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    Larry Taylor

    Hi. My name is Larry Taylor.

    I’m a month behind here. I started the Basecamp in December and then stopped for the holidays. In early January I got a weird bacterial skin infection that threw me off track. I was pumped full of antibiotics, and that was a whole journey in itself! I’m gradually getting my energy back and looking forward to getting on with this wild adventure that Bradley and Andy have created.

    Moving on… I grew up in Toronto and came out west to Vancouver 21 years ago. 7 years ago I moved to the Sunshine Coast, a little piece of heaven northwest of Vancouver.

    I’ve always been a free spirit and for many years sold surgical and dental equipment working as an independent agent. While I had quotas to meet, I ran my own show, which is the only way I can work.

    I’ve always had what I call an intuitive sense of people which served me well in sales. That same intuition would see greatness in people that they didn’t necessarily see in themselves.

    Several years ago, while I was doing the sales thing, I created and taught a two-day experiential weekend workshop which I called You! By Design. My intention with course was to wake people up to their true potential. Through a series of exercises and lectures I helped participants to uncover or rediscover their true selves. I presented the course twice a month and time after time witnessed amazing outcomes from participants.

    I found it to be the most fulfilling thing I had ever done in my life. I was in a completely different state when I was teaching. It definitely made me come alive like nothing else I had ever done.

    And then I got an offer that was hard to refuse, to take over and rebuild a sales territory. But it meant leaving the course behind.

    I got so into giving the sales thing my all, that I eventually burned myself out. I’ve taken a hiatus and looked around at what I want to do next with my life, and I always come back to the course I created. With one major change: I want to be location independent.

    The biggest challenge always with the two-day workshop was getting bums in seats. I thought about developing the course into a digital program, but never knew where to start. And then, as the saying goes, when the student is ready the teacher will appear.

    The Great eCourse Adventure is like nothing I’ve ever come across in my search. And I’ve seen many shiny objects along the way.

    So I’m looking forward to digging in and getting back to what I truly love to do. I’m also looking forward to meeting a lot of other amazing adventurers on this journey.

    Thanks for reading my story.



    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    @larry_taylor, we’re so happy to have you back on the mountain with us. You have a fantastic story my friend. Excited that you’re here with us doing the thing that’s wanting to be created and brings you the most joy. {high five for good life choices!}

    Also grateful for your reflection about what you see in this course. That it’s not your average shiny object.

    I think you’re gonna love it!!


    Deb Robson

    Looking forward to seeing what you do in these media, @larry_taylor. Sounds like a great plan.


    Jessica Antonelli

    Welcome back to the mountain @larry_taylor, sounds like a great course! I teach a lot of in-person classes and it’s always so rewarding and transformative I feel like I would do it for free. So we’re lucky we get to try tying teaching into location independence! My goal as well 🙂 See you on the trail!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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