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    Anonymous @

    Warning, long post! lol

    I have started to map out my free offering and would love some feedback.

    – it will be a ~20-30 min (I’m guessing) video that will take them through their “wedding game plan” and then show them the Wed Life Challenge (my course).

    – along with the video there will be a ~10 page download that will include 5 infographics that will also be shown in the video, more written detail about what I outlined and some challenges for them to do.

    – attached is one of the infographics it is based on (that I will be redoing to fit with my new branding)

    – is it enough of a free offering or too much talking about the course I will be trying to sell?



    – Opening standing in paradise, drinking from a golden pineapple
    – Sounds: waves, birds chirping, tropical music

    Well hello and welcome to Paradise. In just a few short months this will be you, married and living The Wed Life in your OWN personal paradise.
    But I get it, it’s a long road to get there. You have likely been busy planning, designing and fretting over every detail of your wedding since the day you got engaged. I’ve got something to show you. Follow me.

    – Hot air balloon waiting
    – Going up (hot air balloon sounds)

    It’s a smooth ride up but it can get a bit bumpy when we hit the currents a little higher up. I promise though, the view is totally worth it.

    – Music when we get to the view at the top, pan out to paradise from above and back to me.

    Well here it is, your goal, your destination. See that, down there, that’s your wedding, over there is your paradise. And that….that’s the road to get you there.
    I’ve been planning weddings for over 10 years and it hurts my heart when I hear brides and grooms talk the fact that they just want it all to be over (meaning the wedding planning). I love planning weddings! It’s supposed to be fun, this is supposed to be one of the best day of your lives! At some point everything got so out of control that wedding planning turned into work and stress instead of an exciting process. Do you have to have giant centrepieces, favours and escort cards? Do you HAVE to invite Uncle Homer’s sisters, cousin and their 7 kids. Sure, if you want them, but you don’t HAVE to do anything. That’s the beauty of weddings these days!
    Weddings have evolved over the years, and I feel like right now is the BEST time to be planning a wedding. With old traditions starting to fade and new ones being created, your wedding gets to showcase only the best parts….the two of you! With the birth of pinterest, inspiration is at our fingertips but it can get really overwhelming, you need a way to sift through the masses of information that are out there and just hone in on the good stuff. The realistic stuff, that actually fits YOUR budget.

    I’ve seen all types of couples, the ones who called and told me that not hiring someone to help them on the day was their biggest regret. Or the ones who come to me with 2 months to go frazzled and stressed because they didn’t have a proper plan from the start, so now they’re floundering. Or the ones who got help, enjoyed their wedding and were told my more guests than they could count, how relaxed they were about everything leading up to and on the wedding day.
    I’ve seen a big difference in the couples who are given a checklist to follow, without guidance, vs the ones who, although still use a checklist, are walked through the steps, able to ask questions as they go and things are broken down into manageable pieces. If you try to tackle the monster list all at once of course it will be overwhelming. The mental energy alone that goes into planning a wedding is insane.

    – Thought bubble pops up above my head, bride running in circles, ““What am I forgetting, What am I forgetting?”

    This is likely your first time planning a wedding, so you don’t know it all yet. You don’t even know what there IS to forget. Why should you?
    As a wedding planner my best tool, is my experience. I have had more fires to put out and back up plans to implement then I can count. But what it gave me was insight. Insight into the planning process and why you do things in the order that you do and that’s what I want to share with you today.
    If you haven’t already, when we get back down to solid ground, make sure you download your wedding planning game plan as well as your insider’s guide, it has all the information I’m going to talk about and then some.
    The first thing I’m going to walk you through the game plan. I came up with this because I felt like people needed a visual of where they were, where they needed to go and how to get there. After being part of hundreds of weddings I’ve learned there is a flow that needs to happen.

    – Infographics full screen or pop up in a cloud for each new one?

    Let’s take a look: (wedding planning game plan infographic)

    – The first, Get Engaged – yay one thing already crossed off your list!

