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    Penny Claringbull

    And finally…after months of moving house/commuting vast distances and changing my mind about my life direction about 15 times…I launched my course! Er. No. That is wishful thinking. BUT I have finished my free mini-course and managed to put a semblance of a landing page together. If I wasn’t doing 30 days without alcohol, sugar and all things nice, I mean evil, I would drink champagne and eat chocolate. Sparkling water and a dried prune will have to do. Yum, yum.

    I decided to say ‘to hell with going for a corporate real-estatey feel’ and to have a bit more fun. Hence the Rosie the Riveter look. There are still lots of things to change (sounding half-dead with a blocked nose in the video being one) but hey, I actually overcame my fear of speaking live and in the welcome video I even appear on camera. It only took 50+ goes. No kidding.

    Anyway, it is wonderful to be back and I’m looking forward to connecting with my fellow adventurers again x



    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Woohoo, you’re back. And with a mini course too!

    I love it Penny. You did a great job with the video too.

    The site looks super fun.

    I’m wondering if Mr @andyfreist has any design suggestions.

    FYI, the about page and some of the other links don’t work yet.

    Have you started promoting it yet to get people going through?

    Where do you plan on marketing the course?

    Way to go!


    Penny Claringbull

    Hi there @bradleytmorris!

    Lovely to connect again. Yes, the website is an urgent to do…  and as for marketing, I’m not sure where to start. But my next step (after website) is to sit down and write a strategy. But given that I don’t have a list at all, it is kind of daunting. It is all very haphazard and arse-about at present, but that is my kind of crazy life at the moment – also doing work for a clean-tech company, plus local community garden and farmers market co-op soon to be launched nationally, plus, plus…yes, I know, everyone’s life is like that 😉

    Off the top of my head, here are a few ideas:

    1. My own facebook

    2. A ‘Find the Right House’ fbook group

    3. Items in forums on property investment in Australia – there are several very active ones that let you post your business links also

    4. Sites where people are asking about places to live – several for expats, families being posted. Often mothers with young children.

    5. Forums/groups where female entrepreneurs hang out and share about their business (I think my target market is women in the first instance)

    6. Down the track when full course done – press in local venues plus property/investment related

    There are loads more I imagine. Also have to work on personal productivity re: timing all of this with multiple projects and not losing my mind.

    I’m sure you have some tips there!




    Chris Gilmour

    Oh Wow Penny, Congratulations, that is a big milestone!

    Your into video on the landing page is awesome. Very clear and concise as to what the courseis and why there is a need for it. I already own a house but want to take the course anyways. I know a lot of young want to be homeowners who would really benefit from a course like this as well.

    Let me know when you are ready to start promoting the course, facebook page, blog, etc and I am happy to pass it around my community.

    How did you do the animation in the video? I really liked the stlye ad approach.

    Great work so far!



    Penny Claringbull

    Hi there Chris!

    Thanks so much for the positive feedback, it really makes such a difference to feeling as if this is all happening in a vacuum.

    I did the video like this:

    • joined (200 images for $99). I found the retro ones and discovered there were pages of them, so I figured there were enough to use
    • Worked out a script that could tie in with the images
    • Put the pics into frames using Canva and the color zilla eyedropper to find the matching backgrounds
    • Uploaded them to, which is the cheapest video editor I could find
    • Recorded the voice

    And there you are! Took me forever to figure out though, because I wanted a ‘look’ that fitted and gave it a unique feel and I don’t have the graphic design skills to do my own images/animation.

    BTW, I checked out your ecourse launch post but the link to the trailer doesn’t work. I’d love to see it.

    And thanks so much for the offer to share the link, but sadly, the content isn’t applicable outside Australia because property processes are so different between countries. Which is a bummer, because it makes my audience much smaller. But I really appreciate you thinking that way!





    Jolynn Van Asten

    Hi Penny! So inspiring! Did you find a way to do your own “Facebook”? I know we will learn more in here, and I really need some kind of interactive group forum pronto too for some existing groups and pieces I have in place. Looking forward to traveling with you!

    Bradley and Andy?



    Bradley Morris
    Mountain Guide

    Hey JoLynn, in the training manual from our outer space adventure are some solutions on community forum software.

    Have a look –>

    If you don’t ahve time, energy or resources to go up one of these paths (Because they are a little more consuming to get set up), then we’d recommend being creative in the space of a private Facebook group.

    Let us know if you have more questions.

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