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    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    2:20 Andy trolls for a topic by asking the girls “what is the thorn in your foot?”

    3:09 Brad gives us the Deanna Backstory of her “Mission Possible Greenscreen filming adventure”

    3:48 Brad reads Deanna’s account: what happened, what she did, how it all went down and the massive difficulties/lessons learned! A GREAT re-cap from Deanna with tons o’ info that we can ALL learn from here!! Andy says “no usable footage…lots of usable lessons”

    6:24 The guys broke it all down starting with 1. Difficulty setting up and recording by yourself. Awesome advise from a couple of guys who have “been there”: Bribe the hell out of someone to help run out! (food, gifts…whatever it takes)

    7:40 Andy reveals the huge benefits he experienced when he finally got Maura to, not only help with the tech aspects but, ESPECIALLY with advice on his performance! Brad on the importance of finding someone you trust and are comfortable with. (hint: an unsupportive spouse is the worst!!)

    11:20 Brad’s camera fetish revealed! Andy gets squeezed out of the shot!

    11:50 Brad challenges Secret Agent Deanna to discuss her belief that she is a terrible actress.

    14:00 Andy on how dealing with kids (like Deanna is doing) is SO different from their experience of dealing with adults.  Brad asks “how do you want them to perceive you?” Andy follows up with a brilliant idea.

    22:10 Brad suggests looking at hugely successful teen organizations like MEtoWE to see why they are perceived as being cool.

    25:29 Brad on creating a character description for who you are onscreen.

    29:20 Mission Possible filming takes place this weekend!! The guys cheer and celebrate with her for creating a film studio in her basement!!

    29:45 Andy KNOWS that the kids are going to want to get in on the MP action! Brad fills us in on their “Greenscreen Magic course” and creating the webinar script with Blair. With 25-30 hours of work ahead of them, they know it’s going to be the COOLEST!

    31:05 Lots of ideas from the guys on getting the kids involved in Deanna’s MP project such as having the kids dress up as secret agents for Greenscreen photo/video shoots with actual scripts/parts for them to play!

    So, for MANY reasons, the “Library misfortune” turns out to be a blessing in disguise!

    34:25 Deanna sends out her sales page script for advise! B and A have some brilliant suggestions to “kid-a-fy” it a bit more.

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