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    Bobbie Jo Van Den Plas

    (Or more like a ‘Walk on the Beach’ for me)

    So, here it is. If anyone wants to DIVE IN and share feedback.

    WHAT it is:

    This is based off of a workshop I have offered live. An ‘intro’ to meditation.

    It was originally made because I had clients who loved my guided meditations I’d take them on in my therapy, and they wished they could meditate at home. Students were either NEW to meditation (wanting to start but feeling lost and overwhelmed) OR tried meditation but felt lost or overwhelmed by it, thought they were doing it wrong, and some were told by other teachers they were doing it all wrong. They felt discouraged and that they were just not able to have a meditation practice. This course was made to EMPOWER them and let them know they CAN do it.

    The link is below. It is made in ‘WPCourseware’ so you have to login. I made a basic account you can all use.

    USERNAME: Learn

    PASSWORD: FREE (all caps)


    EnJOY and Thank you!!!!


    Bobbie Jo Van Den Plas

    WhoOops! If you tried earlier I apologize as I didn’t have access permissions set. Now they are! 🙂

    You may have to ‘refresh’ if it takes too long after login to get access on the page. That’s what I did (but I have slow internet).


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Hey Bobbie Jo, I just went through your whole course. Overall, it was AWESOME. I loved it. I stayed engaged and really enjoyed all the videos. You did a great job keeping them short, potent and to the point. Your editing and voice overs were also great.

    You actually made me laugh out loud in the Myths video where you did the voice over of trying to get comfortable and all the things going on inside their mind. That was awesome.

    My main constructive feedback is:

    1. The home page where you talk about the course could be refined. Above the sign-up needs a bolded, clear call to action of what are they signing up for and what result will they get out of it.

    2. That home page would be even better if there was a little video of you inviting them into the course and telling them about it.

    3. I love that you used our “Walk in the Park” model. It worked really well for this.

    4. If you can, I recommend embedding auto-responders into this. If you use Active Campaign, then you’ll be able to use tags and send emails to folks based on actions they don’t take or do take.

    EXAMPLE: They sign up and get to lesson 3. You could have a lesson 4 reminder email go out the following day.

    5. The 3 meditations were great, but listening on my computer speakers (which aren’t great), i really had to strain my ears to hear. It wasn’t til I put headphones on that I could hear it well. I suggest you let people know that using headphones is recommended for best meditation experience. You may also want to see if you can increase the volume in post production.

    6. The resources page, you may want to bold each of the titles for the resources you share.

    7. What is the final call to action? What are they to do once they are done. Obviously, eventually there will be a paid course. But for now, what are they to do? Perhaps you invite them to a private Facebook group OR a monthly live webinar meditation OR ……..? How do they continue the journey with YOU?

    8. After writing that I remembered the breath meditation you are giving away. That’s great too. (so discard above if you want OR brainstorm what else you can offer while building the main program)

    9. (after thoughts) The sign up process was a little clunky. I put in the name and password given and it said, “Success, please wait.” I waited and nothing happened. It wasn’t til I refreshed the page that it gave me access. May want to see if other people get that same issue.

    10. The image on your opt-in page should not be clickable. Make it so that it’s embedded and that if someone does click on it, nothing happens.

    Those are the main pieces of feedback from me at this point.

    I think if you keep refining your overall website you’re just going to keep polishing this offering and gift.

    My question:

    What are THREE ways/places you are going to promote this offering?

    What is ONE new, comfort-zone stretching thing you can do to get this offering in front of new people?

    Way to go Bobbie Jo. I can see how much work out put into this and I have no doubt your tribe is going to love it.


    Paulo Ouellet

    I was feeling like skipping tonight’s talk on self inquiry and transformation. After going through your experience I’m excited about going, even thouth I’m tired and it’s an hour drive away. The resource page at the end was interesting. In my head was a voice saying I don’t want to go anywhere else, I want to take this journey with you. Like Bradley the sign up process wasn’t smooth. I also had to refresh the page to make it work. I love how it’s a great little experience that doesn’t take long yet shows me what to expect.
    I love it!


    Bobbie Jo Van Den Plas

    Aw, thank you so much Paulo! That really means a lot! How was the talk?


    Bobbie Jo Van Den Plas

    Thank you Bradley!! Great feedback and I REALLY appreciate it! Thank you! I will definitely work on implementing those suggestions.

    A few questions…

    As for autoresponders I’m not sure how that would work? If they aren’t ‘signing up’ for it but have free access? I can set more things up in the courseware itself- but that only works with ‘individual’ users with unique usernames and emails.

    Also, I’m not sure if the way I have it in my WPCoursware pluggin is best? The ‘user’ can access the dashboard and update their account (password, etc). So if it stays like this (one user, one password) and one person changes it? I created it in this to give it more of my course feel. Not sure what else to do?

    I’ll look into the volumes. I’m not sure what it is. In the beginning with my first one I had someone say it was too loud. Then when I redid it it was too low, and I’m not really sure what I did different. HA! I’ll play around with it. Did you have it at full volume and it was still too low? I do them all in GarageBand and then select export to file.

    As for sharing it… I signed up to answer any questions for the teachers at school about Meditation and Mindfulness on April 26th. I plan to offer them this as well. I was thinking of sharing it with my list of current subscribers as a happy birthday gift (my birthday is on the 20th of this month) for them. Then posting it on my personal and business Facebook page. Those are the thoughts to start.

