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    sharon Lock

    Description of my course.
    My course is an extension of my LIFE EDIT Coaching packages that I offer my 1-1 Clients. I’m working on the idea of creating 2 courses but focusing on just one for now. The 2 courses will be
    1) Life Edit Journey. (A walk through nature whilst reflecting on and Editing your Life).
    2) Nourish – Creating healthy daily practices for mind body and spirit.
    I’m focusing on 1) The journey version – working title ‘THE LIFE EDIT JOURNEY’ A space for Coaches, Healers, Facilitators and Mentors to reflect on their life and work, allowing them to refocus and take action on what they want in life, not what life presents. It’s also a chance to receive some of the support they so generously give to others. A place to create the life they choose and to become the best expression of themselves they can be. This will, I hope, allow them to do their best work too.

    I am creating this course as it’s the best way I know that I can reach more people and support the change in the world. I want to focus on helping those who help others. I’ve seen wonderful people burn themselves out helping others in the name of Coaching and therapy, it’s time for us to stop doing that and to really live our best life so that we can display good leadership for others, whilst sustaining ourselves too.

    With course 1) I will be taking them on a journey, a walk through nature, infusing some of the beautiful natural scenery of Yorkshire where I live.  I want to film my videos in nature as if they are on the walk live with me. I already have the locations in my mind. A wonderful walk through Ingleton waterfalls trail, great scenery and a magical place, although I’ll have to test my filming and make sure I get the sound quality working well, since waterfalls present a challenge with noise.
    Course 2) will have more of a Retreat feel to it.


    Course Modules
    a) Connect with others, accountability buddy.
    b) Meeting with their future self. – Review where they are currently at in their life.
    c) What will happen if they don’t change a thing.
    d) Creating space for the journey.
    e) Deciding what to take, what to leave and their talisman of strength. (Letting go/forgiveness exercise)
    f) Destinations they want to visit. Choose a category of change to focus on.
 (Relationships, Self-esteem, Health & Body, Prosperity, Fun and adventure, Environment, Work & Career).
    g) Why do you want to make changes to this area of your life? What’s not working? What would you like instead of what you currently have? What will likely stand in your way of achieving this goal?
    h) Define your Goal.
    i) What’s your ‘why’ for your goal.
    j) Reality checks and Roadblocks. (Building resilience)
 Call on support – Accountability buddy, Virtual team, Family & friends
    k) Releasing blocks and Roadblocks. (Attitude).
    l) Commit to a new road. (Taking action, quick win, power of habit, reward)
    m) New destination
    n) Returning Home (with new core values)


    Write a brief description of each of those milestones.
    a) Introduction to the course and finding your accountability friend.

    b) Meeting with your future self. Review where they are currently at. 
The guide of the course (me) has a letter and tells each person that it is a letter from their future self inviting them on a journey. Liz Gilbert Quote about the Oak tree, their future self, encouraging them to grow, expand and reach their full potential.

    c) What will happen if they don’t change a thing. 
Guided visualisation – if they don’t change anything where will they be in 1yr, 2yr, 3yr, 4yrs, 5yrs time. How will their life look, sound and feel. Who will be with them, what will they be doing?

    d) Creating space for the journey.
Clearing the clutter (physical clutter). Like when you clear your in tray at work in a super efficient way, ready to go on holiday. Or like me if you clean the house before you leave so that you will arrive back to a super tidy and clean house to welcome you home (please tell me that’s not just me LOL). Getting things in order. Clearing things they don’t want, don’t need and addressing things that aren’t finished.

 An understanding of what drains and energises us. Do more of what energises us and let go of as many things as possible that drain us.

    e) Packing their rucksac -Deciding what to take, what to leave and their talisman of strength.
(emotional clutter) Writing down in brief the story of their life so far, (timeline). Recognising the strengths they have demonstrated so far. Encouraging them that they can do this! Releasing the negative aspects of the story so far in a ritual (guided meditation). Decide what will be their talisman of strength on this journey, something that they will take with them that will remind them of the strengths that they have displayed so far.

    f) Destinations they want to visit. Choose a categories of change to focus on.
 Personal Power, Relationships, Self-esteem, Health & Body, Prosperity, Fun and adventure, Environment, Work & Career.

    g) Choose one area and goal to begin with.  Reflect on what you have at the moment within this area, what’s working, what’s not. How would you like it to be, if there were no barriers to achieving your goal. dream big!

    h) Define your goal (Visual, Auditory, Kinaethetic goal setting process)

    i) What’s your ‘Why’ for your goal. (Adding emotion to your Goal)

    j) Reality checks and Roadblocks. (Building resilience)
What has stood in your way so far. Why don’t you have this already? 
What are your strengths and weaknesses that can support you or get in your way in achieving this goal. Play to your strengths and get help with your weakness from your support team.

    Call on support – Accountability buddy, Virtual team, Family & friends
 creating your virtual team. Your very own board of directors, can be anyone dead or alive, famous or everyday. What would their advice be to you.

    k) Releasing blocks and Roadblocks. (Addressing attitude).
 Process using self muscle testing to let go of the blocks.

    l)Commit to a new path. (Taking action; quick win; power of habit; reward)
 positive reinforcement, creating new neural pathways.

    m) New destination

    n) Returning Home (with new core values)
. Firstly recognising that you had everything you needed inside yourself to make the change. That the journey was one of internal change and that although it was nice to travel and to visit those places you could equally have performed that process right here at home. It is you that are powerful not this journey or process. 
Creating a new set of core values to hold yourself accountable to when your accountability friend is off on another adventure. A kind of accountability buddy that sits on your shoulder and reminds you of the promises you made to yourself within this process.


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    I’ve always loved this vision for your course, “The Life Edit Journey.” It’s super cool and you can have a lot of fun with how you film it.

    I’m not sure if you’re at Camp Medias yet (if not, you’re ready), but I’d love to get a description and storyboard of how you are going to film these videos. As for equipment, you may want a lapel mic and possibly a GoPro. (not 100% sure, but that came to mind)

    I’m really excited to see how this comes to life.

    I think you’ve got enough here to build up your actual lessons and move onto Camp Medias to begin sorting out how you’ll shoot each lesson.

    Great work!


    sharon Lock

    Thanks Bradley,

    I got past Camp Medias, but revisiting now as I have a much clearer idea of my theme. Looking at how to be creative with it at the moment with storyboarding.
    I’m going to look at lapel mic’s and Go Pro. Will spend some time practicing filming and thinking about green screen too.

    When I counted up my videos in relation to my outline it looks like I have 18 videos that I could potentially do on location. Not sure how doable that is, so again thinking about being creative with it and whether I could take some still photos to use with Green Screen.

    Excited that I have a clearer way forward though.



    Lisa R

    Sounds very exciting Sharon!

    Looking forward to seeing how this develops and how you do your location videos. Love the idea of getting out into nature…



    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Awesome Sharon. Definitely head over to the media conversations and share your thoughts in detail. You can do something great I’m sure.

    Perhaps, like the Great eCourse Adventure. You’re taking them on a hike/journey. There is a beginning, middle and end destination. Along the way, you could stop and do guided meditations, exercises. You could even walk and talk into the camera for your lessons.

    There are many creative ways to do this.    🙂

    Excited to hear more of YOUR vision though.

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