the lists fast.. I did it and am seeing right before my eyes people with no experience in my group grow like crazy! For now, I am focusing 80% on the eCourse and 20% finishing my summit which will be done in about 45 days so I am o.k now starting the eCourse full blast.

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