    The ‘comfort stretching’ part is being seen and putting it out there (I’m a perfectionist and always thinking it can be better or isn’t good enough). Also the having a table with other local businesses at the event at school (where I work as well).

    Thank you again SO MUCH for going through the course all of the amazing and valuable feedback! I’m glad the ‘myths’ made you laugh! 🙂


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Hey BJ,

    With regards to your tech and design, my feeling is switching it over to Teachable may be a really good bet (taking it off your main wordpress site). The design, experience and flow will probably come across as much more professional and user friendly. You’ll also be able to offer it as a free program (which means Teachable won’t charge you $$$). Setting it up with them will give you the ability to have auto-responders for all the people who sign up for the free offering too.

    That said, if you’re wanting it to be “No Opt-in” like we did, then Teachable likely won’t work.

    I’ll have to pass it onto @andyfreist to offer you suggestions on what to do if you stick with the same tech, cuz I don’t know anything about the software you used. What I liked about it was the feeling of marketing as complete and moving on (which you’d get to do using teachable).

    Sounds like a good start on the marketing front.

    Once you do all of that as tests and then do some refining, I highly recommend reaching out to book yourself for interviews on podcasts and radio shows   🙂


    Lorraine Watson

    Bobbie Jo @kapakai8gmail-com,

    Was noticing I was thrown off by the completed status of the modules when I went to look at the freebie. This would be a downside of having multiple people access one account.

    A couple of thoughts on technology for delivery as a truly free, no opt-in free offering that would be low or no cost using technology you might already have –

    a) what about posting each unit / lesson as a pdf on something like Dropbox. A link on your website would take them to the Welcome pdf on Dropbox. Each pdf would have a link to the Vimeo video (screenshot as a placeholder in the pdf) and the text for the lesson. At the end of the lesson is a link to the second pdf on Dropbox. The second pdf has a link to the third pdf, and so on.

    b) you could do a similar thing using your website so there is a page per lesson / unit. The pages aren’t included in your menu system so remain hidden. A link on your landing page takes them to the first website page where they can play the video and then the content is on the rest of the page. At the bottom of the page is a link to the second website page for the second unit / lesson, which has a link to the third page, and so on. If you want to include the material in a pdf then you could host them on Dropbox or Amazon S3 with a link for them to download. (Personally I’m not a fan of the look of embedded pdfs. Either post the material or take me to the pdf itself for a more professional look. My opinion only.)

    c) Use an autoresponder like Mailchimp or ActiveCampaign to drip the lessons to the person. If you want it to be a true, no-strings attached freebie, put them on a separate list for the autoresponder sequence to occur. PROMISE they will only receive the course from you. If they want to sign up for regular communications from you they have to sign up at a different form. HUGE trust building factor here when you don’t send them other emails as promised.

    Or give them the option of receiving by email or pdf sequencing.


    Andy Freist
    Mountain Guide

    My gut feeling is to just set it up as a free course on teachable… people are used to needing to register for courses, and you can also build your list. Teachable will be easier and quicker to get something up that looks polished and pro.

    if you don’t want people to need to sign up or opt-in, then I’d definitely not have it set up with wpcourseware. Sharing accounts is never a good idea..

    due to the progressive nature of a course, it would be hard to make a good experience without some type of login.

    i think teachable is a great option for this specific situation 🙂




    Bobbie Jo Van Den Plas

    Thank you all so much! Yes Lorraine- I looked earlier and noticed the ‘course completed’ as well. The way I have it definitely needs to change.

    That being said, I decided to set it up on Teachable as Bradley & Andy suggested. Seems to be the right fit!  Funny, I just signed up today for a course on teachable.   Little did I know this afternoon I’d be putting mine there! Ha ha.  I did follow the link in Evernote     to log in to create a school. I wasn’t sure if GEA was an affiliate or not but wanted to make sure you get the credit if you are.

    Thank you so much for the great feedback everyone! Looks like it’ll be a process transferring with my slow Internet, but I will share it as soon as it is ready. Thank you again!


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Awesome news BJ. I can’t wait to see the next version of it!


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Bobbie Jo, how’s things going with your course? Have you started promoting your walk on the beach yet and getting a response?

    Are you working on step two, your paid course?

    Send us a smoke signal. Would love to know!


    Bobbie Jo Van Den Plas

    Hi Bradley!! Yes!! 😀 I shared my Teachable site with my list and had many sign up! (For both courses!) So exciting!!

    I also followed Divine Inspiration and am hosting a mini women’s retreat in my home next weekend! (What?!) I will share the courses there as well. And in a few weeks will be sharing them with all the teachers at the school I work at as I’m answering any questions on meditation and mindfulness at a teachers event at school. (Oh, and soon I will share on Facebook also.)

    I am moving forward on the next course. Have a lot outlined (two meditations created so far for it), got the music for the meditations and am swimming ahead. Today (and pretty much this weekend) are my days to focus and work on the course and the retreat. Excited!!!

    Bummed I missed the call again this week. 🙁 But plan to take a listen to the recording. I love how you outline what was discussed and where… that is SO helpful! Thank you!!!




    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    YAHOO! That is so awesome BJ. I’m stoked for all your action-taking. Way to rock it.

    We missed ya. It was a small group of us by the toasty campfire.

    You have Paulo to thank for all the wonderful note-takings!!

    Keep swimming sister.

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