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    Janelle Morrison

    Hello all!

    Thanks to Bradley and Andy for developing this amazing program.  Super keen to get started!  Really excited to get to know fellow climbers, what inspires you & what you’re creating!   How great is this?

    I’m a former professional triathlete, and now a budding entrepreneur, storyteller, and writer (first book will be out at the end of 2016 – exciting!) I believe in the combined balance of movement and stillness.! As an athlete I was ‘go, go, go’ all the time.  I had results – lots of those things as that’s all I focused on – but very little fulfillment.  Similar to how many of us live in our fast-paced culture.  There’s value to results and accomplishments but it’s often lost in the midst of more ‘doing.’  When I retired from sport I allowed myself time for stillness discovering the potent power in the balanced combination of movement and stillness.

    This brought less focus on ‘doing’ and more focus on ‘being’ and the doing magically started taking care of itself.

    Look super forward to connecting with you all! E-Hugs!


    Bryan Cassidy

    Hi Janelle,

    I like your story and find the balance between stillness and movement very interesting.  When you were an athlete did you ever use/try Qigong? I know a few athletes who love it even after they’ve given up professional sports.


    Janelle Morrison

    Hi Bryan.  Thanks for reaching out and for your inquiry! I’ve dabbled in it a little bit, especially when I lived in Taiwan, but never developed a practice.  My stillness practice is grounded in Shamanism & Kundalini Yoga.   My passion and work is geared on integrating cardiovascular fitness (ie. running/cycling, etc.) and stillness.  Thank you for your intro video – Forgiveness – love it!  Thank you for your contribution!  I look forward to connecting further up the mountain!


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    WOOHOO, YOU’RE HERE @Janelle_Morrison!

    So good to read your intro and to know you’re going to be making your way up the mountain and bringing your good vibes to the campfire conversations.

    You’ve got such an awesome, inspiring story that I know is going to resonate with so many people.

    Perhaps you wanna share a clip from your documentary trailer here? (just paste the Youtube link if you do)

    Now let’s make you an eCourse!


    Janelle Morrison

    So fun up here with you guys;)

    You bet about the trailer!

    Still navigating – where’s the best place to post the vid?

    Hope all’s well in the land of Daddy-dom!






    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Hey @Janelle_Morrison, if you copy and paste a youtube or vimeo video link into a conversation thread like this, the video should show up.


    sharon Lock

    Just WOW!!! @janelle_morrison.

    What an amazing and inspiring story you share in the trailer. I am absolutely in awe of your determination, dedication and focus.

    Really interested to hear more about your mission. Great to have you join us. : )


    Dr.Wayne Buckhanan

    Howdy, Janelle. Good to see you on the mountain and sorry I was off and away when you introduced yourself.

    Would love to talk writing or courses or whatnot!
    Welcome to the climb. 🙂


    Latrice Folkes

    Hi Janelle,

    I really feel you Janelle, I totally get it because I’m a doer. Until the universe broke me all the way down, and I had to learn how to just be, I did not feel like I was making progress unless I was DOING a lot. Now I find that I have a better balance between doing and being, but it’s a work in progress. Much success on your journey, I can’t wait to see what you create.



    Cathy Howitt

    Hi Janelle,

    I too, can understand the busyiness of life and the need to simply “be”.

    Looking forward to following you on your journey up the mountain. xx

    Regards Cathy


    Geoff Johnson

    I can really understand what you mean by finding balance between movement and stillness. My background includes a combination of athletics and very physical frontline ecology work (urban ag, cycling lifestyle etc…) but in recent years I’ve been really slowed down by a combination of Lymes disease and being hit by a car. Neither had much of a visible impact though, so I’ve really been contending with the cultural pressures to be constantly active in order to be ‘valued’. It seems like everyone’s favourite technique for gaining social status is to portray themselves as some kind of productivity-martyr. And of course we internalize all this.

    I’m really fascinated in the Taoist approach of non-doing, which really is what is needed from people in the age of global ecological crisis. I’m more interested in what people can manage not to buy or consume or emit, and how they can find more pleasure and meaning through focussing on the less obvious and more subtle aspects of life.

    The kind of energy we get for living when we allow ourselves enough rest and reflection is the true wealth, even if we struggle with health and the less than helpful expectations of others.


    I look forward to seeing your creations along the mountain path …

    Regards, Geoff

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