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    Penny Claringbull




    The Right House

    Seven steps to finding your dream home in Australia

    This course is a road map to finding your dream home. It helps you visualise your sanctuary, the place that will be the foundation for you and your family. It helps you ask the right questions, find hidden answers and gain confidence in your ability to get through the home-buying process and make the right choice. All without collapsing from stress!

    It’s for Australia because much of the information leads to specific resources but I will be doing a more vision-based/journalling one that isn’t so anchored in place next. That one will be accessible to anyone anywhere.

    The course comes from my background in sustainability education and my experience in home-buying (being a bit of a nomad…) It also comes from seeing friends make some big mistakes and seeing the impact that’s had on their life.

    Don’t let your dream home turn into a nightmare!

    Step One: Put the foundations in place

    Get creative – use your imagination. Dreams and visions.

    • The perfect purchase – guided audio
    • Journalling tools

    Get practical – it’s all about the money

    • What can you afford? The hidden costs of buying.

    Get real – needs versus wants

    • Create a checklist

    Step Two: Shortcuts that help you find your house faster

    • – how to use it effectively
    • Real estate agents – make them work for you
    • Use these tips to find a bargain

    Step Three: Do I want to live in this community?

    • How to find out about the neighbourhood
    • Get smart and plan ahead

    Step Five: Don’t forget the big picture – sustainability

    • The most ignored aspect – is aspect
    • Sustainability features can save you money
    • Don’t let natural disasters ruin your life. Bushfires, cyclones and floods.
    • Pollution – which way does the wind blow?
    • Transport and commuting. Using Google maps.

    Step Four: You’ve found the house – but what are you missing?

    • What are the neighbours REALLY like?
    • Is noise a problem?
    • What’s being built next door?
    • It all looks great – but are there any red flags?

    Step Six: It really is your dream house. So it’s time to make an offer.

    • What should I pay? How to find out.
    • A few tips on making offers

    Step Seven: Don’t let stress spoil your day/month/year….

    • Go easy on yourself – keep things in perspective. Video.
    • Stress Less – guided audio

    Wrapping it up

    • Quiz: Are you ready to buy a house?
    • Congratulations! And an offer.


    My main audience will be women but I also want the information and appearance to be credible to male partners too. I think it needs to be warm, honest, a bit fun but professional too. Trustworthiness is super—important for real estate because of the ‘used car salesman’ image of much of the industry. And a house represents such a big investment of time, emotion and money.

    I don’t want the course to be fear-driven but at the same time, make a mistake in this area and it’s a BIG mistake that will cost a bomb to fix. So there is a certain amount of truth around getting it right. Which is why I’ve decided to use a storytelling approach about what could go wrong, but using ‘friendly’ animations so as not to be doom and gloom about it.

    I also don’t want to overload people who are just getting into this stuff. So there will be three levels of information:

    1. A short story-animation that just raises the questions for each section.
    2. More detailed info that goes into what you need to look for – no point raising questions if you don’t help people find answers.
    3. And if people still want more I’ll add a resource list of links for further info. That way people can pick and choose the level they’re at and they may well come back later to dig into it a bit more.

    First draft is up in Teachable and the final (beta) version is on it’s way. Phew…what a journey….



    Jutta Dobler

    Penny, i LOVE this! The way it’s laid out and the way you are presenting it in three levels. So cool! Plus, reading through your description I actually feel excited instead of turned off, which is how I normally feel when thinking about stuff like mortgage and noise and the right neighbourhood. There is a warm feel to your description, and it also feels very safe. Very much looking forward to seeing more of your course!


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Wow @pennyclaringbull, this is looking sooooo good!!! What a valuable resource for people.
    I can’t wait to see the ways you weave your creative spirit into it, like with animations, etc.
    Great job. Love how quickly this is coming together for you since deciding to make this your mountain 🙂


    Penny Claringbull


    You truly couldn’t have said anything to reassure me more. I was ambivalent about producing this course because real estate is not my ‘thing’- all those home renovation shows just make me think of pillaging the Amazon for coffee tables. And despite home ownership being the Great Australian Dream (it really is!) Michael (my husband) and I didn’t buy our first house until we turned 40 – we would have preferred a co-op of some kind, but they barely exist here.

    But I knew I’d accumulated knowledge that really would help people so I felt it could be genuinely worth sharing. I don’t want it to be some corporate thing, but I do want it to be warm and a bit unorthodox while still being credible and trustworthy. So I’m super happy with your response to my brief snippets. Thank you!


    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Hey Penny, haven’t heard from you around the campfire for a while. Wanted to check in and see how your course is coming along! We’re here if you need us.   😀

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