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    Chris Gilmour

    Hey Adventurers,

    We are running our second (and first one actually promoted to the world) Sante VBar!

    The Sante VBar is an online, educational, and interactive cocktail party. Participants get sent the ingredient list for a herbal infused cocktail with healthier choices for ingredients. Then tune in and follow along live. You craft your drink at home as we teach the fine arts of mixing and working with herbs from our studio. We will do some teaching around wildcrafting ingredients from the forest, working with herbs and at the end we all CHEERS!

    I would LOVE to have some the GEA crew on live to provide feedback. It is FREE!

    Here is the link if you are interested –

    Check out the pic below to see what we are making, a herbal infused Sans(Sugar)-Sangria





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    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    I’m all signed up.

    Anyway you guys can create a little highlight real from the last one you did on that registration page to act as a trailer? Or perhaps also say, “When you sign up you get immediate access to last month’s VBar where we made ___________”.

    Just a thought.


    Chris Gilmour

    Awesome Brad, I hope you can make it out this time. We are going all out for this one!

    Love the idea about the highlight reel. Unfortunately, we had a tech glitch on the first one, and did not get a recorded version of it.  I think a highlight real on the landing page for the next one would be great. I was already thinking about NOT using Zoom’s built in Landing page and making our own custom one for the next one.


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