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    Catherine Fox


    Hello everyone! So the last few months I’ve been germinating and clarifying my passion and direction and I’m ready to announce my refocused idea. It is something that can encompass all of who I am, not just ecourses, and it’s close to my heart and story.

    (Yes I thought about doing a course or surviving divorce negotiations but that  would be motivated by anger and not by love, and I need love and beauty!)

    Free your Wild Self – is based on the story of wildlife rehabilitation (“wildSelf rehabiliation”). You take in animals that have been held captive, or orphaned, distressed, injured or lost, and you provide support not just to “fix” them but with the aim of returning them to their wild, natural habitat. This requires making sure they know how to engage with others of their own species, what food to eat, predator and prey…all kinds of things – how to THRIVE, not just survive!

    The big things I like about this are

    (a) it’s a great story that doesn’t require metaphysical explanations

    (b) it’s more than an inward journey, it’s about how you relate to and engage with the world and others around

    (c) it’s about INhabiting life, body, and the world more fully. Habitat – I see this not just as the external environment, but also your own body — the mind coming back into the body and being there in comfort and ease IS a return to your natural habitat.

    Right now, my OWN “Wild Self” is in a distressed, lost, burnt out sort of state so I get to develop a program for myself as a test!  I honestly have seen this all the time — the trauma, nervous system burn out, disconnection from nature, eating weird foods, energetic parasites all kinds of things. I’m already drawing comics explaining it.

    Someone recently told me that I am a “Body Whisperer” (like horse whisperer) ha. So I’m working on rebranding msyelf as a WildSelf Rehabilitator, of which the osteopathy and physical therapy is just ONE part.

    One issue I have hit on is the word “Rehabilitation” : For me as a Brit that just makes me think of good things. But apparently in North America it is associated with prisons and prisoners. I’d love any thoughts/impressions ideas for other words on this.




    Catherine Fox

    ALSO : I said I’d do a 45min talk/workshop on this 24th September so I’ve got a DEADLINE! My aim is to have at least a free taster ecourse up and done by then!


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    All I can say is WOW + YES for this idea Catherine. And “There it is!”


    Rehabilitation is the act of restoring something to its original state, like the rehabilitation of the forest that had once been cleared for use as an amusement park. The noun rehabilitation comes from the Latin prefix re-, meaning “again” and habitare, meaning “make fit.”

    The theme could be set in so many beautiful natural settings. From “the Nature Sanctuary, or Safe Haven” where all the community gathers in safety. To the springs of youth where they drink from the waters and replenish their cells. LOL

    This feels so good.

    This is the one.

    GO FOR IT!

    Where to start? My suggestion. Architekt Forest. Spend 3-hours (max) fleshing out your What, Who, How, Result, Vibe.

    Then head up to Creatora Heights. Spend a full day fleshing out the course outline with lesson details.

    Then head up to Camp Medias and storyboard your videos.

    My guess is you’ll have more inspiration come up around your course outline as you continue the climb. So don’t stew in the Creatora Brew for too long. Let the process be organic and since you have this deadline, JUST KEEP CLIMBING!

    Congratulations on this beautiful epiphany.


    Chris Gilmour

    Ya, Congratulations Catherine, Like Bradley said I love the concept.

    I live over in Canada and yes rehabilitation is used for prisoners and people with drug addictions but it is used in many other ways as well such as rehabilitating land, rehabilitating wildlife, rehabilitating houses, etc. As long as the word is used with some context around it I suspect people will know what you mean. I new what you were referring to right away and I loved the wildlife rehabilitation analogy. Restore is another word that is similar and may not be associated with your concerns.

    You may be interested in checking “We Are Wildness” out for some inspiration and ideas. They have a pretty popular blog and offer series of online courses through the We Are Wildness University. There concept is all about rewilding body, mind and soul and connecting with nature. I launched my first tracking course through their platform and they have been great to work with.

    My main work the past 10 years has been around helping people and communities build meaningful connections with nature so if this is relevant to your project I’m happy to be available for you to bounce ideas back and for with and to brainstorm with you.

    Cheers and Congratulations on solidifying your direction and getting some momentum going!