    – The next is Guest list – you need to think about who you really NEED to have at your wedding. Make rules about extended family, coworkers and friends and stick to it. I put a handy little visual in your insider’s guide to help you decide who is a yes and who is a no (who to invite infographic)
    Another thing you should know about guest lists, generally 80% of the people you invite will attend. Now I’m not telling you this so you can over invite and run the risk of ending up with more people than your venue can fit. I’m telling you because it is a formula that I have seen prove to be true over and over again.
    – Budget – this is a whopper and usually the biggest point of stress but figuring out how much you have to spend will help guide you on the type of wedding you are going to have. To give you an idea of the break down I also have a visual for you in the insider’s guide. This will show you how to break down your budget and hopefully you will learn a few things you didn’t know, like did you know ~40% of your budget will go towards the reception? (budget breakdown infographic)
    – The Dress – Gather up your besties and go shopping! Have fun with it, try things on that you normally wouldn’t and don’t take it too seriously. Sometimes the style of your dress and even the bridesmaid’s dresses can dictate the theme or colour of the wedding so get out there and shop! Sometime what you think you are looking for and what you end up with are two very different things. I put a visual in your insider’s guide to help you begin envisioning what you will be wearing. (dress shape infographic)
    – Venue – I have this as one of the first on the list because your date is never set in stone until the venue is booked. So don’t go crazy booking other vendors until the ceremony and reception spaces are secured. You wouldn’t want to book your dream photographer only to find out the venue you want isn’t available on the date you set and when you go to change it the photographer can’t do the new date, this only causes unnecessary headaches.
    – Vendors – next are all the vendors you are going to need to put on your wedding. The best part is YOU get to decide who you need and who you don’t.
    – Start with the ones that can only do one wedding per day, those would be ones like wedding planner, photographer, music. Then work on the ones who can do more than one wedding in a day, those would be commissioners, stationery, flowers, cake, hair and makeup, transportation and decor.
    – Do NOT try do these all at once. I would suggest tackle one or two per week at most.
    – DO group things, maybe one week you just focus on ceremony, figure out what you need: someone to marry you, music, flowers, seating, you get the idea.
    – Rings, license – the two things you most definitely need to get married are rings and a marriage licence, make sure you have those two and you are golden.
    – Get Married – The big day has arrived, enjoy it! If you are having fun your guests will be having fun! If the flowers aren’t the perfect shade of blush or you messed up your vows or your break a heel, WHO cares! You just got to marry the love of your life while surrounded by those nearest and dearest to you. So get yourself to a point where you can let go of the little things if any come up. A little perspective goes a long way. I’ve included a few things for you in the insider’s guide to help your rehearsal and ceremony run smooth, make sure you check them out (ceremony, rehearsal infographic).

    That’s it, that’s your wedding game plan! I’ve shown where you need to go and how to get there, I’ve shown you your own personal paradise, and I hope you love the view up here as much as I do, it’s amazing. Now, I want to show you a challenge. (look out the other side of the balloon) The Wed Life Challenge.

    – Look over the other edge of the balloon basket
    – Show game board from above

    It’s a concept I created to help you up your wedding planning game.
    As I started to see more and more couples unnecessarily stressing, I thought, what if we gave them a plan that took the work out and put the fun back in? What if we made planning your wedding more like playing a game? What do you think your fiance would be more excited to do? Though there are still flowers and invites to choose, who ever said it had to be done in a traditional way? Who ever said it had to turn into work?
    I didn’t just want to give couples a checklist and send them on their way. I wanted to come up with fun graphics and interactive challenges, like you’re playing a game but once you complete all the moves, you’ve planned your wedding. I wanted to be there to answer their questions and support them. I wanted to create a community of people that GET what they are up against.
    I wanted to show that Bridezilla is just a myth, she doesn’t exist. At least I have yet to meet one. Because when do brides turn into a beast? When they feel frantic, lost and unprepared.
    So I came up with this….

    – Zoom to each stop as I talk about them, associated sounds in background
    – bullet points of what the module covers pop up as I talk about each one

    The starting line – Your first move will be to get off the starting line.

    – The low down – what to expect, where to find things, etc.
    – Get to know your fellow players, that’s right, you’re not alone in this game!
    – Apps and Organization – Where we get digital – tools you can use to make your life easier.
    – Wedding Websites – What are they, do you need one, what info you should include and examples
    – Here you will also be given your checklist and planning tools we will reference throughout the game.

    The fork in the road – Once you cross the starting line we dig deep and figure out what type of wedding YOU want.

    – Here is where you will choose a path and mode of transportation to get you through the game, will you hop in an Uber and head towards the urban city, take the dirt road through the countryside or ride horseback to the castle?
    – We talk about Guest Lists – coworkers, kids and +1’s oh my!
    – Choosing Your Wedding Party Peeps, no game is complete without some friends
    – And coming up with your game strategy, so you have a plan to follow!

    The Bank – Your next move is probably one of your most important stops in the game because there is no way you can make it to the end without it. The Bank.

    – Here you will get your Big @ss budget plan and figure out – How much is enough?
    – You will meet with your investors to figure where the funds will be coming from and when.
    – And because I like to be prepared we will talk about hidden costs and a back up plan so there are no surprises.
    – And of course ways you can save on YOUR wedding.

    The Museum – creating your masterpiece – Head over to the museum and prepare to channel your inner artist, I will help you create your masterpiece.

    – Creating a wedding “theme” without having a themed wedding

    – I will show you how I use Pinterest to plan weddings

    – Designing your masterpiece

    – Invitations and phrasing

    – Favors, what are they and do you need them
    The Talent Show/Theatre – You will make your way to the theater and get ready for the greatest talent show on earth! Here you will witness a parade of vendors showing you their best work.

