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    Kathy Bass
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    Hi Fellow Adventurers!
    After a self-imposed time-out, I’m happy to be back on the mountain with an eCourse for anyone who wants to stop overthinking and overwhelming themselves, so they can finally finish (aka GSD) their eCourse, v1.0.

    After many false starts, and creating more mountains than the only one I should have been climbing (create round 1 of an eCourse, then release it – which I’m reluctantly but accountably doing now) I’m relieved to announce that eCourse, v1.0 is unleashed.

    Now, I’m ready to help others and am also looking forward to and grateful for feedback* to create v2.0.  With that said, I’m offering this eCourse FREE to the first 20 motivated people who want to finish their eCourse!

    *Feedback [Design Ideas, Edits, Random Thoughts, Reactions, Title, Likes/Dislikes, etc. on the eCourse description below. And for those brave ones who take the trip: Your Aha moment, Trip Experience, Pricing, Testimonial, Transformational Experience and Likes/Dislikes]

    Thank you in advance – your time, opinion, participation and honesty are highly valued!

    Cheers to all of our successes (big or small) on this important and vast mountain,

    Here is your boarding pass.
    eCourse description:
    Would you like your business to be functionally fashionable, filled with surplus, dashes of magic, bouts of buoyancy, and flashes of synergy, along with the voice to engage and convert while being decisive to create a new, succulent reality?

    All of this and so much more fun in our lives can be possible when…
    we get out of our own way!

    When we stop overthinking. Everything. All the time. Enough is enough.

    Let’s face it, Entrepreneurship is hard and no one went to school for this.

    “They” said it would be fun and it is supposed to be fun!

    There isn’t a magic formula, but there is a path to success. The path involves reverse engineering, along with asking the right questions to discover your personal version of success (not how I did it or how anyone else did, but how YOU can get out of your own way to discover what success is for yourself and then reverse engineer it).

    For many years, I struggled and continually experimented to create the most viable solution so we can all enjoy the ride. I made a real movie for us, entrepreneurs (the kind I wished I had when I started this journey), then videotaped insights in the North Shore of Oahu and added some meaningful questions.

    Why? Because I firmly believe Entrepreneurs will change the future and that we should always enjoy our surroundings.

    My solution is an edutaining movie that can cure that all too common “overthinking” problem which gets us all stuck. In a mere 39-minutes (totally worth your time – think of it as a necessary personal time-out!), you will enjoy a short, immersive entrepreneurial ride sprinkled with 10 poignant, thought-provoking, success-inducing questions.

    At the end of the ride, you will be able to define success on your terms and priorities.

    Get ready to unlock the key to your own utopia.

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