    Chris G


    Catherine Fox

    Thank you both so much. Feeling growing enthusiasm and joy for this idea! It IS me. All of me!! FITS.

    Am a bit amazed by the we are wildness group – perfect. Chris I would LOVE to talk with you, maybe tea and skype? Will send you a message. woo!


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    How’s progress Catherine?! Can’t wait for the next update.


    Catherine Fox

    Hi Bradley! I have been drawing some pictures and maps for the wildself rehab centre, hope to be sharing soon! see you on wednesday too!




    Hey Catherine, I have been mainly offline for a couple of months and have just checked back in. Your post is the first thing I come across and it watered and nourished my soul reading your idea and description – it is beautiful. Wow yes I am excited to know more about this course and how you are shaping it up.

    Love Calliope x


    Rodolfo Menjivar

    I love the name catherine!! I love the pic of the fox too. I also like the word rehabilitation as well. Bradley’s definition there was wonderful. Yes the theme and setting for this course and videos can be so wonderful too as you can use the outdoors for the setting. Excited to see the progress on this


    Catherine Fox

    Thank you everyone for these honest and encouraging responses!! This is the idea that is only growing in enthusiasm for me, it’s great. I’m going to be posting up some images later!



    Catherine Fox

    HA HA!! Here is Version 1, with colour, of the WildSelf Rehab Centre. 

    Intake — where people come in, how they find the place

    Assesment – maybe quizzes, consults, working out what the status is of your WildSelf right now and what options you have

    There are different places you can go! Some (in pink) represent very passive, safe, experiences like massage or incubation or receiving support with trauma..may be more hands on stuff. For people that aren’t ready or able to do the more challenging, active, learning stuff.

    there is a Therapeutic Phase/Department – for helping initial broken stuff –  physical, nervous system and what I’m calling “Instinct School” which is the start of getting retuned to your own Wild Wisdom.

    Then a Rehabilitation phase/Department–  much more learning, testing, developing… This is where I put the feldenkrais/mind body studies for learning new ways to move your body that are much more graceful and full-body (so less prone to injury and better ways to deal with it when it happens). Looking deeper in at the tougher patterns of nervous system issue like anxiety and depression and how to get new healthy mind habits that love and honour the Wild Self not compress or deny it. The Instinct School has a special focus on Intuitive Eating process – which gets out of diet mentality but also the mentality of following other peoples rules and numbers instead of listening to your inner Wild wisdom.

    Next you are out in the world, and there is a chance for learning how to engage with others, boundaries, interactions with predator and prey, and really creating or finding your natural habitat – looking what you can change or create in your world.

    Extra to this are –

    The Garden of Sensory Delights – reclaim, explore, pleasure, Body and sensual experiencing, also literally getting out into Nature

    Dreaming and Magick – reclaim spirit, vision, dreams and storytelling, intutive practice

    Refferal Team –  links to other practitioners or ecourses that help and align with the wild self

    Wild Self Circles? Online/offline support/social/discussion groups

    The Dark cave to the Underworld– probably a whole different Ecourse, but one of the places people can go to.

    Any thoughts/impressions welcome! This isn’t meant to be the ecourse structure yet, but it could be part of the “map” and it feels good to start bringing everything together


    Version 1 of my wildself rehab

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    Sharyn Warren

    This all looks so fabulous, Catherine! So real. And brilliant to create something that does not require metaphysical explanation, but most certainly goes there.

    I live in the US and yes, “rehabilitation” is a word that isn’t exactly empowering. Pretty negative, actually.  I much prefer something like “Restoration.” Like restoring something to its original beauty after years of being worn and worn down. A work of art that is being restored to its original masterpiece.

    That’s my 2 cents worth. Hang in there. Something very special is happening here!


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Oh my gosh, this is so fun. You made a nature map! I love it. I’m really excited to see you’re moving forward with this idea. The rehabilitation theme is awesome Catherine!


    andrea Bonsey

    This is beautiful Catherine.  And your map is a work of art.  Am curious to learn more, particularly about the Dark Cave to the Underworld 🙂


    Andy Freist
    Mountain Guide

    YES!!! That is all 🙂

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