    – Deciding where your game will take place
    – Figuring out who you need, where to find them
    – The paper work – Contracts, payments and how it all works
    – The Wed Life Talent Show where we will chat with REAL vendors

    The Tea party – As you stroll past the Tea Shop be sure to stop in for a spot of tea and be enlightened with etiquette.
    – Proper game etiquette and traditions

    – Pre/post game day events
    – The rule book on speeches, emcee and music
    – The paper work – licenses and Insurance

    The maze – Get your key to the labyrinth as we make our way through the maze that is floorplans, timelines and seating charts.

    – What you need to create a floorplan that flows
    – Timing is everything, create a timeline that works with you not against you
    – Game day set up and take down time
    – Shining the light on seating charts

    Getting married – It’s time to get married! Just a few final details until you can make your final move. Also receive a phone call from your future selves.

    – Contact info for all the players
    – Making your lists and checking them twice – photo, rehearsal and ceremony
    – To do lists – not just for you!
    – Final confirmations with your talent

    Paradise – After the wedding – Finally you will relax in your own personal paradise while reflecting on the amazing game you experienced and figure out where to go next.

    – Honeymoon!
    – Wrapping up loose ends
    – Post wedding project, what will you do next?
    – Post wedding to do’s – paper work and thank you’s

    As you move through the game there will be a challenge at each stop that will get you closer to

    your ultimate goal and across the finish line. By completing these challenges you also unlock prizes. We have partnered with some of the world’s most amazing wedding vendors to bring you discounts, savings and gift cards that you can use to help plan YOUR wedding.

    – Video clips of lessons throughout, music
    – Vendor logos pop up on clouds and poof away


    – Show Facebook group? Couple’s intro video?

    One of the best things about The Wed Life Challenge is you’re not doing it alone. It’s not even just you and your partner. You are joined by other teams from around the world who are planning their weddings, just like you! We will all be there to provide guidance, inspiration and ideas to help you create YOUR best wedding.
    Another huge benefit of The Wed Life is the monthly coaching calls. Here I help you overcome any obstacles you are up against. You can ask whatever questions you have about YOUR wedding and hear what others are experiencing as well.

    – Balloon coming down 

    You already have a full time job, you already have a full, rich life. Wedding plans shouldn’t take over that. They should become one of the best parts of it.
    You might be here because:

    – You want to plan your own wedding but you aren’t sure where to start
    – You can’t afford to hire a full wedding planner, you don’t live where one exists or you just don’t want one! You want to do this yourself!
    – You want to give your wedding the professional punch it deserves.
    – Or maybe you just wanted to see the view from up top. It is spectacular

    Whatever the reason, join us. We’ll be waiting for you at the starting line.

    – hot air balloon lands back on the ground
    – Torch sound/hot air balloon sound
    – Music and fade out


    Anonymous @

    I don’t think the image worked but here’s a link to the infographic.



    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Wow, this is an awesome, well thought out script Shannon. You really cover everything!

    My first feedback is wondering if 20-30 minutes might be too long to hold people for, even though you’re giving them a tour.

    I was wondering if you could break it down for them?


    VIDEO 1: Start hot air balloon ride. Call to action at end is to download Game Plan template. They print it out and continue to the next video.

    VIDEO 2: Show them the game board and all the things they need to consider. Perhaps another PDF?

    VIDEO 3: Wed Live Game invitation to join. Call to action go to sales page.

    The key is making every video full of actionable tips they can apply.

    The 30 minute video can work for sure too. I think it’s more about making it an engaging experience for them that gives them plenty of epiphanies and calms their nervous system a bit with your great advice and helpful (beautiful) print-outs.

    Let me know your thoughts. Lets dig into this more. You’ve got an awesome outline, it’s just strategizing the best approach that’ll get people the most fired up to journey with you.


    Anonymous @

    Hi Bradley,

    Oh I do like the idea of breaking it out into shorter pieces! Maybe 2, 10 minute videos.

    The first could be the balloon ride, the call to action is the downloads and at the end of the video I tell them I have something else to show them and look out the other side of the balloon and and leave it like a “to be continued” cliff hanger to watch the next video that would outline the game and the call to action would be the sales page? Or is that too misleading/salesy?



    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    I LOVE IT! Yes. The shorter the better. Keep things moving. Even if it means letting them print out the game board so you don’t have to explain everything up in the balloon. Just keep it exciting. If you find yourself dragging on, then it’s because you are. Use other forms of explaning (visual, written, etc) to do the long-form explaining  🙂

    You want to ignite people with the feeling of play and excitement in these videos to get them sotked for their wedding planning adventure.

    I LOVE the cliff hanger “to be continued” idea.

    They’d for sure wanna watch!


    Anonymous @

    Thanks! I’m liking the cliff hanger “to be continued” too. Here’s hoping they would want to keep watching!! 🙂


    Jennifer Summerfeldt

    @hello@shannonvalentewedding love the info graph! Excited to follow your progress.

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